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Overview and draft manuscript

Overview and draft manuscript. Eagle Racing – overview. Estrablishing situation and characters. GoodBridge. Bauer. Partner?. Dilemma I. Race!. Don’t race!. Race!. Don’t race!. Race?. Race?. Dilemma IIB. Dilemma IIA. Come-back. Come-back. Come-back. Come-back.

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Overview and draft manuscript

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  1. Overview and draft manuscript

  2. Eagle Racing – overview Estrablishing situation and characters GoodBridge Bauer Partner? Dilemma I Race! Don’t race! Race! Don’t race! Race? Race? Dilemma IIB Dilemma IIA Come-back Come-back Come-back Come-back Problem sharing Problem sharing Problem sharing Problem sharing Dilemma IIID Dilemma IIIC Dilemma IIIB Dilemma IIIA Look good Look good Look good Look good Success! Slow death.. Sudden death! Sudden death! Crises – but survival! Sudden death! Crises – but survival! Crises – but survival! 2 4 1 7 7 5 3 7 Result H Result G Result F Result E Result D Result C Result B Result A

  3. Draft manuscript - Dilemma I

  4. Jeep is on his way to London. He is unusually tense. He is going to meet the CEO of ”GoodBridge” – Sir Ralph Windfield - in his manor about 80 miles north of London. Jeep is Sponsor director for Eagle Racing, and has been for about a year and a half. He likes the unique combination of passion and cool business at Eagle Racing. Sometimes he finds his colleagues a bit to emotional – but he must admit that the smells and the sounds at the race track on a Sunday morning before the race also gets to him. It’s certainly beats his last job in a bank back in Holland.. Racingwise - this season has been the best for Eagle Racing for more than 12 years. Eagle has finished “in the money” (as one of the top 5) in 12 out of the 15 races it has completed. But it has also been an expensive season – and so far the sponsor revenues has not risen as much as the management would have liked it. So for the last months the pressure on Jeep to sign up with a new main sponsor has been rising. GoodBridge is one of Jeeps two last chances to secure a new main sponsor within the season. He also has a shot at Bauer Industries – who he meets later in the week – but if both fails he has a serious problem. Jeep has negotiated the terms with GoodBridge’s Marketing manager, Benjamin Owen during the last 4 weeks, and the parties are close to reaching an agreement. But as Owen put’s it: “We can agree on whatever we like – if Sir Ralph’s doesn’t approve we are out in the cold”. Today's meeting has been set up to get Sir Ralphs support. Jeep is well aware that the meeting can turn out to be quite decisive for his future with Eagle Racing.

  5. Sir Ralph is in a very good mood when Jeep arrives to Windfield Manor. “So you come directly from Milan this morning? – You must have had your warm kippers well before dawn young chap” he greets Jeep (who has no clue about what “kippers” are – but smiles the best he have learned). The 3 hours that Jeep spends with Sir Ralph turns out to be some of the longest hours in his life. Jeep has absolutely no knowledge or interest in dead animals, polo, tea, cucumber sandwiches and the other passions of Sir Ralph. And the constant dashes of english sarcasm makes him feel quite uncertain and uncomfortable. But – still – the meeting ends well. In the last part of Jeeps tour of Windfield Castle, Sir Ralph introduces his collection of classic Ferraris and Jeep finally finds a subject that he can talk about. And Sir Ralph concludes the day “I will always trust a chap that can appreciate the charm of a Ferrari Berlinetta – and I love a fair race. I do believe that GoodBridge should get involved in Eagle Racing. You and Benjamin should get the sponsor contract ready for a signature” he finishes. Jeep leaves Windfield Manor with a great sigh of relieve… The following day Jeep have a long talk with Benjamin from GoodBridge. It seems clear that he can sign a sponsorship worth 10 mio. EURO/year with GoodBridge. This is less than the 18 mio. EURO/year that the management of Eagle racing is pushing for. But GoodBridge does not demand exclusivity, so there are still possibilities to draw in other sponsors. If Eagle are ready, Sir Ralph will come to the Pocono race track on Sunday a week from today – and if Eagle does well a contract can be signed right after the race.

