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Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Landforms.

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Costa Rica

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  1. Costa Rica

  2. Landforms The land is separated by the Cordillera Central Mountains and the Cordillera de Talamanca Mountains. There are four volcanoes. They are located in San Jose right, in the middle of the country. Some of the bodies of water are Rio Tempisque and Lake Arenal. The Central Valley is the valley in Costa Rica, It is located in Central Cost Rica.

  3. Attractions • Arenal Volcano- This volcano is the most active one in Costa Rica. It is located in La Fortuna, a small town near the volcano. • Tortugueno National Park- Is a turtle breeding ground in the Caribbean's. It is a home to four different species of marine turtles. • Nosarabeach- A relaxing beach that is perfect for surfers. Located at the edge of Costa Rica, you will find turtles to monkeys to beautiful acres of rain forest. • Puerto Viejo- This is one of the most amazing places you could visit in Costa Rica, it has everything you can imagine. You can go snorkeling, mountain biking, even horseback riding. Located near Cahuita National Park. • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve- A wonderful rain forest that is home to over 300 species of plants and animals. It is always 100% humid and a beautiful place to visit.

  4. Attractions

  5. Language • Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica.

  6. GOVERNMENT Costa Rica has a Democratic Republic. The leader of this country is Laura Chinchilla Miranda. She took the position on May 8, 2010, being the first female president of Costa Rica.

  7. Holidays January 1st, New Years Day. This is a very important day in Costa Rica. Most businesses are off and mall shopping outlets are closed. There is a huge dance at the San Jose’s Parque Central.

  8. Economy Costa Rica has a mixed economy. It is mostly a Market Economy like the U.S.A.

  9. San Jose The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose. The population is 365,799 people.

  10. Animals Costa Rica Wildlife - Bohemian Travelers-yout YouTube Baird’s Tapir CrocodilesHercules Beetle Saddle Horse Snook Blue Crowned Motmot

  11. Education The education in Costa Rica is taken very seriously. School is mandatory for all children in this country. Students enter college at the age of 15. All schools in Costa Rica have uniforms.


  13. Music Costa Rica enjoys many types of music. from Latin American to classical. Traditional Costa Rican Music Performance @ Tortuga Island, Costa Rica- open on youtube

  14. Official Symbols The GuariaMorada Yiguirro Guanacaste

  15. IMPORTANT Facts on note cards

  16. WEIRD! People in Costa Rica have a life expectancy of 76! They give coffee to babies! The women their do not take their husbands last name! The only time people drink soda is with chicken! In Costa Rica all radio stations play the National Anthem at 7 o’clock in the morning!


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