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2010 Trend Think Tank PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 Trend Think Tank

2010 Trend Think Tank

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2010 Trend Think Tank

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  1. 2010 Trend Think Tank 1 Andrew Freeman & Co.

  2. 2010 The Year of Living… Dangerously Andrew Freeman & Co. Presents: THE BIGGEST WINNER Prescription for Success: For Health, Wealth and Growth in the Hospitality Industry Hotel and Restaurant Trends in 2010 2

  3. Your Personal Trainer • Experience • Currently President of namesake hospitality marketing and public relations firm, with offices in both San Francisco and New York, and a team of top industry professionals totaling over 200 years of experience. • Successfully launched, SF Chefs. Food. Wine. - San Francisco’s first Urban Food & Wine Festival • Launched over 50 hotels and restaurants • Re-launched Windows of the World • Rainbow Room • Russian Tea Room • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (10 yrs) • VP of Restaurant Sales & Marketing 3

  4. Our Services • Andrew Freeman & Co. offers a fresh approach to building business and an array of services geared towards the hospitality industry: • Strategic Consulting • Public Relations Services and Media Relations • Social Media, Email Marketing and Online Messaging Campaigns • Strategic Marketing • Concept Clarity and Development • Hotel and Restaurant Launches • Custom Training Programs | Speaking Engagements • Other Services: Recruitment | Event Planning | Graphic Design, and more! 4 4

  5. Winning Teams:Our Clients (Coast to Coast) • Hotel Clients: • Kimpton Hotels • Hotel Shattuck Plaza • The Lodge at Sonoma • River Terrace Inn • Hospitality/Lifestyle: • Golden Gate Restaurant Association • Incentient • Mi2Sweets • SF Chefs. Food. Wine. • Society for Food Service Management • Restaurant Clients: • Barbacco • Best-O-Burger • Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar • Concannon Tasting Room • E&O Trading Co. • étoile at Domaine Chandon • Fifth Floor Restaurant • FIVE Restaurant • Grand Cafe Brasserie & Bar • Kimpton Restaurants • Poggio • Pranna Restaurant | Bar | Lounge • SD26 • Sliderbar Café • The Palm 5

  6. Our Track Record Hits & Highlights from 2009 Tweet your Treats – Twitter as a restaurant marketing tool We weren’t surprised by twitter as a restaurant social marketing tool – but who would have guessed that twitter marketing would catch on from a Korean taco truck? 2010 FORECAST – Downloadable applications for mobile phones; texting and messaging on steroids Kogi: Korean BBQ-To-Go (Southern California) 6

  7. Our Track Record Hits & Highlights from 2009 Truck Stops– Taking the restaurant to the road with restaurant quality street food Examples: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck; Dessert Truck; Spencer on the Go; Kogi Taco Truck 2010 FORECAST – Still popular but we’ll see some shrinkage in the later part of ’10 Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck (New York, NY) Spencer on the Go (San Francisco, CA) Dessert Truck (New York, NY) 7

  8. Our Track Record Hits & Highlights from 2009 Ever-Grow – Restaurant gardens and farm partnerships 2010 FORECAST – Growing strong, hotels are planting their roots now The Fairmont Royal York (Toronto, Ontario) The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel (Vancouver, BC) 8

  9. Our Track Record Hits & Highlights from 2009 Meet Your Meat – Restaurants (and their guests) relish off-cuts of meats. Last year was the year of the pig, and all of its parts Examples: Poggio (Sausalito, CA); Beast (Portland, OR) 2010 FORECAST – Idea expands to encompass more meats: rabbit; duck and chicken parts Porchetta at Poggio (Sausalito, CA) 9

  10. Our Track Record Hits & Highlights from 2009 My Baby’s Got a Secret – Secret menus create the urge to splurge. Everyone wants to feel special and in the know. Secret menus, secret amenities, and secret passwords. Use word of mouth, facebook and twitter to promote it. Everyone wants to be in on the secret Examples: Say the magic words and receive M&M turndown service every night 2010 FORECAST – The restaurant rage is moving to hotels with secret offers and amenities 10

  11. Our Track Record Hits & Highlights from 2009 Spicy Spiked Drinks – chili in your cocktails Examples: Cajun spiced rims or habanero infused vodka 2010 FORECAST – Not just at cutting edge establishments; going widespread in hotel bars and restaurants around the country Michelada at El Chile (Austin, TX) 11

