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OUTLOOK OVERHAUL. Make room for MITS (most important things). WHAT THEMES DO YOU SEE IN OUTLOOK?. Deadline? To Forward or Share? Meeting Request? Phone Call? Print? Save? File? Advice? Other? (please specify). Are you being asked to/for ______?. 4 RULES FOR Outlook Email.

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  1. OUTLOOK OVERHAUL Make room for MITS (most important things)

  2. WHAT THEMES DO YOU SEE IN OUTLOOK? • Deadline? • To Forward or Share? • Meeting Request? • Phone Call? • Print? • Save? • File? • Advice? • Other? (please specify)

  3. Are you being asked to/for ______?

  4. 4 RULES FOR Outlook Email SANCTIONED TIME FOR EMAIL “If you don’t manage your inbox, it will manage you.” 2. CATEGORIZE YOUR INBOX Ask yourself, “What does this email require of me?” 3. TOUCH ONCE “A great deal of time is spent revisiting old email.” 4. TEACH REDUCTION (face to face & phone call communication) “Sometimes people email for the sake of interaction and the need to ‘be heard’.”

  5. Sanctioned TIME • Open your calendar • Create a 15-20 minute window 1-2 times a day to respond to email • Commit to this sanctioned time, otherwise email will rob you of time you could devote to the MITS (most important things)

  6. CATEGORIZE YOUR EMAIL • Make a list of your themes • Assign Each a Category Color

  7. TOUCH ONCE • RESPOND (if a simple response will suffice) • WALK IT (preferred method!) • SCHEDULE A MEETING TO DISCUSS (if a simple response will not suffice) • STREAMLINE WAYS YOU SHARE INFORMATION IN YOUR ORGANIZATION • DRAG MEETING REQUESTS AND TASKS TO YOUR CALENDAR IMMEDIATELY (and then forget about it)

  8. TEACH REDUCTION & MODEL INTERACTION • “I received this email and I wanted to respond face to face…” • “I read your email and it sounds like you _______. What do you think you are going to do about that? Did you need some help brainstorming ideas?” • “I received your email and my response is __________. Stop by if I can help you with anything else. It’s good to see you.”

  9. Outlook Folders • What & Whom do you manage? • Make a list • Folder for each of these • Practice Drag & Drop (to uphold 1 touch email method)

  10. WHaT ABOUT THE EMAIL I SEND? • Can you walk it instead & model interaction? • If you send it, bcc yourself & flag as “Waiting for Response” • Deadline/Task: due date, clear parameters • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE • Bullet • Get to the point or schedule a meeting instead • Address the individual & nurture the human spirit


  12. INCOMING MAIL & REQUESTS (hard copies) • Place in TASK FOLDER (file folder) • Add to Calendar

  13. Idea File Post it notes Ideas Borrowed Brainstorm Sessions Future Ideas Notes about Needed Improvement


  15. Dear _____, The reason I am writing you (I tried calling, but your secretary said you had not reported to work at the time) is that I would like you to emphasize at next meeting with the teachers the importance of consistently enforcing the discipline rules especially the rules on students being on time to class with appropriate materials to work with (you know, like pencils and paper-that kind of stuff) and the gum-chewing rule. The last two years things have been deteriorating and last spring was a real mess--too much teacher inconsistency! I don't like to complain about my colleagues, but something's got to be done before the kids take over the school. What this school needs is a real crackdown. I have heard that you are the type that is prepared to "bite the bullet" and in my judgment, that time has definitely arrived. Sincerely, Seth N. Stone

  16. Dear ______, I hope this year is going to be different! I live near the school and for several years now, I have had trouble with students vandalizing my flowers and my yard when they walk home from school. I hope this year SOMETHING WILL BE DONE! Maybe you could say something to the students at the first assembly or maybe over the PA system. I know something's got to be done this year or else I am going to the school board on this. It's not right. I am a taxpayer who pays for these schools and I don't even have any kids. I want something done this year! Alice Snap

  17. To: ______; From: _______. Please clear your calendars for Monday afternoon of the second week of school for a meeting at the central office conference room to discuss our efforts to improve student achievement test scores for each of your schools. Bring your school's completed goals and plans as it relates to your department. The attached document should be filled out and brought with you.

  18. Dear _________, My child has an appointment today after-school. In effort to not get a sub, I scheduled the latest appointment possible. Would it be ok if I signed out a little early…at 3:35 p.m. today? Thanks, Lisa Dunbar

  19. Dear _______, The advice you gave me about how to handle _____isn’t working. I’ve tried everything we discussed and it’s hopeless. I’m at the end of my rope and I can’t figure out what to do next. Maybe I’m not cut out for this and am in the wrong place. Something has to give. Adda Loss

  20. Dear ______, The Cheerleaders are hosting a fundraiser at Mooyah’s on 9/25. Can you please let everyone know so we can raise funds for our upcoming camp? Thanks!

  21. Dear _____, After our discussion about how to improve campus climate, I drafted up the attached ideas for next semester. Thanks!

  22. Summaries & aha! • 1 Sticky note that summarizes a key point from today’s session • 1 Sticky note that shares an “AHA!” you had during today’s session

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