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Weekly Words

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Weekly Words
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Weekly Words

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  1. Weekly Words

  2. Acrimonious • Acrimonious Adjective • Bitter or sarcastic in temper, manner or tone • This book is an acrimonious attack on the present administration.

  3. Acumen • Acumen (noun) • Keenness of mind or judgment • She shows great acumen as a businesswoman.

  4. Affinity • Affinity Noun A natural attraction or liking • The young couple had a great affinity for each other.

  5. Apathy • Apathy (noun) • A lack of interest, concern, or desire to act • He views his current grades with a great degree of apathy.

  6. Capricious Adjective • Tending to change suddenly, unexpectedly, and for no apparent reason, unpredictable • ble.

  7. Cognizant Adjective • Aware • After his injury, the man was barely cognizant of his surroundings.

  8. AdjectiveStating opinions or beliefs in a positive and haughty manner. Dogmatic The dogmatic teacher would not let anyone question his statements.

  9. Epiphany (noun) To suddenly understand a concept. After reading the book, he had an epiphany about the events leading to the American Revolution.

  10. AdjectiveUseless, hopeless, or ineffective Futile He tried to resist eating the chocolate cake, but it was futile.

  11. Incessant Adjective Continuing or non-stop The incessant ringing of his cell phone kept everyone in the office from being able to concentrate.

  12. Innocuousadjective • Harmless; innocent • The snake looked scary, but it was really innocuous.

  13. Insidious Adjective Deceitful; working in a hidden but harmful manner His insidious plan to hide money from his family wasn’t working out so well.

  14. Mitigateverb To make milder or less severe or painful The nurse tried to mitigate the suffering of the injured child.

  15. Adjective Morose • The old man was known for being extremely morose.

  16. Ostentatious • Adj. Done to impress others or to attract attention; The large bags that the shoppers were carrying were incredibly ostentatious.

  17. Plausible adjective Seeming to be true, honest or worth of trust; believable. Her excuse was plausible, but I still had my doubts.

  18. PrecociousAdj.: Developed or matured earlier than usual My son’s reading habits are incredibly precocious.

  19. Quiescentadjective • In a state of inactivity or rest. • He is in a quiescent frame of mind.

  20. Ramificationnoun • The act or process of dividing; an effect or consequence that results from a situation or statement. • What are the ramification of his plan?

  21. Redundant Adjective Using more word than necessary to express an idea; wordiness; unnecessary; superfluous. In an attempt to meet length requirements, the girl’s paper was very redundant.

  22. adjective • Refutable Able to be proven wrong or false The written statement was refutable..

  23. Rudimentary Adjective Elementary; in the beginning or early stage of development; incompletely or imperfectly developed. A penquin has Rudimentary Wings.

  24. Sanguineadjective Cheerful and optimistic; having a red color; ruddy The man had a very sanguine personality.

  25. Unscrupulousadjective Showing no regard for what is right The unscrupulous businessman cheated his customers.

  26. Ubiquitousadjectivebeing everywhere at once, or seeming to be everywhere at onceThe famous actress was ubiquitous when she had a new movie coming out.

  27. Surreptitiousadjective Done by secret or sly means The secret society had a surreptitious meeting.

  28. Terseadjectivebrief and to the point; conciseHer terse reply surprised her friends.

  29. Wantonadjectivemarked by extreme thoughtlessness or ill will; immoral; not controlled; unruly At first the student was apathetic, but then she began showing wanton misbehavior.

  30. Zenithnounthe highest or greatest pointThis performance was the zenith of the musician’s career.

  31. Expediteverbto speed up the process or progress of; to do quickly and efficientlyThe man asked the doctor to expedite the exam because he was in a hurry.