  12. Fitness TestState of Hospitality Industry – Slow Recovery • Hotels: • Occupancy is steady but rate wars continue so revenue is down • Meetings and events are slowly recovering • Dining out is down: • People go out to eat less often (down to 3% per week from 3.4%) • 43% more price sensitive • 21% ordering less • Source: Zagat 12

  13. Ready, Set, Go! Hotel and Dining Trends in 2010: Take Risks to Stand Out and Thrive in These Challenged Times 13

  14. Smart Work OutsPutting Off the Ritz Keep it simple! Forgo the finery for now. Keep ambiance, service, and menu items simple and comfortable. Hotels can lose some of the in-room amenities; restaurants take a more casual approach with less white linen, simpler tableware and less decoration. Less is more, but choose wisely. Example: 400 thread count sheets are fine, and when it comes to relaxation, a good cotton robe goes a lot farther than a silk throw. Hotel Palomar (multiple locations) 14

  15. Smart Work OutsThe Magic Touch Hotels and restaurants operate touch-screen interfaces for check-in, placing orders and user-guided guest education. Everything is paid for with the swipe of a card. Reach out and touch someone. Examples: Incentient electronic winelist at SD26 (New York, NY) and for in-room guest service in-face Ritz Carlton in Moscow; Virgin Air snackbar; Stanford Court Hotel touch-screen tourist maps (San Francisco, CA) Incentient electronic winelist at SD26 (New York, NY) 15

  16. Smart Work OutsPinch Hitting: Guest Who’s Coming To Dinner Create cache by offering guests something special and inviting. Celebrity yoga instructors, chefs, actors, singers, masseurs, bartenders and designers visit and do what they do well. Restaurants host Guest Chef Nights and visiting bartenders come in once a week or for a week at a time. Pop-up restaurant appearances expand outreach and help build support. Guest experts are great for sales and Public Relations. Examples: The Tides Zihuatanejo's Yoga Retreats with celebrity instructor Tom Morley (Zihuatanejo, Mexico); Tastemaker Dinners at étoile at Domaine Chandon (Yountville, CA) Top Chef Winner Stephanie Izard 16

  17. Smart Work OutsEverything Old is Indeed New Again It’s the revival. Old-school ambiance rich with historical significance enhances hotels. While restaurants return to “classic” salad dressings and dips: blue cheese, green goddess, thousand island and louis dressing or pimento cheese and onion dip. Let’s go retro. Examples: Hotel Shattuck Plaza (Berkeley, CA); Shrimp cocktail with green goddess dressing at PorterHouse New York (New York, NY) Hotel Shattuck Plaza (Berkeley, CA) PorterHouse New York (New York, NY) 17

  18. Smart Work OutsGet Your Game On The lobby as living room concept goes more casual and fun with pinball, pool tables, foosball or with theme nights like Movie Nights, Makeover Madness, “Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol” viewing parties. Restaurants make dining fun with activity oriented events. Examples: Pillar & Post (Niagra-on-the-Lake, Ontario); “Golf & Grill” twilight golf games and dinners at Wente Vineyards (Livermore, CA) Pillar & Post (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario) “Golf & Grill” Twilight Golf Dinners at Wente Vineyards 18

  19. Smart Work OutsSpiritual Health - Values Driven Incentives Guests choose hotels and restaurants based on like-minded values. Hotels will donate a percentage of group business from group stays to the charity of choice, while building a strong relationship and being able to reach out to like minded businesses. Restaurants attract guests with conscious concerns seeking restaurants that reinforce their views. Examples: Kimpton Hotels Shared Values Program; River Terrace Inn sponsors the Napa Valley Land Trust 19

  20. Fitness “Check In” Hotel Trends 20

  21. Fitness “Check In”The Discovery Channel Guests are in search of experience vacations that allow them to get involved. Wise hotels bring the true taste to the table, or the farm. Farm stays, winery boot camp programs, voluntourism, and cooking classes. Escape to an alternate reality. Examples: Feather Down Farms (multiple locations, Europe); Stony Creek Farm (New York, NY); Liberty Hill Farm (Rochester, VT) Feather Down Farms (multiple locations, Europe) 21

  22. Fitness “Check In”I Heart Art Say it with flowers and you’ll have to say it again and again. Art speaks volumes and doesn’t have to be replaced every week. It saves money, it can be a source of community involvement and it looks good. Art is smart. Examples: Hotel Palomar, Art in Motion (multiple locations); rotating local art work at The Lodge at Sonoma (Sonoma, CA) Hotel Palomar (Los Angeles, CA) 22

