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Getting a Quick Start in CAN SLIM Investing

Getting a Quick Start in CAN SLIM Investing. San Francisco IBD Meet-up Tiburon-Belvedere IBD Meet-up. Lee Tanner. Amateur Volunteer. May 18, 2011. No Need to Take Notes – Just Watch Presentation is Available Online. Also Recorded On GoView. Follow this Link

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Getting a Quick Start in CAN SLIM Investing

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  1. Getting a Quick StartinCAN SLIM Investing San Francisco IBD Meet-up Tiburon-Belvedere IBD Meet-up Lee Tanner Amateur Volunteer May 18, 2011

  2. No Need to Take Notes – Just WatchPresentation is Available Online

  3. Also Recorded On GoView Follow this Link http://goview.com/?id=1dd42640-44a2-45ff-8dc3-1f26f01c7d0c

  4. Everything here Is from the Basic CAN SLIM Source Material Please Hold Your Questions to the End. I’ll Stay and Answer Them All

  5. Goals for Tonight • I Share My CAN SLIM Investing Plan (Work Flow) • Show How to Start Using It Immediately – The Quick Start

  6. My CAN SLIM Investing Plan Study, Learn and Make a Plan for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and Write Instructions • Buy at Right Time and Right Way • Market Up Trend • Base Breakouts • Scale-In (Pyramid) • Only off Watch List 1 2 3 Pick the Best Stocks for My CAN SLIM Watch List Prepare to Follow My Plan & Instructions The Very Best Just Six Basic Activities Do it All Over Again • Review Results • Keep Good Records • Careful Review • Honest Appraisal • Learn from Experience • Manage Portfolio • Hold Good Stocks • Practice Patience • Add to Best Stocks • ID Super Stocks • Margin Use 6 5 4 • Sell Just Right • Down 7% to 8% • Up 25% - Many • Sell Rules – for the Super Stocks Post Analysis Using Six Discrete Activities Helps Me Focus

  7. These Tasks Are Done in Order Like a Recipe • Buy at Right Time and Right Way • Market Up Trend • Base Breakouts • Scale-In • Off WL Only 1 2 3 Study, Learn and Make a Plan for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Write My Rules Follow the Plan & Rules Pick the Best Stocks for Big, Fast Gains CAN SLIM Emotions The Very Best We All Start Here I Make My Money Here • Hold & Manage • Hold Good Stocks • Practice Patience • Add to the Best • ID Super Stocks • Use Margine 6 5 4 • Sell Just Right • Down 7% to 8% • Up 25% - Most • Sell Rules - Super • Review Results • Keep Good Records • Careful Review • Honest Appraisal • Learn frm Experience Emotions The Success of Each Depends on Prior Steps Being Done Well

  8. 1. Learning and Planning • We All Know A Lot About Studying and Learning or We Would not be here. • What We May not Fully Appreciate is that Written Instructions (Rules) are Vital for Avoiding Emotional Errors and to Learn from Post Analysis In Investing I Must Write My Own Instructions I Can Almost Always Improve My Investing Results By Improving My Written Instructions (Rules) That Is the Goal of My Studying & Learning

  9. The Objective of Learning CAN SLIM Make Big Gains Like these and Keep Them

  10. AAII Study January 1998 – June 2009CAN SLIM System Gained ~2,400%

  11. Learning CAN SLIM InvestingIs Well Worth the Effort

  12. Get a Quick Start in Instructions (Rules) I Can Start Writing My One Instructions with what I’ve Already Been Doing I do not Bake a Frozen Pizza without Reading the Instructions I don’t want to Invest Thousands of Dollars without Following Instructions

  13. More Quick Start Rules I Can Augment My Rules with IBD’s 20 Rules for Your Investing Success in Every Issue Important Enough to be in EVERY Issue Expand My Rules for Picking Stocks as Shown here Tonight Expand the Rules for Buying Stocks as Shown here Tonight Expand the Sell Rules – Some Shown Tonight As I Study and Learn I Keep Adding to and Improving My Rules (Operating Instructions) Activity #1 Education and Planning

  14. More Starter Rules How to Make Money in Stocks (Green), pp 424 23 Rules and Guidelines to Get You Started

  15. The Professional Portfolio Managers at William O’Neil + Co. Are Strongly Encouraged to Review their Investing Rules EveryDay before the Market Opens This Is How Important Rules Are to CAN SLIM Investing Success

