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  1. Envirothon Wildlife profile set 3 Robert Pifer

  2. Chimney Swift, Purple Martin, Swallows Used to nest in caves and such. urban areas. Forages over open Eats flying insects areas. Nest in boxes and houses

  3. Mallard duck Wetland, marsh, pond, etc. Eat plants on bottom, never dive The ancestor of all other ducks

  4. Raptors Hunt vertebrates from the air with talons. Top of the food chain Forest, woodland, cities, cliffs, open areas in which to hunt

  5. Squirrels Herbavores, seeds, nuts, but possible insects and small vertebrates. Generally forests and heavy forested areas

  6. Wild Turkey Eat hard seeds and insects. Plants, grass, flowers, fruits. Fields, meadows, woodlans, mainly wet/swampy forest.

  7. Heron Near water, marshes, possibly grasslands. They eat fish, small mammals, reptiles etc.

  8. Sparrows/Towhee Brush, tangles, thickets, forest edges. Found where there is lots of leaf litter. Seed crackers, spiders, insects, fruit, ragweed, grasses, berries, oats etc.

  9. Eagles/Osprey Around large bodies of water, marshes, rivers, nests are often over water. Eats live fish, snakes, voles, squirrels, salamanders, etc.

  10. Raccoon Mixed forests, marshes, mountains, recently around people Nocturnal, invertebrates, plant, vertebrates, fruit, acorns, etc!!!

  11. Shrews Moist areas, decidious forests. Marshes, meadows, Hunt, insects, worms, small mice, insect eggs, etc.

  12. Weasels Feeds on small mammals, mice Lives in woodlands, grasslands and coniferous forests

  13. Wood chucks Also, groundhog wild grasses, berries, agricultural crops, . grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails and other small animals,

  14. Diving ducks Found on estuaries or fresh water, they eat mollusks, submerged plants, insects, frogs and other crustacians.

  15. Bobcat wooded areas, semi-desert, urban edge, forest edges, and swampland environments Eats rabbits, hares, insects, chickens, even small deer.

  16. Oppossum They eat insects, frogs, birds, snakes, small mammals, slugs, and earthworms. fruits, and even road kill