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  1. Jeopardy Hosted by AAQG RMC

  2. Certification Structures Impacts to Stakeholders 9104-1 Transition Impacts to Auditors 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500

  3. Row 1, Col 1 What is a Single Site structure? An organization having one location.

  4. 1,2 What is “AS9104/1”? This standard defines the basic requirements for managing the AQMS certification scheme (commonly referred to as the ‘ICOP Scheme’).

  5. 1,3 What is OPMT Document SR-002? The document that provides supplemental rules for all stakeholders to facilitate the transition from the existing 9104 standard to the new 9104-1 standard.

  6. 1,4 What is the “9101 Audit Report”? The audit team leader shall present this to the organization within two weeks of the closing meeting.

  7. 2,1 What is a certification structure? A term utilized to describe how the Certification activities of an aviation, space, and defense organization will be structured and managed by the contracted CB.

  8. 2,2 What is an “Accredited Certification Body”? Responsible for ensuring the continued Integrity and Validity of the AS9100 certificates it issues.

  9. 2,3 What is a Certification Body? They must conduct a certification structure analysis for each client.

  10. 2,4 What is the “Audit Team Leader”? Responsible for ensuring the completeness of the audit and the accuracy of the audit report, findings, and conclusions.

  11. 3,1 What is a Several Site structure? An organization having an identified central function and a network of sites, that do not meet the criteria for either a multiple site or a campus organization.

  12. 3,2 What is an “OASIS Database Administrator”? The person that manages the organization’s contact information, users associated with the organization, external access to organization audit results and OASIS database feedback.

  13. 3,3 What is the deadline for CB transition to 9104-001? DAILY DOUBLE! July 1, 2013

  14. 3,4 What is OASIS Feedback? CB auditors are expected to address this during client’s management review activity, as well as during investigations of product, process, and quality system issues.

  15. 4,1 What is the Certification Structure Oversight Committee (CSOC)? An OPMT subcommittee that has the Responsibility to review and provide recommendations related to CB audit program proposals for complex certification structures.

  16. 4,2 What is “90 Calendar Days”? If nonconformities are not closed within this timeframe, the AB shall initiate the process to suspend the CB’s AQMS accreditation.

  17. 4,3 What is the Organization? They must ensure that the selected certification structure does not conflict with customer, regulatory or other requirements.

  18. 4,4 What are “classified material or export control requirements”? The requirements related to CB auditor access that must be discussed and agreed to, with the client, prior to audit conduct.

  19. 5,1 What is a Multiple Site (Category 1) certification structure? An organization structure that meets the minimum eligibility requirements of IAF MD 1; however, they do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements of IAF MD 3.

  20. 5,2 What is the “CB Client Suspension Process”? The process that is initiated when a certified organization fails to demonstrate that conformance to the applicable standard has been re-established within 60 days from the issuance of a Nonconformity Report (NCR).

  21. 5,3 What is a 9104-1 certification structure analysis? • The process for documenting the rationale, • justification, audit duration calculations, • audit program, and sampling plan • (for 9120, multiple site, or campus) • for a certification structure.

  22. 5,4 What is the “Purchasing Process”? The CB’s audit program shall ensure that this certified organization’s process is audited at least annually.