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  1. Envirothon 2014

  2. Agenda • What is the Envirothon? • Schedule • Folder Review • General Information • Study Strategies • Questions

  3. What is the Envirothon? • One day competition that takes place at John Rudy County Park on May 13, 2014 • Compete against teams from other York County schools • Tests students’ understanding of Pennsylvania wildlife, forestry and aquatics

  4. Your child’s name was provided to me by his/her teacher and your child expressed interest in participating • EVERYONE here is welcome to participate in learning; however, five students from each grade level will be selected based on quiz grades to represent Paradise Elementary at the competition. (There are no alternates.)

  5. Schedule • Every student received a folder of the Envirothon information. • The first page in this folder is the Study Guide that will be used throughout the Envirothon process.

  6. Schedule Contd. • Take a few minutes to look through the folder with your child.

  7. Schedule Contd. • Every cycle I will meet with your child once or twice: • Day 1 from 11:50-12:20- Optional Study Session • Day 2 from 11: 50-12:20- Required Quiz • I will keep a record of the quiz grades and average them together to determine which students will represent Paradise. • By early April, all of the content will have been covered and the 10 students (5 from each grade level) will have been selected. • If there is a tie at the end of the process, a final quiz will be given to those students.

  8. Quizzes • Every student at school on cycle day 2 is required to come to my room during his/her lunch recess to take the 10 question quiz. • I will work with students who are absent to reschedule a testing date and time. • Students can not retake a quiz.

  9. Making the team of 5 • Your child will be meeting more often with me (to be determined) to finalize any of the information that needs to be studied. • A team captain will be selected for each team. • There will be one study session in April at Nixon Park (Sign-up begins Feb. 4th).

  10. May 13th • Your child and I will travel together to John Rudy Park. • Your child will work in his/her group of 5 and travel to different stations. Some stations will be informational where your child can watch and enjoy. Three of the stations will be the quiz stations where your child’s understanding of the information will be tested. • At the end, prizes are awarded for how well the teams did.

  11. May 13th Contd. • Parents are welcome to come to John Rudy Park at 12:50 for lunch and the Recognition Ceremony; however, no parents are allowed near the testing sites during the competition.

  12. General Information • This is an OPTIONAL program and will not be reflected in any grades your child receives in his/her classroom. • This program continues through the high school level, so if your child enjoys learning about the environment, there will be many opportunities for him/her to do so.

  13. Finding Resources • Resources are located at the Spring Grove website, under the “For Students” tab

  14. Study Strategies • Quizlet • (follow this link to practice cycle 15 information) • Sign up for a free Quizlet account and you can create/complete the following based on each cycle’s information: • Cards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter, Race • Notecards

  15. Questions? Please make sure you have signed in on the sheet before you leave.