  23. Fitness “Check In”One Size Does Not Fit All Small and quirky hotels offer a unique experience; often at a more budget friendly price. Loose the traditional hotel accoutrements and replace with an alternative vibe. Airstream trailers, unusual property conversions, small but funky is the rule. Examples: Pod hotels; Micro Hotels; Hotel Airstream (Newport Beach, CA); hip/funky hostels Pod Hotel (New York, NY) 23

  24. Fitness “Check In”Let’s Get Really Personal Show the love and appreciation with a completely personalized experience. Customization goes to the next level to create the at-home feeling. Design at every touch-point is being personalized. Examples: Pre-loaded digital images of family photographs, customized playlists and magazine selections in every guestroom for return guests Hotel Madera (Washington, D.C.) 24 24

  25. Fitness “Check In”The New F Words Form. Function. Flair. Hotel guests demand fully functional work and relaxation spaces; from practical desks, focused lighting, adequate bathroom counter space, plenty of plugs and the latest tech equipment. Don’t let design be a detriment. Here’s what not to do. This hotel has requested anonymity. 25

  26. Working Diet Hot Foods & Cool Drinks 26

  27. Working DietsComing to America International influences are ingrained. Sriracha (rooster sauce) is the new salsa, which replaced the old ketchup. Vietnamese Banh Mi is the new Ham & Swiss; and Middle Eastern spices and spreads go mainstream as pizza makes way for pita. Forget chicken noodle soup, it is pho; pho sure. Sourdough Bread and Lavash at Zare at Fly Trap (San Francisco, CA) Short rib sliders with Sriracha aioli at E&O Trading Co. (multiple locations) 27

  28. Working DietsThis Is a Stick Up Small foods on a stick. Skewers, satay, and yakitori; no ifs, ands or kebabs about it. Examples: Satay at Pranna Restaurant | Bar | Lounge (New York, NY); Anticuchos at La Mar Cebicheria Peruana (multiple locations worldwide) Satay duo at Pranna Restaurant | Bar | Lounge Anticucho de Pulpo at La Mar Cebicheria Peruana 28

  29. Working DietsSandwich Smorgasbord Enjoy a globally inspired buffet of sandwich style options including Scandinavian open faced, Indian Kati rolls, PLTs with pancetta or pork belly, international grilled cheeses and tricked out Mexican tortas bursting at the seams. There’s a reason why delicious begins with Deli. Examples: The Sentinel (San Francisco, CA); Take a Bao (Century City, CA) Miso beef bao at Take A Bao Salmon sandwich at Sentinel 29

  30. Working DietsLove Shack Baby Seafood shacks go upscale and mainstream, even in inland areas. Consider the oyster, fried clams, fish ‘n chips, lobster rolls, crab cakes and clam chowder, add in fish tacos, clam bakes, lobster boils and all encompassing fish frys. We’re hooked. Examples: Nettie’s Crab Shack (San Francisco, CA); Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster Roll (multiple locations, East Coast) 30

  31. Working DietsSchool of Fish Pristine local organic produce is no longer enough. Chefs and guests are casting their nets beyond small, local, sustainable and organic farming to demand sustainable seafood certified by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and other eco-conscious organizations. So long snapper; make way for mackerel. Examples: Area 31 (Miami, FL); Fish (Sausalito, CA) Ricotta Gnocchi with Tuna Bolognese at Area 31 (Miami, FL) The Grilled Fish. Salad at Fish. (Sausalito, CA) 31 31

  32. Working DietsOne Plate Wonders The carte du jour is combined for speed, efficiency, cost-savings and fun. It’s a completely fresh take on the blue plate special. Examples: TV dinner at FIVE (Berkeley, CA); Quadrifoglio at SD26 (New York, NY);Red plate special at Red Star Tavern and Roast House (Portland, OR) Quadrifoglio at SD26 (New York, NY) 32

  33. Working DietDownsizing – Honey I Shrunk the Plates • One size doesn’t always fit all. Small is now smaller. Restaurants respond in numerous ways • Entrees available in full or half sizes • Miniature menu items • Pre-appetizer small bites meant for sharing • Examples: Perbacco (San Francisco, CA) and Poggio (Sausalito, CA) offer pastas in half and full sizes; Best-O-Burger (San Francisco, CA) serves slider-sized burgers; “Three bites and a flight” pairs three mini tacos and a flight of paired wines Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar (Sonoma, CA) Half order of pasta at Perbacco (San Francisco, CA) Best-O-Burger (San Francisco, CA) 33

