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Video Marketing Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Marketing Overview

Video Marketing Overview

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Video Marketing Overview

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  1. Video Marketing Overview Presented to Software Council of Southern California

  2. What is video marketing? • CD-ROM “video brochure” • Enhance or replace traditional print brochure for direct marketing campaigns. • DVD presentation • Help stop traffic at your trade show booth or enhance critical sales meetings DVD Main Screen Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  3. What is video marketing? • Streaming video from website • Multimedia email • PDA/Mobile Phone/USB Drive Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  4. Why video marketing? • Video is the most powerful multimedia marketing tool • 70% more likelyto make a purchase after viewing video* • Spend over five times more in online purchases* • Replaces in-person sales demonstrations • Reduces sales and related costs (travel, etc.) • Enhances products distinguished by motion or sound *Source: Arbitron/Edison Media Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  5. Why video marketing? • Rapid adoption of broadband internet driving video • 85% of businesses and 29% of consumers have broadband • Allows delivery of high quality content • Digital video technology makes production and distribution more affordable and effective • Cost less to produce than with traditional broadcast equipment • Quality of delivery starting to compete with broadcast *Source: Arbitron/Edison Media Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  6. Why video marketing? Direct Marketing Comparison:How Vmatrix marketing tools will improve your ROI Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  7. What content is best for video? • Testimonials from your most satisfied customers • Demonstrations by your top sales people • Passionate company mission statement from your CEO • Narrated tour of your service or production facilities • New product or press release announcements • Internal or customer training Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  8. Video marketing examples • Corporate/Product Video • Video Coupon • Software Product Preview (Clicking links will show video in your web browser.) Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  9. Video marketing examples • Customer Testimonial • Executive Welcome • Video Press Release (Clicking links will show video in your web browser.) Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  10. Video should be produced for digital AND broadcast distribution! Video production guidelines • Producing video doesn’t have to be expensive • Solutions can be tailored to fit any budget • Costs can range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on content • Make sure you are getting a high-quality video • Professionally produced marketing video should include: • Script development and on-location camera crew • Editing, music, graphics, and professional narration • Ask to see examples of previous work, specifically any work they have done in your industry • Contact references to determine the quality of the work and the responsiveness of the provider Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  11. Video production process Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  12. Deliverable Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Script Design Field Production Video Alpha Draft Video Beta Draft Integration & Test All Media Complete Typical production timeline • Timeline mostly depends on responsive and decisive client review and feedback of script, visual sequence, design and video content • Generally, videos can be produced with minimal time commitment from the client Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  13. Video streaming guidelines • Offer all major player types for both broadband and dial-up • Make it easy • Auto-detect viewer’s video player and connection speed • No downloading of video or software should be required • Brand your video player Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  14. Deliver your video directly to your target audience! Multimedia email • Graphic-rich email integrated with video provides a powerful sales and support tool • Promote products and services • Send updates and special offers to your customers • Deliver announcements to the media with a video press release • Monthly or weekly newsletters • Use one or many different templates Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  15. Multimedia email guidelines • Send one email or thousands of messages at a time • Send HTML and text-only messages simultaneously • Create your own emails and campaigns in real-time • Import contact lists and customize message using personalized information • Newsletters - Strengthen your relationships with current clients or new prospects Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  16. Multimedia email guidelines • Schedule email to be sent at specific dates and times • Track individual & campaign results: • Who opens your emails • Which links each person clicked • When and to whom the email was forwarded Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  17. Summary The rapid adoption of broadband combined with advances in digital video technology make delivering rich content via multimedia email affordable and highly effective! Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.

  18. Thank You To see more video samples, please visit our website at For a live demo of our multimedia email delivery and tracking system, please call the Vmatrix Sales Department Ph. 310-727-3310