  6. On Friday Jeep gets ready to receive the Marketing director Walther Swartz from Bauer Industries, who is flying into Milan to discuss Bauers possible sponsorship. It is the first time Jeep meets Walther. And Walther turns out to be a very direct businessman who does not beat around the bush – completely the opposite type of Sir Ralph… “We want an exclusive sponsorship – and we are willing to pay for it” he opens. “And it is an important element of the sponsorship that we can bring 10-15 of our most important business contacts to each race – and that you can manage to give us full VIP treatment”. “That part is no problem” Jeep answers. “You will get access to exclusive VIP salons with great views, huge flatscreen monitors and everything your clients could dream about – including super service and a very well equipped bar”. “Well, we will minimize the expense of the bar! Many of our customers are Muslims from Saudi Arabia. -The rest sounds nice. But let’s get to the numbers: What are the digits for an exclusive sponsorship contract over 3 years?” Walther asks. “Well…” Jeep starts and thinks fast. “..exclusivity is the tough part here. We prefer non-exclusive sponsors. But maybe I can swing it around if the price is high enough. Though you will have to come up with – say about 30.000 EURO/year for this kind of deal” he finishes and hides his anxiety as good as he can. But Walther just laughs. “I bet you would be happy to go for 22.000 EUROS/year! If you are ready I will fly in with a group of VIP customers already next Sunday at Pocono and check out the arrangement. If everybody has a great day – we can sign the deal right after the race! What do you say?” “I’d say that it is an interesting proposal, but that I have to get approval for such a deal. It will take me a few days” Jeep finishes. “Think about it till Monday at noon” Walther finishes, and ends the meeting.

  7. Immediately after Walther leaves, Jeep calls his boss, commercial director Gianluca Paranelli, to share the great news. “I’ve got Bauer ready to pay 22 mio. EUROS/year for an exclusive contract! If we play our cards right we can sign the contract a week from Sunday. This is even better than the 18.000/year that we were aiming at!” he enthusiastically reports. “That is really great news” Gianluca replies “Super work, Jeep. Does that also mean that GoodBridge is out of the game” he asks. “Well GoodBridge seems ready to sign up for 10 mio./year – but Bauer steeply demands exclusivity so that rules out a combined deal. So yes – in reality – this means a no go to GoodBridge” “OK I understand. Let’s put the sponsor deal up as first thing on the group meeting Monday morning. Have a fantastic weekend Jeep – and remember to spoil yourself a little!” he finishes. “I sure will! – have a great weekend yourself” Jeep finishes.

  8. Jennifer Goldbaun is business development director, and the third member of The Commercial Management Group af Eagle Racing. She hears the news from Gianluca, who calls her after talking to Jeep on Friday to inform her about the possible Bauer deal, and the status on Goodbridge. But Jennifer does not share the others enthusiasm on Bauer “22 mio. Euros is fantastic - but Bauer is bad news! I have heard some pretty alarming things about Bauers ways of conducting business – some people I know even believes that they are involved in illegal activities” Jennifer reports. “We must talk about it on Monday morning. If your concerns stands you must put them forward on the Group meeting. But be prepared: In his mind Jeep has already signed the deal with Bauer!” Gianluca finishes, and ends the conversation. Jennifer decides to spend a little of her weekend checking up on Bauer Industries…