  34. Working DietHot Foods • Eggs: deviled, pickled and deep fried • Sous vide fruit, jam packed fruit with jolly rancher intensity • Pasta: ramen, soba and spaghetti • Legs & feet • You silly rabbit… • Cassoulet and crock pots • Fritters and croquettes • Ceviche – moving east, fried chicken – moving west • Polenta and grits • More than just your token tofu Rabbit Pot Pie from Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar (Sonoma, CA) Trotter tots from Poggio (Sausalito, CA) 34

  35. Working DietCool Drinks • Iced tea is the new water • Retro sodas • Red, white and orange - natural wines • Hard ciders & cask aged beers • Dessert drinks and spiked shakes • All tapped in: wine on tap • Beer cocktails • Flower Power: rosewater, crème de violette and hibiscus syrup • Foam art and branded drinks on cocktails and coffee • Bitter cocoa and coffee tinctures in cocktails Freez-O at Best-O-Burger (San Francisco, CA) Foam Art at PDT (New York, NY) 35

  36. Prescription for SuccessMarketing Tips and Tools for Health, Wealth and Growth 36

  37. Prescription for SuccessBuild Definition: Concept | Food or Guestrooms | Service • In a tough economy good food and good service are essential • Every staff is an ambassador. They need to know your message • Likewise the internet means everyone is a critic with influence • Confusion is uncomfortable for guests and translates to dissatisfaction 37

  38. Prescription for SuccessHave a Strong Core • Build a strong base with loyal guests who will be the backbone • of your business • Loyalty is the #1 weapon • Guest loyalty jumps 19% in recession Source: After the Meltdown: Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions about Loyalty Programs in the Post-Recession Economy, HospitalityTechnology (July 22, 2009) 38

  39. Prescription for SuccessTarget Training • Identify your niche – the ones appropriate for your concept and your • market. • Add appeal and gain coverage in niche markets to help spread the word. • 3 Gs – Gay, Gray and Green • Older & Active – Sixties or seventies travelers who still want adventure but at a slightly slower pace 39

  40. Prescription for SuccessImprove Your Flexibility • Offer more options within your four walls • Restaurants - bar, lounge, restaurant, retail purchases, take away, private dining event space • Hotels – multi-use work and social space, café or bar, meeting space Fifth Floor (San Francisco, CA) Grand Cafe (San Francisco, CA) 40

  41. Prescription for SuccessWebsite Keep the website fresh & timely. This is critical for attracting new guests as the web is the first place they go for information. Be informative and of the moment. Include content that isn’t self-promotional. 41

  42. Prescription for SuccessContact Sports Social media and online marketing Spread the word far and wide; and take advantage of the social networking capabilities of the internet. This is great for of-the-moment offers and driving last minute sales or reservations. Every guest should become your advocate. Keep the content fresh and make sure it isn’t always self- promotional. 42

  43. Prescription for SuccessTeam Training • Use creative partnerships to extend your reach and take • advantage of PR opportunities • Cross promote to new markets and build your list • Opportunities exist with corporate, civic and charitable partnerships • Think outside of the box and be creative venturing into new territories • Examples: The Palm and 1-800-FLOWERS Valentine’s Day cross promotion 43

  44. Prescription for SuccessBuddy Building • Build, build, build. Harvest names wherever you can • Online reservation services • At the table in a check presenter • Business card drops • Special promotions or contests 44

  45. Prescription for SuccessStay On the Ball Plan ahead and begin promotions early 45

  46. Prescription for SuccessPlay Time Get your guests involved. Everyone wants to play a part; solicit guest participation and create a unique experience 46

  47. In the Year of Living Dangerously… It’s about taking calculated risks to thrive in these challenged times. Be the Biggest Winner! The Winner Takes It All! p: 415-781-5700 f: 415-781-5800 West Coast: 101 Townsend Street #303 | San Francisco, CA 94107 East Coast: 450 Seventh Street, Suite 2000 |New York, NY 10123 Visit Our Website: 47

  48. THANK YOU! Remember: “First the gays, then the girls, then everyone catches on…” - Samantha of “Sex in the City” 48