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Please do not talk at this time Feb 12

Please do not talk at this time Feb 12. Notes Title: End of WWII. Headings, key words, vocabulary Questions:. Notes, charts, drawings, lists, graphic organizers, definitions, etc Answers!. HW: WWII Test on Friday. Notebooks Due Friday Pgs. 1A – 11A

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Please do not talk at this time Feb 12

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  1. Please do not talk at this time Feb 12 Notes Title: End of WWII Headings, key words, vocabulary Questions: Notes, charts, drawings, lists, graphic organizers, definitions, etc Answers! HW: WWII Test on Friday. Notebooks Due Friday Pgs. 1A – 11A Turn your outlines in to the Turn In Box Please set up a new pieces of paper like this: Summary: Top 5 pieces of Info for this page of notes

  2. European Theater of Operations Allies from the South, having taken North Africa. Allies from the East, having won in Russia Allies from the West, jumping off from Britain Germany is Surrounded!

  3. Gen. Eisenhower Gives the Orders for D-Day [“Operation Overlord”]

  4. D-Day (June 6, 1944)

  5. Normandy Landing (June 6, 1944) German Prisoners Higgins Landing Crafts Why did the Allies take so long to take back France? Explain with at least 2 factors.

  6. The Liberation of Paris:August 25, 1944 De Gaulle in Triumph!

  7. U. S. Troops in Paris, 1944

  8. Yalta: February, 1945 • FDR wants quick Soviet entry into Pacific war. • FDR & Churchill concede Stalin needs buffer, FDR & Stalin want spheres of influence and a weak Germany. • Churchill wants strong Germany as bufferagainst Stalin. • FDR argues for a ‘United Nations’.

  9. The Battle of the Bulge:Hitler’s Last Offensive Dec. 16, 1944toJan. 28, 1945

  10. Why does Hitler Have to win the Battle of the Bulge to keep fighting?

  11. US & Russian Soldiers Meet at the Elbe River: April 25, 1945

  12. Back to the Pacific!

  13. Col. Paul Tibbets & the A-Bomb Why does this man look so cheerful?

  14. Hiroshima – August 6, 1945 • 70,000 killed immediately. • 48,000 buildings. destroyed. • 100,000s died of radiation poisoning & cancer later.

  15. Nagasaki – August 9, 1945 • 40,000 killed immediately. • 60,000 injured. • 100,000s died ofradiation poisoning& cancer later.

  16. V-J Day (September 2, 1945) • Japan surrenders • MacArthur and others help write the new Japanese Constitution • US forces the Emperor of Japan to tell his people he is not a God and not descended of the Gods. Japan is on its own. No “Divine Wind” will save her. What psychological effect are the Americans trying to have on the Japanese people by making them surrender this way? Why?

  17. Results of World War II

  18. WW II Casualties: Europe Each symbol indicates 100,000 dead in the appropriate theater of operations

  19. WW II Casualties: Asia Each symbol indicates 100,000 dead in the appropriate theater of operations

  20. U.S. $288,000,000,000 Germany $212,336,000,000 France $111,272,000,000 U.S.S.R. $93,012,000,000 Briatain $49,786,000,000 Japan $41,272,000,000 Direct economic costs of WWII $1,600,000,000,000 Financial Cost of WWII

  21. Who paid the Highest Cost for WWII?

  22. Massive Human Dislocations

  23. The U.S. & the U.S.S.R. Emerged as the Two Superpowers of the later 20c

  24. The Bi-Polarization of Europe: The Beginning of the Cold War Allied with USA Allied with USSR Other countries

  25. The Division of Germany:1945 - 1990

  26. The Creation of the U. N. • The United Nations is Created to do Three Things: • Peacefully solve problems between countries • End Colonialism and make new countries out of old colonies • Put war leaders on trial for atrocities

  27. The Nuremberg War Trials:Crimes Against Humanity Nazis are put on trial for the new crime of “Crimes against Humanity” All but one Nazi leader swear they were in the right until the bitter end.

  28. Japanese War Crimes Trials General Hideki Tojo Japanese military is also put on trial in Tokyo. Very few Japanese military leaders are convicted, though ample evidence of atrocities in Burma, Philippines and China are documented and presented. Japanese later deny all these claims and remove them from their history books.

  29. The De-Colonization of European Empires

  30. The Emergence of Third World Nationalist Movements

  31. Why would the world need the United Nations to play referee and handle international disputes and trials?

  32. Early Computer Technology Came Out of WW II Colossus, 1941 Mark I, 1944 Admiral Grace Hooper, 1944-1992COBOL language

  33. Hitler’s “Secret Weapons”:Too Little, Too Late! V-1 Rocket:“Buzz Bomb” V-2 Rocket Jet engines were developed by the Germans at the end of WWII. These are the very engines we use in planes today! They also allowed us to explore space later during the Space Race and beyond. Werner von Braun

  34. WWII Test Review BINGO! • Sign your own name on the free space. • Get other people who can answer the review questions to sign the box of the question they can answer (Signers: you will be called on to give the answer, so be ready) • Make sure you can read the name so you can call on them later. • Sign other people’s cards. • You may only have each person sign their name once. • Try to get BINGO (5 in a row) • Totally stuck? Books and notes are allowed for this activity.

  35. Test Short Answer Topics: • Civilian Experience in WWII- Cite specific incidents • Significant Battles of WWII- Why are they important • Ultimate Cost of the War • Compare WWI and WWII

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