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Introducing Contractors World MAGAZINES 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing Contractors World MAGAZINES 2011

Introducing Contractors World MAGAZINES 2011

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Introducing Contractors World MAGAZINES 2011

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  1. Introducing Contractors World MAGAZINES2011 Redefining trade publishing for the digital age

  2. Contractors World 2011 Contractors World magazines: • Contractors World – International • Contractors World – UK & Ireland • CP&E – Contractors Plant & Equipment Written by professionals for professionals in construction, demolition, quarrying, mining and related industries.

  3. Who, What and Why

  4. Who? The professionals Contractors World is published by Roger Lindley who, with over 30 years experience in the industry, marketing and publishing recognized that change was imminent. Magazines were closing down at an alarming rate as the digital age started to impact on revenue streams. In July 2009, he made the decision to pioneer a new style of trade publishing that maximized on the opportunities digital media offers – based on extensive research findings. Utilising his in-depth knowledge of information technology, he has developed Contractors World as a new era inter-active construction publication for easy on-line reading and information sourcing. The Contractors World portfolio has grown to include the dedicated machinery publication CP&E - Contractors Plant & Equipment. This is now written by the well-known industry professional Nick Johnson. He has been involved with construction equipment since 1970 having initially worked for the plant department of a major UK contractor before becoming a respected plant magazine editor – first with PMJ and latterly PHE.

  5. What? The differentiating factors Research is very clear that decision makers prefer digital publications with the proviso that they are readily available, unobtrusive and accessible. Contractors World magazines are the only digital publications to offer a range of reading formats: * Digital (flipping) presentation of a traditional magazine but with pages styled for screen reading rather then print. Not simply a digitalised copy of a printed magazine. • PDF format for downloading and reading off-line. This is made available in two formats: • Interactive, in which video content is embedded, enabling reading and viewing video content off line. • Basic PDF format without the video content. Basic format. A simple web-page format that is accessible on virtually any internet connected device including PDA, Blackberrys, cell phones and similar. • * As far as we are aware

  6. Why? Research led development From the beginning, design and content was based on research findings and not on traditional printed magazine concepts. The following facts are the findings from independent (BPA) research of over 30,000 respondents into readership of INDUSTRY magazines. Analysis of Contractors World reader profiles and page readership would appear to match the findings in the surveys. SIZE DOES MATTER: Digital magazines should be no more than 30 pages ACTION TAKEN: 94% of readers of digital publications TAKE ACTION APPS NOT WANTED: Less than 7% of readers prefer to read on iPhone, iPad, Kindle or similar device. DESIGN IS IMPORTANT: 77% prefer specially designed format . Fewer than 23% prefer replicate print magazine VALUED: More than 86% find value in a virtual library accessible anywhere in the world. FACT FACT FACT FACT FACT

  7. Who reads DIGITAL MAGAZINES & WHY (independent research)

  8. Key findings (Texterity Survey 33,000+ respondents * ) 90% of digital readers are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ 92% of digital readers read the issue within one week 94% of digital readers take one or more actions when reading advertisements or articles * Copy of survey available on request to

  9. Digital Magazines v Web Sites* According to the survey, 70% of digital readers were less likely to ignore ‘RICH MEDIA’ advertisements than the same in a web site. 70% said that advertisements in digital magazines are less intrusive than those on web sites. Interactive magazines are viewed for between 20 and 30 minutes while the average web site is eight minutes. * Baxter Research Center 5,612 respondents

  10. Digital Magazines v Web Sites* 82% say digital magazines are more engaging Digital magazines are perceived as offering more content when they typically offer less. Rich media content (videos, links, etc) is more acceptable in a digital magazine than on a web site. * Baxter Research Center 5,612 respondents

  11. Digital Magazines preference * Forget the Apps they are not needed (at this time). Contractors World magazines focus on core content and core reader preferences – but is still made available for the other devices. * Qmags 2010 Digital Readership Survey

  12. Contractors World Delivers - 1 What content adds to reading experience? 75% video 58% more photographs and images 37.4% slide shows 35.7% audio 30.6% Flash animation * Baxter Research Center 5,612 respondents

  13. Contractors World Delivers – 2key markets

  14. Contractors World Delivers – 3key industries Analysis of reader registrations

  15. Contractors World Delivers – 4decision makers Analysis of reader registrations

  16. Contractors World Delivers - 5 A digital solution for the digital age – without compromise Interactive advertisements Brochures

  17. Contractors World • Read by over 14,000 * decision makers per month • Typical readers look at 20 pages per issue • The only magazines formatted for all electronic devices ** • high-speed computers • slow-speed computers • PDAs and tablets • iPhone and other similar devices * Actual readers – not circulation * * as far as we are aware

  18. Contractors World Read by over 14,000 per month Contractors World magazines are read . . . . . . . They are not sitting in a pile of magazines waiting to be read.

  19. Advertising • Compare cost per thousand READERS against cost per thousand CIRCULATION and see the value. * * Rates converted from on-line media kits July 2011

  20. Contractors World Magazines Contractors World – International Contractors World – UK& Ireland CP&E – Contractors Plant & Equipment • other currencies at exchange rate confirmed when order is placed • discounts cannot be applied retrospectively • amended contracts will revert to lower rate and an invoice issued for such adjustment. • discounts are PER TITLE and cannot be combined with other magazines published by VVV Ltd. All rates are per insertion and subject to our terms and conditions Rates exclude VAT or other tax that may be applicable. Rates are inclusive of any commissions.

  21. Contractors World Magazines Value added features to engage with readers

  22. Contractors Worldredefining publishing for the digital age What are you waiting for? Have a question? Need more information? Call now: +44 1279 600598 Email: Skype: contractorsworld URL: Contractors World magazines are published by VVV Ltd. We also provide services to convert magazines, brochures, etc. to flipping digital format.