at play long ago and today n.
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At Play Long Ago and Today PowerPoint Presentation
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At Play Long Ago and Today

At Play Long Ago and Today

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At Play Long Ago and Today

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  1. At PlayLong Ago and Today • *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee November 2008

  2. recently Recently means something happened a short time ago.

  3. recently I recently turned eight years old. My sister recently graduated from high school. Who would recently have learned to ride a bike, a baby or a child?

  4. recently * What books have you read recently? * What did you do outside recently? * What has the weather been like recently?

  5. housed If something is placed or lives somewhere, then it is housed there.

  6. housed The stamp collection was housed in a museum. What is housed at a zoo, a tiger or a horse?

  7. housed * What can be housed in a museum? * Why are some animals housed in a zoo? * What might be housed in a garage?

  8. official If someone makes decisions for the government or a business, then the person is called an official.

  9. official The city officials decided to build a new park. Who do you think is a school official, a crossing guard or a principal?

  10. official * What might an official do at a parade? * What would you say to a fire official? * When might you see a police official?

  11. nominate When you suggest that someone should get an office, job, or honor, then you nominate the person.

  12. nominate People can nominate their favorite book on the internet. Who would you nominate for the most friendliest student?

  13. nominate * Which pet would you nominate as the best of all? * Which toy would you nominate as the best of all?

  14. recreation When you do something fun and relaxing, then it is considered recreation.

  15. recreation Long ago, children played stickball and croquet for recreation. If you play soccer for recreation, then you do it for fun. Which activity would you do for recreation, play outside or take a test?

  16. recreation * What do you do for recreation in the winter? * What do you do for recreation in the summer?

  17. leisurely If you do something in a leisurely way, then you are not in a hurry.

  18. leisurely Families strolled leisurely through the park. What might you do leisurely, read a book or play tag?

  19. leisurely * Is someone who walks in a leisurely way, angry or relaxed? * What are some activities that you can do in a leisurely way?

  20. ramble Ramble means to wander around.

  21. ramble Families could ramble when they went camping. Would you ramble in a playground or in a parking lot?

  22. ramble * Do you ramble if you are in a hurry? * Name some things you might see and hear if you ramble at the beach. * Do you ever ramble in your neighborhood? What do you see?

  23. archaic Archaic means something is old and outdated.

  24. archaic In the future, video games might become archaic. Which item is archaic, a computer or a typewriter?

  25. archaic * Is a new invention archaic? * Would you see archaic things housed in a museum? * Would archaic things tell us about our past?

  26. My sister and I __________ through the sandy dunes. A. recently B. official C. housed D. rambled

  27. Our governor is one of our state __________. A. archaic B. officials C. nominate D. leisurely

  28. My dad plays golf for ________. A. ramble B. housed C. recreation D. archaic

  29. My teacher __________ gave me a spelling test. A. nominate B. official C. recently D. housed

  30. I __________ my mom for the “Mother of the Year” Award. A. leisurely B. housed C. archaic D. nominate

  31. The farm animals were _______ in a barn. A. recreation B. recently C. housed D. ramble

  32. My iPod is not __________. A. ramble B. archaic C. recently D. nominate

  33. I spent the morning _______ playing on the beach. A. leisurely B. recreation C. archaic D. ramble

  34. Can you read these words? 1. recently 2. housed 3. official 4. nominate 5. recreation 6. leisurely 7. ramble 8. archaic

  35. Do you remember what these words mean? 1. filthy 2. fellow 3. executive 4. beautifying 5. renowned 6. kin 7. original 8. adorn