geotechmin group and italy eight years successful partnership n.
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geotechmin group and italy eight years successful partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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geotechmin group and italy eight years successful partnership

geotechmin group and italy eight years successful partnership

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geotechmin group and italy eight years successful partnership

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  1. Conference BULGARIA & ITALY: LET’S BUILD TOGETHER June 5 - 6 2014, Sofia Hotel Balkan geotechmin group and italyeight years successfulpartnership Dominic Hamers Executive DirectorGeotechmin ООD

  2. Geotechmin group Since 1990 Nowadays our activities extend to business sectors as: • Mining • Design and Construction • Trade • Tourism • Services We are: • 21 subsidiaries • Over 4200 employees • 27 industrial sites • Over 2000 various machines and equipment • About 100 win-win partnerships • Over 15 memberships in branch organizations

  3. geotechmin group SECTOR CONSTRUCTION & INFRASCTUCTURE GEOTECHMIN OOD – Metro stations, industrial buildings and facilities, airports and adjoining airway facilities.GEOSTROY AD – Industrial buildings, flotation facilities, transportation and hydro-technical tunnels and galleries. Construction and design of landfills for industrial and non-hazardous wastes; rehabilitation of damaged areas; wastewater treatment plants; transfer stations for wastes. Road Company EAD – Coordinates and supports the activities of GEOTECHMIN Group of companies involved in infrastructure construction and road maintenance. Patstroy-92 AD – Repair works and maintenance of motorways, roads, roads facilities and communication networks. Ulichno Osvetlenie EAD – Operation and maintenance of street lighting and electrical installations and low and medium voltage system.

  4. 2006 - Our first Italian partner Petrolvilla Group (PVB)is a diversified energy group, based in Trento, which operates in fivemain business areas: Fuels supply and distribution Renewable energy Facility Technological systems Cleaning services PVB has an investment project for the construction of 9 MHPP in Bulgaria. The project investment is estimated to 160 mln. euro and is implemented through PPP between Petrolvilla Bulgaria AD and Svoghe Municipality - VEZ Svoghe AD.

  5. CONSTRUCTION OF 4 MICRO HYDROPOWER PLANTS AS PART OF SREDEN ISKAR CASCADE PROJECT PVB choose Geotechmin OOD as a main contractor for civil works for their first project in Bulgaria. CONTRACTOR: GEOTECHMIN OODProject Execution Period: 2006 – 2012 • The first stage of this project includes construction of MHPP “Svrazhen” and “Lakatnik” (2006-2009). • In the second stage are included MHPP “Tzerovo” and “Opletnya” (2010-2012).

  6. SREDEN ISKAR CASCADE PROJECT All four power plants, implemented by Geotechmin OOD consist of following sub-projects: • main building • inflow and outflow facilities • overflow • fish passageways • service and access roads, landscaping.

  7. SREDEN ISKAR CASCADE PROJECT The main contractor of the fifth MHPP “Prokopanik” is Geostroy AD, part of GEOTECHMIN Group. At MHPP “Prokopanik” was implemented the highest dam with concrete diaphragm in Bulgaria. MHPP “PROKOPANIK” EMPLOYER: VEZ SVOGE AD CONTRACTOR: GEOSTROY ADProject Execution Period: 2012-2013 Project cost: 7 mln. BGN

  8. 2007 - OUR ITALIAN PARTNERSHIP CONTINUES… ENEL is Italy'slargestpowercompany and Europe’ssecondlistedutilitycompany byinstalledcapacity. ENEL operatesin 40 countriesacross4 continents,overseeingpowergenerationfromover 98 GW of netinstalledcapacity. ENEL entered in Bulgaria in 2003 with the acquisition of Maritza East III Thermoelectric Plant.

  9. Water management system at maritza east ІІІ thermoelectric power plantemployer: enelS.p.A.On behalf of ENEL PRODUZIONE S.P.A. CONTRACTOR: GEOTECHMIN OODProject Execution Period: 2007 – 2008Project Cost: 5 mln. BGN

  10. Water management system at maritza east ІІІ thermoelectric power plant Theproject is executedin the conditions of uninterruptedplantoperation. Itincludes the followingsubprojects: • TwoOilyWaterTreatmentBasins • First-FlushRainfallWaterBasin • Buffer Pond • Foundationsfor a DosingDeviceforCoolingWaterChemicals • Repair of theFoundations of thePumpStationsforPurifiedandSluiceWater • Underground pipelines for connection of thenewutilities to existingones.

  11. Water management system at maritza east ІІІ thermoelectric power plant • Concrete works – 1,700 cub.m. • formwork – 2,700 cub.m. • reinforcement works – 134 tons • reinforced concrete pipes – 690 m • PVC pipelines – 400 m • GRP pipelines – 1,100 m • metal structures – 15 tons • Conducted works: • Excavation works – 24,000 M3 • Filling and backfilling works – 71,000 M3

  12. 2011 - OUR ITALIAN PARTNERSHIPCONTINUES … Unieco, placed in Reggio Emilia, is placing among the top ten Italian General contractors, with diversified activities in the following sectors: Construction Bricks manufacturing Railway works Environment Uniecoenjoysimportantrelations with public and privatepartners and worksonhighprofileprojects and contracts, alsothroughitsvastnetwork of subsidiarycompanies.

