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Kelly Ruggles

Kelly Ruggles

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Kelly Ruggles

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  1. Kelly Ruggles Founded American Reliance Group in the mid-1990s

  2. Kelly Ruggles is the founder and president of American Reliance Group Inc. American Reliance Group helps retired people achieve financial goals, allowing them to live comfortably after retirement. Kelly Ruggles has worked in the financial industry for more than two decades, and has represented several high-profile financial institutions. Kelly Ruggles' intent when he founded American Reliance Group was to provide much-needed financial planning advice to those nearing retirement age.

  3. American Reliance Group follows a 'client's needs based' financial planning philosophy. Instead of going along with current market trends that may or may not benefit the client, the firm believes in giving each client a specialized plan to meet their individualized financial goals after retirement.

  4. Kelly Ruggles believes the financial requirements and expectations of each client are different than those of other clients, underscoring his belief that every retirement financial plan should be crafted carefully. American Reliance Group, under the guidance of Kelly Ruggles, undertakes each assignment with enthusiasm and employs a unique five-fold approach to ensure the success of each financial plan.

  5. Financial planners at American Reliance Group strive to know every client personally, giving them the best opportunity to understand and achieve the client's financial goals for retirement. The fact that all services provided at American Reliance Group are fee-based should assure clients that they will receive top quality, unbiased advice on all matters. The company's focus on not overextending itself and only serving a select clientele also shows its commitment to provide quality services to each individual client.

  6. Additionally, Kelly Ruggles conducts workshops and seminars on a regular basis where he informs retirees and preretirees how best to achieve their retirement goals through sound financial planning. Those workshops by Kelly Ruggles provide great opportunities for clients to learn about financial planning, real estate investment, and the shares market. At American Reliance Group, Kelly Ruggles continues to provide excellent guidance and support to make that company one of the best in the retirement financial planning sector.

  7. About Kelly Ruggles Kelly Ruggles is a fee-based financial planner and a retirement financial planning expert from Spokane, Washington. With years of experience in the field of retirement financial planning, Kelly Ruggles has helped more than 1,000 clients make their post- retirement lives more comfortable. Find out more about Kelly Ruggles and American Reliance Group by browsing through

  8. Contact: Kelly RugglesAmerican Reliance Group 1814 N. Normandie St. Spokane, WA 99205 PH: 509-323-2887 FAX: 509-323-2889