unit 6 wc review n.
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Unit 6 WC review PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 6 WC review

Unit 6 WC review

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Unit 6 WC review

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  1. Unit 6 WC review

  2. tom HINT: cut

  3. ton, ten HINT: The spelling of “ton” is close to it’s meaning! stretch; tone

  4. chir Chirp! HINT: A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. hand

  5. pod HINT: foot

  6. cephal HINT: head

  7. dactyl HINT: finger; toe

  8. gloss; glott; glot HINT: tongue; language

  9. osteo HINT: bone

  10. derm, dermat HINT: Dumbo is a pachyderm. skin

  11. plas, plasm, plast HINT: mold; shape; form

  12. pachy HINT: thick

  13. tauto HINT: same

  14. algia, algy HINT: pain

  15. itis HINT: inflammation

  16. machy, -machia HINT: Telemachus did this with Odysseus. war; fight

  17. atom HINT: AT O M cut not Smallest particle of matter that cannot be cut

  18. osteotomy HINT: O S T E OT O M Y bone cut Surgical cutting and removal of bone

  19. monotone HINT: M O N OT O N E one tone Vocal utterance in one unvaried tone

  20. chirography HINT: C H I R O G R A P H Y write hand Penmanship; handwriting

  21. cephalopod HINT: C E P H A L O P O D foot head Mollusks with tentacles around the head

  22. chiromancy HINT: C H I R O M A N C Y prophecy hand foretelling of future by reading palm or hand

  23. cephalalgia HINT: C E P H A LA L G I A pain head headache

  24. dactylology HINT: D A C T Y L O L O G Y finger Sign language

  25. polyglot HINT: P O L YG L O T language many One who speaks several or many languages

  26. pachyderm HINT: P A C H YD E R M skin thick thick skinned

  27. dermatitis HINT: D E R M A T I T I S inflammation skin Inflammation of the skin

  28. hypodermic HINT: H Y P OD E R M I C skin under Under the skin

  29. plastic HINT: P L A S T I C mold, shape, form, substance capable of being molded

  30. tautology HINT: T A U T O L O G Y same Needless repetition; saying the same thing over and over

  31. logomachy HINT: L O G O M A C H Y War; fight word; speech fight or battle using words