  13. SADINATA NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE LANDFILL, WWTP AND RECEPTION AREA EMPLOYER: SOFIA MUNICIPALITY CONTRACTOR: JOINT VENTURE GEOTECHMIN-UNIECOProject Execution Period: 2011-2012 Project Cost : 20 mln. BGNFinanced under EU Operational Programme “Environment 2007-2013”

  14. SADINATA NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE LANDFILL, WWTP AND RECEPTION AREA Geotechmin was the leading partner in JV Geotechmin – Unieco, which signed a contract with Sofia Municipality for the construction of Sadinata non-hazardous waste depot, WWTP and reception area. These three subprojects are part of the first stage of the important project “Integrated System of Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities for Sofia Municipality. Following subprojects are included: Waste depot Wastewater treatment plant Administrative area Roads Underground infrastructure

  15. 2012 - OUR ITALIAN PARTNERSHIPCONTINUES … ImpresaS.p.A. is a private construction group specialized in planning and execution of important infrastructure building works in Italy and worldwide. In Italy it represents one of the most important General Contractors. The commitment of Impresa to foreign markets is embodied by the opening of several construction sites chiefly in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The first project for IMPRESA in Bulgaria is Struma Motorway, which is part of the European Transport Corridor №IV of the Trans-European Motorway “North-South”.

  16. STRUMA HIGHWAYdolna dikanya-dupnitsaroad section, 16,780 km long EMPLOYER: ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE AGENCYCONTRACTOR: CONSORTIUM “STRUMA-1“ (with leader IMPRESA and GLAVBOLGARSTROY AND PATSTROY-92 as partners)Project Execution Period: 2011 – 2013 Project Cost: 58 mln.BGNFinanced under EU Operational Programme “Transport 2007-2013”

  17. STRUMA HIGHWAYDupnitsa-blagoevdradroad section, 37,484 km long EMPLOYER: ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE AGENCYCONTRACTOR: CONSORTIUM “STRUMA-2“ (with leader IMPRESA and GLAVBOLGARSTROY AND PATSTROY-92 as partners)Project Execution Period: July 2013 – March 2015Project Cost: 300 mln. BGNFinanced under EU Operational Programme “Transport 2007-2013”

  18. 2012 - OUR ITALIAN PARTNERSHIPCONTINUES … Italcementi Group is the world’sfifthlargestcementproducer with annual production capacity of more than 60 million tons and 46 cement plants. Italcementi Group entered in the Bulgarian market in 1998 with the acquisition of Devnya Cement AD. In1999 Italcementi Group acquiredVulkanCement plant. Presently Italcementi Group is the largestcementproducer in Bulgaria and hasanannualproductioncapacity of 2.5 milliontons.

  19. NEW PRODUCTION LINE AT DEVNYA CEMENT PLANT In 2012 Devnya Cement AD selected the Chinese company CBMI Construction (part of SINOMA Group) as EPC contractor to carry out the reconstruction and modernization of Devnya Cement Plant. This is one the of the largest investment projects in Bulgaria during the last 20 years. The total investment by Italcementi Group in this project amounts to approximately 160 million euro.

  20. NEW PRODUCTION LINE AT DEVNYA CEMENT PLANT • Construction Indicators: • Excavation works - 49500 M3 • Filling works - 35 500M3 • Concrete works - 20 600M3 • Concrete Silo walls – slipform technique - 2 200 M3 • Steel reinforcement – 2 220 tons • Prestressing strands - 22 tons • Form work - 25 000 M3 Through a tendering procedure Geotechmin OOD was appointed as a subcontractor of CBMI Construction. Within the scope of this project, Geotechmin executes the reinforced concrete structures of the main facilities.

  21. NEW PRODUCTION LINE AT DEVNYA CEMENT PLANT The following sub-projects were included in Geotechmin’s scope of works: • Raw Mill Foundation • Preheater Tower • Cylindrical reinforced Concrete Silo • Foundations for conveyors • Fan foundations for the preheater tower • Transfer tower

  22. Our main STRENGHTS Financial stability and reliability as a partner. Recognized reputation as quality performance contractor. Highly experienced in project execution under difficult conditions and ongoing production. Considerable human and technical resources, machines and equipment.

  23. OUR Metro projects


  25. Our memberships in branch organizations Our companies from Construction & Infrastructure Sector are members of the following branch organizations: • Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Geotechmin OOD, Geostroy AD (with representative in the Executive Body), Patstroy-92 AD, Roads & Equipment EAD. • Bulgarian Branch Chambers ROADS – Patstroy-92 AD is among the founders, Roads & Equipment EAD. • International Tunnelling Association (ITA-AITES) – Geotechmin OOD is the first Bulgarian member since 1997.

  26. we are OPEN FOR FURTHER PARTNERSHIPS After eight years successful partnerships GEOTECHMIN Group is looking for new partnerships with Italian companies both in Bulgaria and on the Balkan peninsula.


  28. Thank you for your attention! Dominic Hamers Executive Director Geotechmin OODT 02 9650 251E d.hamers@geotechmin.comW