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Family Heritage Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Family Heritage Project

Family Heritage Project

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Family Heritage Project

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  1. Family Heritage Project AP US History

  2. Introduction • In Mrs. Oxendine’s Class we LOVE and cherish learning about history and culture from around the world and the United States. • It is through integration of our own cultural diversity into the classroom that we can capitalize on our unique understandings and experiences to grow and nurture our collective knowledge of the world around us.

  3. Assignment: • You are going to look back into your family history… farther than YOU ever have before (100+ years). • To do this you will need to talk to older family members (grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, etc), look at old family photo albums, old family bibles, etc. to find out information about where your family is from, interesting cultures, traditions, etc.

  4. Investigate • Find something interesting (and TRUE) about your family’s heritage that ties you to United States history. • You will need to investigate and elaborate on this to create a presentation to share with the class about your family’s background and role in the history of the worldas well as an investigative paper that details your research and findings. • The overall purpose is for you to learn something about your background, practice your research and writing skills using a topic that you care about and help the class better grasp our role in American History as a group.

  5. Sample Ideas are, but are NOT limited to: • Former war heroes, interesting reasons for family migration to the US, war stories, a family member’s role in a major historical event, interesting professions, family migration throughout the country. • *remember, you are not limited to these ideas, please feel free to be creative.

  6. Paper • 3 to 5 pages • Typed • double space • 12 pt Times New Roman • 1 in margins • Will introduce your personal discovery and elaborate on the research and findings that you make as they tie to US history, then conclude with your new found understandings of your personal ties to the American Story.

  7. Presentation • You will make a presentation that will include: • A family tree; including your previous 2 generations as well as your ties to any characters in your story. • Pictures • information/facts/stories that tie you and your family to US History • possibly tangible items • anything you can share that would help the class understand and learn.

  8. My Family Tree