  9. Monday morning Jeep meets up in the bests of moods – unaware of Jennifers concerns. He proposed to his beloved Sofia on Saturday evening – and she accepted. And Sunday they spent looking for houses in the exclusive Pechiera area (after all – Jeeps bonus on the Bauer deal should allow for a little extravagance). But Jeep is quickly brought back to reality as Jennifer opens by presenting a newspaper article that accuses Bauer Industries for selling weapons to Octania (in direct conflict with the UN weapons embargo). “This is just one accusation against Bauer. Their chemical division also has some grave environmental problems in India with accusations of illegal child-workers and other charming things. And Walther Schwartz is known in Berlin for tax evasions and abusive behaviour against woman” Jennifer tell’s. “Is it all accusations – or have Bauer or Walther actually been convicted of anything serious” Jeep asks (suddenly feeling quite uncomfortable). “Bauer has one of the largest legal departments in the industry – and they are fighting legal battles in several countries. But so far neither Bauer or Walther has been convicted” Jennifer answers. “So you are basing all your accusations on rumours – with no solid facts!? Do you actually think that we should turn down this fantastic deal because of some – un sustained – rumours” he asks Jennifer? “To be quite honest yes!” Jennifer answers “I believe that we will end up regretting being closely connected to Bauer Industries. And who really knows what they have going with all the Saudis they will bring to our races? The risk is to great. I also believe that GoodBridge ARE a good alternative. Just the fact that you have come up with two possible deals in one week proves that our opportunities does not end here. And Sir Ralph is much more our sort of person – unlike the cold and slick Walther Swartz” Jennifer ends her little speech. Jeep replies: “Well I found Walther quite professional – and I think Sir Ralph is an old-fashioned degenerated British aristocrat from the last century – that’s what I think!!!” He turns to Gianluca to save the situation: “Do we have any sort of official policy or anything that prevents us from making a clearly sensible business deal – just on the basis of hear say and unconfirmed accusations?” he asks Gianluca. Gianluca draws his reply a bit “No…..I believe not…nothing official…but still….let me see….I must admit that I am in doubt here…” Does Bauer sell arms to Voldavia in spite of UN ban?

  10. Help out Gianluca. Who should he chose? GoodBridge Bauer

  11. Draft manuscript - Dilemma IIA

  12. After carefully considering pros and cons, Gianluca concludes against engaging with Bauer. “The Bauer deal is very attractive – but I am afraid that a close engagement with Bauer could backfire. Too many people already today perceives Bauer as an immoral company, and there will always be a risk that a new Bauer scandal comes along. We are so dependent on the attractiveness and respect of the Eagle Racing brand – we cannot put this at risk” Gianluca argues. “I think you are making a mistake here” Jeep responds “I bring in a better deal than you asked me for – and your concern is only based on rumors. How can I perform under these circumstances???” “I understand your frustration. You and I can have a separate meeting about your bonus in the light of this decision – but it stands. For now I need you help with securing the deal with GoodBridge. Are you up to this?” Gianluca asks. “Well – sure” Jeep answers. “I’ll arrange it”. After the meeting Jeep contacts GoodBridge’s Marketing manager, Benjamin Owen, to tell him that all is ready for completing the sponsor contract. “Our top management will take good care of Sir Ralph and yourself the coming Sunday at Pocono. And we can sign the contract when we meet” Jeep informs Benjamin. “Knowing Sir Ralph he will want to wait to sign till after he have seen you perform well – so you better give us a great race on Sunday” Benjamin finishes. “We sure will – see you in Pocono”

  13. Though it is a bit chilly, it is still a beautiful morning at Pocano. In the office of chief engineer of Eagle Racing, Anders Ekman, the mood in the room is ice cold.. Anders is informing José Jalapento, the Engine engineer of Eagle Racing, that he plans to cancel Eagles participation in the race today “After the incident in the test rounds yesterday I have spend most of the night thinking about the engine failures that have put us out of seven races this year. The absolutely best theory is that the problem is related to ambient air temperature”. He explains “When it is cold, the different expansion rates for the head and block seems to be damaging the head gasket and causing the engine failures. This morning the temperature is only a few degrees above freezing point – as it was the last time that the engine blew up. I think the risk of failure is to great. I know it is not a popular decision – but rather dropping out than blowing another engine!” Anders concludes. “Seven failures is bad – but – remember the fifteen races that we did finish, and with top 5 position in twelve of them!. And I don’t believe that your theory about temperature are in any way proven. Did you see the note I send you last time you brought up the temperature theory – I found no conclusive correlation between gasket failures and low temperatures?” José challenges. “Off course I saw it – but I do not agree on your conclusion. The temperature theory is the best we have – and I am pushing to develop new gaskets in Kevlar that should fix the problem. We all hate to drop out now” Anders comments. “But remember that we also put the drivers safety at risk if the engine blows at a bad moment. And our technical costs are already way over our budgets – one more blown engine is not an option for us. - I’m afraid that you must respect the decision – but please do not talk about this to anybody until I’ve had a chance to inform the others” Anders finishes. “Well you’re the boss down here – but I must underline that I disagree” he comments and leaves Anders’ office.

