chapter 4 vocabulary n.
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Chapter 4 Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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  1. Chapter 4Vocabulary


  3. Alexander Graham Bell • after years working towards creating a machine that could talk. • he invented the telephone • the telephone changed the way people communicated • By the time he died millions of people were using the telephone

  4. Thomas Edison • He first invented the phonograph which allowed musicians to record and playback music. • Later with the help of Lewis Latimer he invented the light bulb. • Thomas Edison knew that electric light could change life in the United States.

  5. Frank and Charles Duryea • Frank Duryea an electrical engineer that who was first to invent a system of electric streetcars. • Then Frank and his brother Charles built the first working automobile in the United States. • This was the beginning of a new industry. The building and selling of cars.

  6. Orville and Wilbur Wright • the Wright brothers were interested in building a flying machine • After years of trying they invented the first airplane that changed history. • This invention led to new industries in flight


  8. Who invented the light bulb? • Thomas Edison • Alexander Graham Bell • Lewis Latimer

  9. Who invented the first plane? • Wright Brothers • Duryea Brothers • Lewis Latimer

  10. Who invented the first car in the U.S.? • Duryea Brothers • Wright Brothers • Lewis Latimer

  11. Who invented the telephone? • Alexander Graham Bell • Thomas Edison • Lewis Latimer


  13. INVESTOR PEOPLE WHO GIVE MONEY TO A BUSINESS HOPING TO GAIN A PROFIT. Example: Bell was given money to help continue with his work of inventing the telephone. When the telephone was invented the investors received money from the sell of telephones

  14. Corporation A BUSINESS THAT IS OWNED BY INVESTORS. Example: Edison was given money to help continue with his work of inventing the telephone. He was given money by a corporation called National Bell Telephone company. When the telephone was invented this investor received money from the sell of the telephone

  15. STOCKS SHARE OF A COMPANY. Example: National Bell Telephone Company sells parts of the company to raise money to keep the company running

  16. MONOPOLY COMPANY THAT HAS CONTROL OF AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY Example: Standard Oil is a company that controlled 90 percent of the oil business in the United States which made Standard Oil a monopoly.

  17. FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM IN WHICH PEOPLE ARE FREE TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESSES AND OWN THEIR OWN PROPERTY. Example: In a free Enterprise system, people are free to decide what they would like to sell and for how much.


  19. System in which people are free to start their own business and own businesses and own their own property. A. Free Enterprise B. Corporation C. Monopoly

  20. Person who gives money to a business hoping to gain a profit . C. Investor A. Corporation B. Monopoly

  21. Business that is owned by investors. B. Corporation A. Monopoly C. Free Enterprise

  22. Share of a company A. Stock B. Corporation C. Free Enterprise

  23. Company that has control of an entire industry A. Monopoly B. Free Enterprise C. Corporation

  24. Now you are going to use the web based program Quia to practice what you have learned • Click the following link: Quia • Then follow the instruction sheet.