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COSTA RICA. Sign Up Night August 29, 2011 7:00pm Bray Cafeteria. WHY COSTA RICA!. Proposed dates – November 18, 2011 through November 26, 2011 (Thanksgiving Holiday)

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  1. COSTA RICA Sign Up Night August 29, 2011 7:00pm Bray Cafeteria

  2. WHY COSTA RICA! • Proposed dates – November 18, 2011 through November 26, 2011 (Thanksgiving Holiday) • Welcome to Costa Rica. Costa Rica, known as the Switzerland of Central America is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the south – southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. • The physical features of Costa Rica and its natural geography are nothing short of spectacular. With its diverse physical makeup, the Costa Rican landscape flows from teaming mountain peaks, scattered with volcano’s, waterfalls, and hot springs and on through to its mystical cloud forests. The lush green valleys and verdant rain forests provide an incredible backdrop leading down to the beautiful, beautiful beaches. • It should be noted that Costa Rica is one of the most consolidated democracies in Latin America. It is the only Latin American country included in the list of the 22 oldest democracies in the world. They won worldwide recognition to abolish the army on December 1, 1948; abolition was perpetuated in the 1949 Constitution.

  3. Our Mission • Bring the children to the world and show the world that CHARACTER SPEAKS EVERY LANGUAGE • Past comments, past reactions, etc… • Always ask yourself, “Am I using my talent and time for positively affect someone else?”

  4. Why are we participating? • Taking our Character Chorus Program to a International level. • International audience • Exposure of service through giving with our talents. • A chance to provide a once in a lifetime experience for children.

  5. Dates and Locations • November 18, 2011 through November 26, 2011 • Leaving early am on Friday, returning late pm on Saturday. • Students will receive an excused absence.

  6. Who is Eligible to Attend? • Any Bray Student • Parents, guardians, family members who have a current volunteer badge from admin. • Bray Supporters and Community Members who pass a background check. • YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A PASSPORT!!!!! GET IT NOW…Takes 5 – 8 weeks! Time is running out!

  7. Requirements of the Student • The student will: • Maintain a good attendance record free of excessive absences and tardies. • Maintain passing grades on each progress and report card (grades below 75 will put a student on probation). • Attend after-school tutorials. If a student is identified “in need” of tutorials, they must attend. • Maintain completed homework- if a student is having a difficult time completing and turning in homework as reported to Mrs. Podany by the teacher, they will be placed on probation. • Avoid office referrals and bus referrals.  These are unacceptable and may be grounds for immediate release. • Perform at all Events and fundraisers. • Maintain an excellent rehearsal attendance record

  8. Requirements of the Parents • The parents are to: • Support the above student expectations • Stay on top of financial responsibilities, deposits, and payments. • Volunteer or provide a volunteer for fundraising events.  Volunteering can come in many shapes and sizes.  Ask Mrs. Podany what you can do if there is a problem. • Become a member of the Bray PTA and Booster Club. • Any parents, family members, etc…traveling with the choir must have their volunteer badge from the admin office. • All parties traveling with the choir must use the same company to alleviate any traveling problems. • Agree to the travel terms and be prepared to provide information for travel. • Any questions or concerns are to be addressed first by Mrs.. Podany. • Agree that this contract may be amended to at any time. • Remember – this is a voluntary program…not a school mandated one.

  9. WHY JOIN BOOSTER CLUB • YOU GET PERKS! • · $5.00 off the purchase of up to a Booster Club Jersey Shirts • · $5.00 off the purchase of Character Chorus shirt • · $5 off Character Chorus hoodie or sweatshirt (or $5 Spirit Store Credit) • · 2 free movie night admissions • · $5.00 off Bray lock-in admission price • · Free bumper sticker or car magnet • · A blue jean pass for one Friday (per child in family) • · Line Item set up for Trip donations, payments, and fundraising. • · Tracking of payments • We track your donations!

  10. Trip Itinerary • See attachments

  11. ADDITIONAL REHEARSALS • Character Chorus students are expected to attend THURSDAY (Beginning this Thursday) Rehearsals from 4:00pm – 5:00pm…immediately following Character Chorus!!! • CLOSER to departure, we MIGHT have to have Saturday or Sunday rehearsals.

  12. Fundraising • It’s in YOUR best interest! Some • We need help finding ITEMS! • All ideas are processed through Mrs. Podany, Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Johansen. Send them our way. • FUNDRAISERS are for YOU and YOUR family! • YOU SELL IT, YOU GET IT! Booster keeps NOTHING…apply it to Costa Rica or Washington DC or both!

  13. MARK YOUR DATES • Cookie Dough Sept. 12 – 23 • MAGIC SHOW – Sept. 30 7:00pm THEN LOCK-IN! (HELP NEEDED). The Lock In will fundraise for Costa Rica. Your help and item donations allows for greater return! Can’t have it without ADULT volunteers. • OCTOBER 8 – COUNTRY DAY – We need an idea! • October 3 – 14 YANKEE CANDLE • October 14 – MOVIE NIGHT • October 29 – HARVEST FAIR – HELP NEEDED • November 4 – MOVIE NIGHT • November 7 – 18 – Chickfila Cheesecakes • November 10 – Night Benefit Concertn • December – TBA – FUMC-CH concert • December 1 – Tree Lighting • December 8 – CHORUS TOUR TO NORTH PARK • December 16 – LOCK IN THEN LOCK-IN! (HELP NEEDED). The Lock In will fundraise for WASHINGTON DC. Your help and item donations allows for greater return! Can’t have it without ADULT volunteers.

  14. Business Sponsorships • Find your child a corporate sponsor! • We have letters for you.

  15. What if….that’s not fair… • He said, she said…. • What if… • Reimbursements. • So – my kid is sponsored…do I get their money? • Greedy • Dishonesty in funds and money handling. • I’ve changed my mind…can I quit!

  16. Cost and Due Dates • AS OF TODAY! • MUST KNOW BY WEDNESDAY WHO IS GOING, HOW MANY ARE GOING, and THAT YOU ARE GOING! • $350 - $500 Deposit (will know once I know how many people are going)

  17. I HAVE TO KNOW BY WEDNESDAY! • 100 % agreement! • BY FRIDAY – I have to have a $300 deposit PER person for airlines. • Deadline for final payment TBD by Wednesday!

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