social networking sites and your best practices n.
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Social Networking Sites and Your Best Practices PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Networking Sites and Your Best Practices

Social Networking Sites and Your Best Practices

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Social Networking Sites and Your Best Practices

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  1. Masters of Business Administration Candidate University of New Mexico Social Networking Sites and Your Best Practices

  2. Social Networking Websites • Best Practice Definition • Passwords • Social Networking Activities and Online Grooming • Activites • Password • Find Information About the Instructor (me) Topics for Today

  3. An online web service which provides a digital platform for social interaction. This interaction is accomplished through a profile which the user logs into and socializes with their friends or communities. 1 What is a Social Networking Site?

  4. 2 Facebook You Tube Top Social Networking Sites Twitter Google Plus Pinterest Linked-In

  5. Instagram Photo sharing site Purchased by Facebook Google Plus Offers you tube integration Will have 400 million users by years end Pinterest Pin photos like on a corkboard Popular with women Top Up and Coming Sites?

  6. A best practice is a concept which is adhered to that can provide a positive result.3 Example: It is a "Best Practice" to go home and study a little everyday to be a successful student. What is a "Best Practice"

  7. A user typically logs into a social networking site with a password. A secret phrase which is used to grant access.

  8. Question 15:Do you use the same password for your accounts? Yes: 34% No:18% Sometimes:37% I am not sure: 1% Question 16:Who knows your passwords? Friend:13% Parents:60% Siblings: 23% Only Me: 36% Question 14:Do you use the same username for your computer accounts? Yes: 47% No: 43% I am not sure: 10% Password Poll Results

  9. a. lobo b. Hon=yb@dger25 c. qwertyuiopasdfghjkl Which password would you use?

  10. 1. Go To: 2. Try your password to see how long it will take to crack it using: - Brute Force Attack - Dictionary Attack Password Activity

  11. What activities are typical on a social networking website?

  12. Who are you chatting with online (online grooming)?

  13. Online Grooming Story

  14. How secure is your information?

  15. Use your iPad to find out information about me: • • • • • • • Social Networking Activity

  16. Group 1: What is my address? Group 2: Where do I work? Group 3: How old am I? Group 4: Do I have any kids? Group 5: Who am I related to? Group 6: What college degree do I possess? Group 7: What states have I lived in? Activity Questions Michael Restine

  17. Review At least how many characters (how long) should my password be? Which is a top up and coming social networking website? What is a strategy “predators” use to get information and even attempt to meet you in person?

  18. Questions?

  19. 1.Kietzmann, J.H., Hermkens, K., McCarthy, I.P., & Silvestre, B.S. (2011)."Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media" (PDF). Business Horizons54 (3): 241–251.doi:10.1016/j.bushor.2011.01.005. Retrieved Oct 26, 2012 at 2.Experian Hitwise. Top Social Networking Websites. Accessed Oce 24, 2012 at 3. Bogan, C.E., English, M.J.(1994) Benchmarking for best practices: winning through innovative adaptation. McGraw-Hill: New York. Sources