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AAQG RMC Auditor Workshop “Changes Impacting Auditors” PowerPoint Presentation
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AAQG RMC Auditor Workshop “Changes Impacting Auditors”

AAQG RMC Auditor Workshop “Changes Impacting Auditors”

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AAQG RMC Auditor Workshop “Changes Impacting Auditors”

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  1. AAQG RMC Auditor Workshop“Changes Impacting Auditors” Atlanta, GA July 22 - 23, 2010 Day One Auditor Workshop Atlanta, GA July 22-23, 2010

  2. WELCOME!! “We’re glad you’re here!!”

  3. We would like to begin by expressing sincere appreciation to the RMC Auditor Workshop Planning Team: Judy Chapman, Stanley Faust, Robert Parsons, Ben Tuley, Ian Folland, Lori Scheid-Gillespie, Susie Neal, Roger Ritterbeck, John Rogers, Beth Klucher, Buck Crenshaw, Sidney Vianna, and Melvin Jeppson and the speakers and presenters who will be teaching us during this workshop: John Knappenberger, Tony Gutierrez, Steve Holladay, Stanley Faust, Roger Ritterbeck, Kimberly Maggie, Ron Tarach, Dr. Ingrid Knox, Mike Roberts, Tony Marino, Jim Collins, ShanyaSalamaca, Brian Hughitt, Kevin Beard, and Vince May.

  4. Safety, meeting logistics, etc…… Please turn cell phones off. Introductions AAQG Chairman RMC Voting Members Workshop Organizers & Presenters Name Company/Title Expectations

  5. Why are we here? • Enhance communication • Provide information and “lessons learned” • Network

  6. Workshop Logistics? • Attendees who legibly print name on roster and provide an email address will receive an electronic certificate and 1.35 CEU hours and 13.5 training hours. • Provide information and “lessons learned” • Network

  7. Agenda Click For Agenda

  8. Keynote Speaker Mr. John Knappenberger (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, President and CEO) Click For Keynote

  9. RMC 101 and OPMT FMEA Mr. Vince May (Honeywell Aerospace) RMC Chair Click For RMC 101 Click For OPMT FMEA

  10. NASA’s Joint Audit Planning Committee (JAPC) Complements Other Party Audits Mr. Tony Gutierrez (NASA) Click For NASA Oversight

  11. Lessons Learned fromOversight Assessment Mr. Steve Holladay (ANAB, Accreditation Assessor) Click For Lessons Learned

  12. Auditing Customer Requirements Presenters: Stanley Faust (Spirit Aerospace) and Roger Ritterbeck (QMI-SAI Global) Click For Case Studies Click For Auditing Csutomer Req

  13. Auditing Risk Management Presenters: Kimberly Maggie and Ron Tarach, (QUAL-TECH, INC.) Click For Risk Management

  14. Regulatory, Statutory, and ITAR/EAR Requirements – What an Auditor Needs to Know Presenter: Dr. Ingrid D. Knox Adjunct Professor Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Aerospace Engineer with FAA Click For Regulatory

  15. Wrap Up Discussion • Q & A • Audience Questions??? • Adjourn