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Sydney Business & Travel Academy Co-ordinate Marketing Activities (SITXMPR004A) PowerPoint Presentation
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Sydney Business & Travel Academy Co-ordinate Marketing Activities (SITXMPR004A)

Sydney Business & Travel Academy Co-ordinate Marketing Activities (SITXMPR004A)

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Sydney Business & Travel Academy Co-ordinate Marketing Activities (SITXMPR004A)

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  1. Sydney Business & Travel AcademyCo-ordinate Marketing Activities(SITXMPR004A) with Sue Cameron MBA AFAIM TAE Session 5

  2. Agenda Session 5 • Revision Q&A on Session 4 • Action Plans • Budgets • Potential e business • Marketing videos

  3. Revision Q&A • Where would you access market information? • What’s the difference between a target market and the market? • What would you use statistics for? • What is competitor analysis? • What are the sort of things you need to know about your competitors?

  4. Revision Q&A • Do markets go in cycles? • What do you mean by timing of events and promotions? • When is the best time to plan and implement events and promotions? • What are the factors that can impact on the timing of events and promotions? • What is meant by ‘foot traffic’?

  5. Revision 11. What is the role of market research? 12. What are the 7 ‘P’s of marketing? 13. What is planned obsolesce? 14. Name some marketing promotions and activities 15. What type of marketing promotion is currently the most effective? 16.What is the marketing method of the future?

  6. Planning marketing activities • The process of identifying the most popular and profitable items and eliminating the least profitable is known as menu analysis • Promotional activities should focus on the high yield products and corresponding market segments

  7. Menu Analysis

  8. Action plans Once the marketing strategy has been agreed upon, the following issues need to be considered when creating detailed plans for the various promotional activities outlined above: • objectives and nature of the activity • budget availability • public relations implications

  9. Action Plans (continued) • staffing requirements and briefings • availability of brochures and other promotional materials • equipment requirements • contracting of other services (e.g. display) • travel arrangements • strategies to ensure maximum benefits

  10. Action plans (continued) • possible cooperative approaches (proactive or reactive) • need for external assistance • fulfilling administrative and procedural requirements • available technology • potential e-commerce opportunities

  11. Action Plans (continued) • Two of the most important considerations are the budget and the potential return on investment (ROI) • Action plans for each promotion need to identify all the tasks involved in preparing for any promotional activity and the responsibilities of each person involved

  12. Action Plans (continued) • Timelines are also critical to ensure that you have adequate staff and sufficient advertising material available • In sophisticated business they often use Gnatt charts to plan their activities, time lines and milestones Activities Dates

  13. Activity • In your pairs: • Discuss the type of research you would conduct for your restaurant and how you would conduct it • Based on the research decide on your target market • Discuss the types of food and drinks that you serve

  14. E-commerce • Tourism and hospitality organisations can continue to make better use of the Internet to market and manage their businesses • Most importantly, a business, whether large or small, can provide immediate, up-to-date detailed information to the customer, including virtual tours of destinations, attractions, hotels, resorts, conference centres and catering venues

  15. E-commerce (continued) • The customer can make an immediate online purchase, eliminating the need for intermediaries, such as travel agents, and additional charges for commission • Restaurant menus, travel itineraries can also be perused by the customer before they call to make a reservation

  16. E-commerce (continued) • Networking with external business partners (such as airlines, hotels, hire car companies) as well as with government agencies is easier and faster using the internet • Online procurement can simplify and speed up purchasing processes, resulting in reduced costs and improved quality

  17. E-Commerce (continued) • If considering implementing or upgrading an e-commerce facility, it would of course be necessary to set objectives such as: • increase the number of hits to your website • increase the number of enquires • increase the number of sales • reduction in promotional costs • reduction in staff travel costs • reduction in reservation staff costs

  18. Buyer Behaviour The four stages of buyer behaviour

  19. Tourism Distribution Chain

  20. Promotional budgets • Before you decide on what type of promotional activities you are going to conduct, you need to have a basic budget • Most promotional budgets are expenditure focused rather than income generating • Remember to add to the cost of your products, the overheads • These include items such as rent, rates, electricity, gas, water and staff wages

  21. Sample Budget for trade show

  22. Marketing Videos • Marketing Ideas for small business (4.2 mins) • Best Marketing Ideas - Distributing Flyers (4.22 mins) • Make an Effective Flyer for Your Business (4.19 mins)

  23. Marketing Videos (budgets) • What is cash flow - The magic of cash flow video from mins) • Budgeting tips for a small business (1.53 mins) • Making a budget using Excel (3.02 mins)

  24. Marketing Videos • What is e-commerce? (a UK website 2010) 4.22 mins • Marketing Plans : Making a Marketing Action Plan (2.41 mins) • 7 Small Business Marketing Strategies (11.34 mins) • Tactical Marketing Plan (3.49 mins)

  25. Next Session 6 • Revision on Session 5 • Public Relations (PR) • Media Releases • See you tomorrow evening at 5pm