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Costa rica

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Costa rica

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  1. Costa rica By Olivia F.

  2. food • Olla de carne, the traditional stew, is made with beef, potatoes, corn, plantains, squash, yucca, and other vegetables. Other popular main dishes include paella and zarzuelas (spicy seafood stews). • fried • beans • Gallo pinto which is just rice and beans with salt and pepper and cilantro. They also eat quesadillas. Alot of fried beans and rice, chicken, fresh fruit...bananas, pineapple, mostly whatever is in season,coffee and lots of seafood. • Gallo pinto quesadillas


  4. COSTA RICAN CLOTHES • Costa Ricans wear modern, Western-style clothes. Clean, smooth unwrinkled clothing is very important to urban working-class people. Many will get low on food to buy stylish clothing. Jeans and tee-shirts are everyday wear for young people of all classes. Girls wear school dresses and uniforms. • Traditional women's clothes include a sheer, low-cut, frilly white blouse and a flowered, 100% cotton skirt. A fringed silk or cotton rebozo(shawl) is draped around the shoulders or over the head. Sometimes men wear clothes generally consist of dark trousers and a long-sleeved white shirt with a red knotted handkerchief near the neck and a sash that has lots of colers, around the waist • Read more: Costa Ricans - Introduction, Location, Language, Folklore, Religion, Major holidays, Rites of passage, Relationships, Living conditions

  5. CLIMATE • The climate in costa rica is tropical year round.From december to may it is not as wet. • From may to november is is very wet.

  6. Costa rican flag • The color blue represents the sky, chances of hope. • The white represents clear thinking and the beauty of the sky. • The red represents the warmth of the costa rican people

  7. Boat-billed Heron • With its giant wide scoop-like bill and very large eyes the Boat-billed Heron is the funniest-looking of all herons that live in Costa Rica. The wading bird lives in small groups, often hiding in heavy cover. The oversized eyes are a thing that helps to hunt at dawn and when its dark at night.

  8. Fun facts • People in costa rica are called ticos • Costa rica is the oldest democracy in latin america • Christopher Columbus discovered and named Costa rica in 1502 • Costa rica is the land of peace