intelligent robot n.
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Intelligent Robot

Intelligent Robot

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Intelligent Robot

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  1. Intelligent Robot Student: 49912009 Zih-Ciao Fu 49912082 Yan-Xiang Chen Teacher:RU-LI LIN Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  2. Outline • Robot Definitions • Robot Convention • Species • Advantage • Shortcoming • Micro-robot • Special types of robots and micro-robots • Related Videos • Reference

  3. Robot Definitions • 「Programmable robot is a mechanical . Topics include the implementation of the action or move action under automatic control 」 General industrial robots all have manipulator andmemory devices . And the memory device may be fixed or variable sequence control means sequentially control means . Robots can send signals through the memory device . So that the robot manipulator to perform various moves, rotates, or stretching and other related actions .

  4. Robot Convention • The first rule : Robots can’t harm human • The second rule : Under the law doesn’t violate the first premise , robot must obey human commands. • The third rule : Without departing from the premise of the first and second law , robot must protect themselves. • 「 Three Laws of Robotics 」 purpose is to protect human from harm .

  5. Species 1. Professional service robots Special purpose robot Ex:cleaning robot. Defense Uses Robot Ex:unmanned robot . exploration robot. Agricultural uses robots Ex: Lumbering robots . picking robot. Medical purposes robot Ex:robot electric scooter . laser treatment Robot. 2. Personal / household service robot Family Uses Robot : cleaning robot . weeding robot.

  6. Advantage • A. Replacing the shortage of human • B. Remember many of the actions and information • C. Complete the assignment accurately • D. Without food, just power

  7. Shortcoming • A. Need to spend a lot of money • B. Only the regularization of work • C. There is no feeling of judgment and lack of thinking • D. Enhance unemployment rate

  8. Micro-robot • These miniature robots just a circuit board to achieve the function of the collection and returns the data, is due to the use of welding to assemble the parts. These new miniature surface mount technology robotics applications with a conductive adhesive adhered to the parts of the double-sided flexible printed circuit board. So it can be folded to a third of the size of the circuit

  9. Energy use micro-robot • A 3.6V voltage can produce solar cells can provide enough energy required for the robot to walk. Robot with three legs to move the mechanical vibration, while a horizontal placement of mechanical legs are used as a touch sensor.

  10. Micro-robot setting • Currently, five simple robot can successfully complete the setting: the robot scout in a specific position inside the area, the workers deployed in a specific region of the robot, the detection of the two target specific geographical, moving the robot to the working set and the specified location Find out the specific points between the shortest route.

  11. Future development of micro-robot • The researchers also did not plan to use robots to Mars, they are tiny light weight, but they are super-autonomous capabilities, environmental self-regulation and clustering capabilities and the number of advantages are remote / unknown areas most in need of detecting and colonization.

  12. Special types of robots-Micro-robot • On the body, the group "Machine ants' weight not to 1g, and moving fast, moving about 35 centimeters per second. Kind of speed is equivalent to the "man to run slightly less than the speed of Mach 1", which is slightly lower than the speed of sound. • These ants called Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots, Is designed to provide the tiny size of the work. Like a precision instrument repair or inspection failure. Artificial nesting structures or circuits, as well as to create tiny items.

  13. Reference • YOUTUBE • GOOGLE • •

  14. Thanks for your listening~~~