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AAQG RMC Meeting AS9104 Discussion PowerPoint Presentation
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AAQG RMC Meeting AS9104 Discussion

AAQG RMC Meeting AS9104 Discussion

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AAQG RMC Meeting AS9104 Discussion

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  1. AAQG RMC MeetingAS9104 Discussion

  2. Purpose The AS9104 document will be reviewed and revised in 2006. This is a general discussion and your opportunity to provide feedback on: Conformance issues What needs clarification What should be added or removed

  3. Examples Additional clarification regarding the initial approval of AB's, CB's, Training Provider Certification Bodies (TPCB) is needed. Note: An example of a TPCB is RAB/QSA in the Americas. Criteria for oversight of Auditor Authentication Bodies (AAB). Authentication Board (AAB) as the name of the EAQG OPMT's auditor review team. There needs to be additional requirements for SMS approval of Certification Body Management Committees (CBMC). The standard does not address SMS approval, Authority, Reporting or the Structure of CBMC's. Note: CBMC's are used today in EAQG but there are plans to expand in Asia Pacific (Korea, China) and perhaps in the Americas with Brazil. No criteria for oversight of Auditor Authentication Bodies (AAB). The definition for Sector Management Structure needs to reviewed and updated. There remains confusion between the various entities (SMS, CBMC, OPMT, RMC, etc.) The standard requires SMS approval of the in depth auditor training course and course provider (Training Provider) but no criteria for approval.

  4. AS9104 suggestions/comments • Include definition of ICOP • Circulation of Material (via website) • Encourage Adoption of Process Mapping in all Future Aerospace Documents (where practicable) • Consider Careful Layout/Structure of Future Documents (Duplication/Contradictions etc.) • Make Maximum Use Of Web Site as Communication Tool • Verify harmonization between 9104 & ISO17021 & IAF guidance • Clarification of multi-site • Ensure references (para numbers, other writings) are correct • Appendix that defines role & responsibility of OPMT • Clearly address / define the requirements of both assessment & surveillance lead being a Lead Auditor &/or AEA (ANAB Advisory 3 info) • Include reference to OASIS, but define as a separate document • C/A closure & scoring (and score updates) clearly described • Clarity on scoring (and score updates) relative to surveillance activities • Clear requirements on what is required on a cert (scope, exclusion, locations, etc...) • Cert Expiration & the expectation to perform full initial assessment for re-cert • Certification transfers