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Social Networking Script

Kootali is a powerful social networking software which allows you to build an online community site to communicate with others within your locality, school, college or work place. It allows you upload a number of photos quickly and share them with other members/friends. It has an incredible feature known as photo tagging. It helps your users to mark specific people in the photograph. And help others to identify the highlighted person.

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Social Networking Script

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  1. KOOTALI Facebook is the second most popular social network on the planet now, fast catching up to MySpace for first place. Attracted by its clean design and perceived ‘higher class’ of inhabitants, Facebook was the success story of 2007.Inspired by the success, Facebook clones sprung up, most notable being Studivz, a social network for Germans. Although it was a near exact copy of Facebook, it didn’t stop it being sold at the end of 2007 for around $132m. Agriya’s ready made social network software is called Kootali and contains all the features you would expect in a professional social network package, friends, albums, sending messages, groups, events and more!

  2. Why Do You Need  Kootali? Kootali helps the webmaster to build an amazing social community site with attractive features for a specific network. Through this social community site, people can share their ideas, thoughts, knowledge and views on any subject through texts, videos and photos.

  3. General Features of Kootali Kootali is simple and easy to install. Admin can fully customize the script easily, based on their requirements. Members can invite their friends to the site.  Privacy feature lets the members to show/hide their personal information and activities, which are instinctively shared with their friends.  Webmaster can control the number of records displayed on the site.

  4. Incredible features of Kootali Profile Management Members can manage and update their complete profile. Drag and drop feature in the profile page, enables the members to customize their profile page. Members can view their friends and groups on the profile. Members can keep track of their friends’ activity through News Feed feature. Mini feed is used by members’ friends to track their activity. Members can control what type of news-feed story can be shown up in their friends’ news feed. Members can maintain the networks under different categories like region, school, work place and college. Members can suggest the network under any category. After admin approval, the suggested network will be available on the site. Members can join/leave the network at any moment. Members can join the workplace, school and college networks, only using their valid email address in the corresponding field. Network management

  5. General Features of Kootali Stickies It acts as a good podium for members who share hot messages, jokes or important information, with others. Members can control automatic display of the stickies posted by the members, on their friends’ news feed using privacy setting. ‘Stickies’ allows the members to embed videos and pictures apart from tagging their friends in the stickies. Members can upload photos in an album, and share them with other members/friends. Members can view recently uploaded photo albums. Members can upload photos quickly and with ease. Members can ‘tag’ the photos for highlighting a particular person. With an emphasized part, people can easily identify the specific person in the photo. Photo management

  6. General Features of Kootali Video management Members can share their favorite videos with all members, friends or people in all the networks or selected networks. Members can embed their favorite videos on the site, from YouTube, Metacafe and DailyMotion. It lets the site members to upload the videos recorded directly using the webcam. Members can view the video details such as video title, run time, total views, number of comments and ratings. Members can post their items for sale or rent, in the marketplace from any part of the planet. It offers additional options such as adding photos, videos and audios to help the members know more about the items. Market Place

  7. General Features of Kootali Group management Admin can send a mail to all the members of the group. People with similar interest can form a group and share information among them. Members can communicate with other members through instant messenger. Members can view the groups recently joined by their friends. It enables the members to browse various kinds of people, groups, events and networks on the site. Members can post any new events, view upcoming events (like birthday, meeting etc.) and view past events on event page. Members can create open, closed and secret events, according to their need. Members can post the items and share them with their friends via internal messages or the member’s profile. Members can report abuse, so that the admin can verify and remove them from the site. Events Post items

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