  16. CAN SLIM comes from William J. O’NeilFounder of Investor’s Business Daily The Daily News Paper Investors.com Web Site The Main Book I Save the eIBDpdf Files for Research and Study A Text Book A Truly Monumental Resource

  17. Includes a Very Helpful Quick Start DVD Before Starting Big Up Moves Like Ted Leplat’s Presentation Last Month

  18. An Excellent Quick Start Book • An Easier Read than How to Make Money in Stocks • Only ~ 160 Pages • Good Glossary • Recommended Reading List • Answers Lots of Questions < $10 on Amazon.com #1 Education and Planning

  19. CAN SLIM Comes From Real History • Study of 130 years of Stock Market History • Thousands of Individual Stock Models Going Back to 1880 - Stocks that Worked in the Past • “We analyzed the greatest winning stocks of the past and discovered they all had seven common characteristics, which can be summarized in two easy-to-remember words CAN SLIM.” William J. O’Neil inHow to Make Money In Stocks, pp 112 • The WON + Co Model Book of Greatest Stock Market Winners Was Published in 1971 (243 Pages) Before Starting Big Up Moves CAN SLIM Investing is Old and Proven

  20. Learning and Planning Tools • Investors.com – Really Great • Investor’s Business Daily – Investor’s Corner • 24 Essential Lessons for Investing Success • How to Make Money In Stocks – The Text Book • IBD Meet-ups – Doing this right Now • IBD Seminars • IBD Home Study Courses • Other Books • Endless other Materials –Never Run Out To Get Started Focus on These Five The First Five Are Very Affordable and a Huge Value

  21. INVESTORS. Com Tools

  22. IBD TV – Thousands of Short Videos Lessons Ilumina (ILMN) CAN SLIM Fundamentals Daily Stock Analysis – 84 Pages of 3 Minute Videos, 10 Per Page 840 Videos – 42 Hours

  23. Each DSA Analyzes the Base of a Good CAN SLIM Stock These Help Us Learn how to Analyze Stocks Fundamentals, Read Bases, and Determine Buy Points #1 Education and Planning

  24. DSA – Can Help Us Pick Stocks to Buy Investors.com on Sep 2, 2010 DSA - Herbalife One Week Before it Broke Out of a Square Box Base on Base

  25. Herbalife Daily Stock Analysis – 3 Days before the Breakout Breakout Here Daily Stock Analysis Here

  26. Market Wrap Videos – Just 3 Minutes • Video Version of Big Picture and Market Pulse • Market Activity and Direction • Distribution Day Count • Distribution Day Lessons • Leading Stock Analysis Learn the M Factor For Education there Are 840 Market Wrap Videos Going Back to Dec 2007 – 42 Hours of Learning Activity #1 Education and Planning

  27. Educational Videos – Base Counting

  28. INVESTORS.com Education Section • 22 Self-Paced Courses On: • CAN SLIM • Bases & Chart Reading • Base Counting & Watch Lists • IBD Tools • Portfolio Management • Sell Signals • Buying and Selling Checklists Activity #1 Education and Planning

  29. IBD Investor’s Corner – 250 Lessons Each Year Jan 2011 Series on Sell Rules Activity #1 Education and Planning

  30. 250 Great New Lessons Per Year

  31. DVD Introduction – Like Ted Leplat’s Presentation in April • All CAN SLIM Details • Market Analysis Details • Descriptions of All Bases • Thousands of Chart Examples of Bases and Buy Points • 100 Full Page Winning Stock Models • 18 Chart, Chart Reading Quiz • CAN SLIM Quiz And Much, Much More

  32. 100 Full-Page Winning Stock Models Lots of Annotations These Are Like the Charts Used in Chart School

  33. How to Make Money In Stocks A Page on Double-Bottom Bases A Page on Cup with Handle Bases Each Chart is Annotated for Key Points Activity #1 Education and Planning

  34. Michael has Posted these Courses on the San Francisco Meetup Web Site • Lesson 1 – Market Tops • Lesson 2 – Market Bottoms • Lesson 3 – Reading Charts • Lesson 4 – Historical Chart Pattern • Lesson 5 – Cutting Losses Short • Lesson 6 – When to Sell and Take Profits • Lesson 7 – Components of Winning Stocks, EPS & Sales • Lesson 8 – Components of Winning Stocks, ROE & PTM • Lesson 9 • Lesson 10 • Lesson 11 • Lesson 12 Activity #1 Education and Planning