  14. As José rushes swearing out of Anders office he coincidentally bumps into driver Michael Engels girlfriend Sofia Theron (who he knows well). “Heyyy – easy now José. Where is the fire?” She asks. “Well I am on my way to kick some tires – but I cannot tell you why. You’ll know soon enough!” He answers. Sofia thinks a moment an guesses: “Don’t tell me that the olds man is calling the race of today! Michael suspected that Anders could decide to do just that. Is that it?” “Sofia – you know I cannot answer that question” José says avoidingly. But Sofia does not give up that easy: “Can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that this is not the reason why you run around swearing?”. Sofia looks at José. “I cannot answer” he repeats. And on his way along he ads: “But you have always been good at guessing…” Sofia knows exactly what to do…She immediately call’s the CEO of Eagle Racing: Gerard Theron. “Hi dad – I hear that Anders is calling off the race today. It is just like Michael told you the other night: Anders is a fantastic engineer – but he is growing soft!” she bursts out. Gerard Theron have heard nothing about calling anything off. He quickly cuts of the conversation “We’ll talk later honey”…

  15. After talking to José, Anders calls Gianluca to inform him about the decision – which is not popular. “Are you sure it is necessary to cancel? You know we have the CEO of GoodBridge flying in an hour from now – ready to sign a 10 mill. EURO sponsorship right after the race. Cancelling out is very likely to cost us this – highly needed – sponsorship! Gianluca comments, not hiding his frustration. “I know how bad the timing is. But I believe that today's low temperature significantly increases the risk for a dramatic engine blast. If we race we risk both engine, car and not the least: The drivers health”. Anders argues. Gianluca tells Anders to stay in his office “This conversation we must have face to face”. He rushes off towards Anders office, but only takes a few steps before his phone rings again. On the display he can see that it is Gerard calling. Bad timing he thinks, but he accepts the call: “Hi Gerard”…

  16. Gianluca and Gerard arrives to Anders’ office at the same time. Anders thought he was only meeting Gianluca, and is a bit confused that Gerard has joined in. Gerard goes straight at Anders: “I hear you don’t want to race today – I am curious to hear a very good reason from your own mouth”. Anders answers as good as he can: “We had another engine failure yesterday in the test rounds. The engine didn’t blow, but it was another close call. I have revisited all information about our engine failures this season, and I really believe that the problem is related to the temperature. And as the temperature is under 10 degrees Celsius this morning I judge that the risk for a serious failure is to great. I am sorry, but this is my best judgment” he concludes. “You >believe< and you >judge<! – What’s the hard evidence?” Gerard continues. “We are about to blow the sponsorship deal with GoodBridge! For 10 mill. EURO! I demand more than intuition!” “Well that’s all I have to offer” Anders answers, visibly uncomfortable. “You pay me to make decisions like this one – even if it is tough. You must trust me”. Gerard turns to Gianluca: “What do you say?. It is formally Anders that makes the call, but I trust you to understand how much is at stake here. Do you just accept Anders’ decision. Remember my motto: “Nobody has ever won a race sitting in the pits!” Gianluca is in great doubt. Gerard told him on the phone before the meeting that he personally believes that Anders is sissy. And he has seen the note from José that questions the correlation between temperature and engine failures. On the other hand - there is no doubt that it is Anders’s responsibility to take the decision - and Anders is a great engineer who have shown his worth many times in the past. And he knows Gerard well enough to realize that he cannot talk his way out of this dilemma. He will have to make his call…

  17. Help out Gianluca. What should he chose? Overrule Anders and… Back up Anders’ and… DON’T RACE RACE!

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