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Parks facilities

Parks facilities

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Parks facilities

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  1. A touch of green in your life  !!!   Parks facilities

  2. New parcks in Timisoara ! More parks, and more beautiful city! In announcing this spring is serious work to green spaces in Timisoara. Hall signed contracts since last year for the arrangement of new parks and rehabilitate old ones. It is Uzinei Park District, Park area of Bucovina, Coronini Park (formerly the People), Bihor and Scuarul Park Arhanghelii Michael and Gabriel.

  3. At Park area waterworks is already working and will work to end the spring, make sure City Hall. There will be an outdoor theater, a pool of water, with 3 steps to make summer cooler, an ornamental pool in lieu of the lake, and an alley of the promenade along which banks will be mounted. Park in Bukovina, in the area of C Street Stere-tin, will be built some hills covered by grass and bushes, and during summer, around them will find the mesh of water. Will also be installed playground equipment for children. At Coronini Park (formerly the People), consisting of rehabilitation works in the renovation of the fence, installing a computerized irrigation system, restoration and redevelopment alleys basin cascade. •

  4. Parks Timişoarei, converted into toilets or landfill • Dirt on the streets of Timisoara and is found in city parks because there are still too many Timişoara "condescending", which "forgets" packaging, peel seed spitting, throwing cigarette mucuri or even their needs are where I cut my head. In addition, with the arrival of beautiful weather, and increased the number of people consuming alcohol on public domain, so by law prohibited in Romania. Community police who patrol the Timişoara checked during the last few months, city parks, where the number of exit for relaxation increased. The problem is that not everyone leaving the parks have a civilized attitude towards the rest of Timişoara, many leaving behind them in a landscape that takes you deponeul think of the Parties. "Most of irregularities found in the latest period are related to alcohol consumption in public, especially during the evening, physiological needs, dumping of waste by chiştoace and cigarette packs, with the movement of motorcycles on the alleys of parks, Daniela says Seracin, spokesman for the Police Community Timişoara.

  5. A Timisoara 40 years who consumed alcohol on a bank in Cathedral Park, was punished with 100 lei under the Law 61/1991 republished. Under the same law has been sanctioned to 200 F. Ionel lei, by 33 years of Giroc, which has made the physiological needs in Central Park, although in that area are located ecological toilets. U. Diana, 18, of village timişeană Pişchia, was punished with 500 lei under HCL 371/2007, as threw down the cigarette chiştoace park str T. Grozavescu although the bank that was sitting a trash can. "Young said he did this" offense of "say representatives of Community Police. Another young woman, Ramona M., 20 years old, from Timisoara, located in the park str IC Bratianu after being surprised that throwing waste on the floor, said clear: "we are just ordinary, not I was careful. It seems that the fines imposed will only lead to dezobişnuirea such practices and the streets and parks cleaner swap.