youth and social networking sites n.
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Youth and Social Networking Sites PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth and Social Networking Sites

Youth and Social Networking Sites

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Youth and Social Networking Sites

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  1. Youth and Social Networking Sites Comenius Project 2011-2013

  2. Dangers ofthe net

  3. Dangers of the net viruses can infect individual computers or an entire network Viruses can seriously Disruptor even gwzopngdestroy important systems

  4. Dangers of the net Internet and the social networking sites can be an easy, fast and inexpensive way for dishonest persons, businesses to reach lots of people with false product advertisement or misleading information "Get Rich Quick" and "Make Money Fast„ scams

  5. Dangers of the net With easy opportunity to create false identity people can be tempted to do illegal, criminal things on the Internet Identity theft can cause lots of problems for the victims personal life, not only financial loss

  6. Dangers of the net Users can become addicted to the Internet became negligent in everyday real life

  7. Dangers of the net 'cyber-bullying‘ posted on sites many young people are targeted with malicious comments, abusive messages or offensive content

  8. Dangers of the net Great concern substituting online relationships for physical ‘real’ relations on social networking sites you can simply ‘delete’ friends - teenagers can lose socialskills and not develop emotionally

  9. Dangers of the net Breaking up their relationship one of the greatest concern of youngsters using social networks • Posting pictures, videos, information about themselves in questionable situations , with incorrect behavior could cost their • relationship • or even a future job possibility if a prospective employer finds it inappropriate

  10. Dangers of the net Children can easily access inappropriate, emotionally, psychologically harmful information, pictures, sexually explicit content hate literature, violent content

  11. Dangers of the net A GREAT DANGER Predators, Online grooming With anonymity and false identity pedophiles can use social networking sites, chat rooms to befriend children, then they can try making actual physical contact With deception, or from the posted information they will find out a lot of things- where are those children , their school ... A predator can expose children to inappropriate sexual imagery and content, manipulate or force them into doing what they want.

  12. Dangers of the net Be aware of thedangers ! Do’nt be a victimof Cyberstalking Cyberbullying Online grooming and otherthreats Be aware of yourpersonalinformationonsocialnetworks, onyourdataonthe Internet

  13. ‘Be aware of the dangers !’ ‘Don’t became a victim!’ ‘Be responsible !’ Youngpeopleforsafe Internet and theresponsibleuse of theSocial Networking Sites Comenius Project 2011-2013