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Touring Ireland

Touring Ireland. Welcome to Ireland, The Emerald Isle !. The island of Ireland is made up of 2 countries: The Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland. Until 1922, there was only one country, called Ireland. Today, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom

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Touring Ireland

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  1. Touring Ireland

  2. Welcome to Ireland,The Emerald Isle ! • The island of Ireland is made up of 2 countries: The Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland. • Until 1922, there was only one country, called Ireland. • Today, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom • Called the Emerald Isle because it is so green.

  3. Population • The Republic of Ireland has 4.3 million people. • Northern Ireland has 1.6 million people • The most densely populated area is Dublin. • 20% of Irishmen live in or near Dublin.

  4. Wildlife • Only 31 types of animals live in Ireland • There are 400 types of birds • No snakes live on the Island, and there only only 3 amphibians • Many fish live on the island because of the many lakes and rivers • Don’t forget about the Loch Ness Monster! Red Deer Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Munster

  5. The Land and Climate • There are 3,218 km. of coastland • Mountains, rivers, lakes, plains, forests, bogs and rocks are all apart of the island • All forms of weather are found here, but most popular: rain. • Average Temperatures: • January 6 C • July 17 C The Mountains of County Kerry

  6. Government • The capital is in Dublin • The President is Mary McAleese • There are 4 Provinces: Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster • Within these Provinces are many different counties. All together, there are 26 counties in Ireland and 6 in Northern Ireland.

  7. Munster Province • Munster and it’s 7 counties are the most popular places in Ireland for tourists to visit. • Cities are Cork, Waterford, Killarney, Tipperary and Limerick • Munster is in the southwestern corner of the island and the sea is the most important part of life there. Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Munster, Ireland

  8. Waterford • Founded by Vikings in 854 • Population: 49,250 • Famous for its excellent and expensive crystal, Waterford Crystal ! Scotch Quay, Waterford

  9. Waterford Pictures A View from the 3 Quays Catherdral of the Most Holy Trinity Barronstrand Street, Waterford Waterford’s Coat of Arms:Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia

  10. Cork • Cork was officially founded by England’s King John in 1185, but it was there nearly 600 years before. • It is the 2nd Largest city in Ireland. Nearly 380,000 people live in the area. • The city and county of Cork are known as ‘Rebels’ and are very proud of being independent.

  11. More of Cork Shandon Bells University-Cork St. Finn Barre’s Cathedral Cork Courthouse

  12. The Blarney Stone • In County Cork, 8km from Cork • Is a piece of bluestone in the walls of Blarney Castle • If you kiss it, you will be able to speak eloquently

  13. Counties Limerick & Kerry The Limerick Countryside St. John’s Cathedral, Limerick Ross Castle, Kerry

  14. Christ’s Saddle, County Kerry, Munster Counties Kerry & Limerick St. John’s Castle, Limerick

  15. The Shannon River and King John’s Castle, County Limerick

  16. The Lakes of Killarney, County Kerry

  17. Leinster Province • The largest province in Ireland • Also has the most people • Is made up of 11 counties, including the city of Dublin. • Was the center of the ancient Irish kings. Trim Castle, Built by the French County Meath, Leinster

  18. Dublin - Ireland’s Capital • Dublin is Ireland’s largest city, with 1.6 million people. • Dublin was founded in 837 by Vikings. • It is located on the Liffey River. • It has been the capital city of Ireland for nearly 900 years. • Is the home of Guinness Beer The Half-Penny Bridge Dublin

  19. Sights of Dublin

  20. The Hill of Tara County Meath, Leinster • Legend says that when a new king was chosen, he had to complete some challenges. If he had finished them, the stone would scream at his touch. • Tara is the ancient home • of the High Kings of • Ireland. • Means ‘Hill of the Kings’

  21. Powercourt Waterfall, Enniskerry,County Wicklow, Leinster

  22. Connacht Province • Connacht was the poorest province in Ireland for many years. • Because of bad farming conditions, it also has the smallest population. • Many people think of Connacht as the ‘Most Irish’ part of Ireland. • Poet John Butler Yeats is from Sligo City, Connacht. Stone Age Passage Tombs Carrowmore, City Sligo, Connacht

  23. Galway City • Located on the western coast on the Galway River and Galway Bay • Was once an important place for trade in wine Galway Harbor

  24. Galway and the Galway River

  25. Inishmaan Gardens, Aran Islands, Connacht

  26. Sligo City, County Sligo Dominican Abbey

  27. County Mayo Connacht • Located on the western coast. • It is a rocky and mountainous place with many lakes. • Because of the rocks and wild weather, few people live here.

  28. Ancient Structures, County Mayo, Connacht

  29. Cashel, County Roscommon, Connacht

  30. Ulster Province • Most of Ulster is in N.Ireland, but 1/3 remains in Ireland. • The three counties of Donegal, Cavan and Leitrim are part of Ireland. • Most of the historical fighting between Catholics and Protestants took place here. Glenveagh, County Donegal, Ulster

  31. County Donegal • Donegal is well known for being different. • Their styles of music, dance and language are much different from the rest of Ireland. • Music is popular here. Clannad, Enya, Moya Brennan, Rory Gallagher and Altan are all from Donegal. • Well-known for its wonderful surfing and rock-climbing. Errigal Mountain County Donegal, Ulster

  32. Slieve League, County Donegal, Ulster

  33. Northern Ireland • Since 1922, Northern Ireland has been a part of the United Kingdom. • For many years, N.Ireland was dangerous as Catholics fought Protestants • The capital is Belfast • Ireland’s biggest lake, Lough Neagh, is here. The Giant’s Causeway County Antrim, Northern Ireland

  34. Derry/ Londonderry • The town has two names: one for those who like England, and one for those who don’t. • Derry is one of the only cities in the world that is still closed by Medieval walls Shipquay Street, Derry, Country Derry, N.Ireland

  35. Grianan of Aileach, County Derry, Ulster, Northern Ireland

  36. The Mourne Mountains, County Down, Northern Ireland

  37. Culture • Irish Pubs are in Ireland and over 100 other countries. • The sea is one of the most important parts of Irish culture. You can always hear it, see it, smell it. It makes the weather and dictates the economy. • Irish dance is popular all over the world. Riverdance, a popular Broadway show, is based on Irish dance.

  38. Sport in Ireland • Croke Park, home of the Gaelic Athletic Association • Here, they play Gaelic Rules Football, Hurling and International Football • 82,500 people can sit in this stadium

  39. Golf Ireland’s Most Popular Sports Hurling Rugby

  40. The Irish Countryside

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