  35. How CAN SLIM Earns Big Money Top CAN SLIM Stocks Rise Much Faster in Up Markets Top CAN SLIM Stocks Up ~ 250% The Leverage of Buying the Very Best Growth Stocks is about 5:1 S & P 500 Up ~ 50% Big Institutional Investors Buy Long Term Earnings Growth Expectations. They Buy for the Long Term and Take 3 to 6 Mos to Fill a Position. They Buy CAN SLIM

  36. Pick Best Stocks for Faster Gains • A 25% Gain in 12 Weeks is 160% Annual Rate of Return • Three 20% Gains in One Year is 73% Annually A Key CAN SLIM Strategy Is the Quick, Dependable 20% to 25% Gain

  37. The Base is a Spring-Board toThose Quick Gains CAN SLIM Faster Rise 80% of Trade is by Institutions Who Is Selling? Not This Who Is Buying? Pivot Point (Resistance) 30% Prior Rise Handle – Final Shakeout of the Weak Holders During Basing the Less Committed Prior Owners Sell to More Committed New Owners (Weak Hands to Strong Hands)

  38. Top Stocks Typically Rise 20% to 30%Then Consolidated Consolidate/Base 80% - 90% of Bases Form During Market Corrections I Make Money Here Rise 20% - 30% Consolidate/Base 25% Gainers are CAN SLIM Base Hits. I’m Going for Base Hits not Home Runs. Rise 20% - 30% • I Know this from: • 130 Years of Stock Market History • Thousands of Winning Stock Models • My Own Experience & Post Analysis

  39. Which Activity is Selling in My Plan A Key Sell Rule Jump Ahead and Touch on Sell Rules for a Minute Two Key Sell Rules One Key, Vital Sell Rule is to Immediately Sell Any Stock Buy Point that goes down 7% to 8%. Sell All of A Stock when it is Up 20% to 25% from the Pivot Point #2 What is the Other Key Sell Rule? Immediately Sell A Stock Buy Point that Goes Down 7% to 8% #1 Two Primary Sell Rules – I Can do CAN SLIM Investing Mostly with these.

  40. Remember the Jan 3, 2011 Investors Corner

  41. Portfolio Management – Block #4Quick Start Instructions (Rules) • Hold All Stocks Until they Rise 20% from the Pivot Point • Or until an Individual Stock Scale-in Buy Point Declines 7% • As Buy Points Rise Above +12% Gain Move Sell Points Up to Protect Some Gain with a 17% Cushion • Identify Special Stocks that Rise 20% in Three Weeks or Less – For Possible Special Treatment if I’m Ready • If I can’t routinely hold onto stocks until they rise 20% to 25% then I have a Serious Problem Very Important for Me to Know

  42. 49 Top Rated Stocks from Current Market Rally 24 Sold with the +25% Rule One-Half So Far Average Gain 25% Highlighted Stocks in DSA Before the Breakout 7 Sold with the -7% Rule or a Quick Sell Rule for a Loss Just 1/7 with Average -8.2% 11 Sold with the Simple Sell Rule for Average 3% Gain Only Two Were Up 20% in Three Weeks or Less Average Gain 42% FiveAre Still Open So Far 26 Winners Averaging +26% to 18 Losers Averaging -2% 5 Open

  43. Why CAN SLIM Makes Big$$$$$ • Buy Only Very High EPS Growth Stocks, the Very Best CAN SLIM – These Rise Much Faster in Up Markets • Buy Just at Base Breakouts – A Spring-Board toBig Gains in Less Time • Buy in Up Market Only – Faster Up Moves, Fewer Losses • Sell All Stocks that Go Down – Small Losses, No Distraction • Sell when Big Up Move is Over – Work the Money Harder • Buy the Next Winner Making a New Breakout – Fast Gains • Use Margin in Up Markets – Experience Allows Leverage • Be in Cash During Major Market Corrections – Keep Gains • Learn from Mistakes & Practice - Get Better, Earn More

  44. Everybody Knows About CAN SLIM How Can It Still Work? • Publicity has not hurt it yet. CAN SLIM worked through this last rally and Bill O’Neil has been publicizing it since the 1960’s with his Data Graphs and Daily Graphs, with the 1971 Model Book, with IBD since 1984, and with How to Make Money in Stocks first published in 1988. • It Works Because Institutions Buy CAN SLIM Stocks.

  45. CAN SLIM Still Works Last Two-Year Rally

  46. AAII Study January 1998 – June 2009 CAN SLIM 2,360% Gain

  47. Moving On To The 2nd CAN SLIM Activity Making a Super Watch List

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