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Tenth Grade Program

Tenth Grade Program

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Tenth Grade Program

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  1. Tenth Grade Program

  2. COUNSELING PROGRAMS 9th 10th Ninth Grade Program: Ninth Grade Matters Tenth Grade Program: Career Program 11th 12th Twelfth Grade Program:College Application Process and Financial Aid Eleventh Grade Program:College choices and testing requirements

  3. FRESHMAN YEAR Introduction to our Career Center (J-1) Graduation requirements College entrance requirements Four year plan Resources in the Career Center

  4. SOPHOMORE YEAR Online career exploration Post-secondary education research Job application tips “Reality Check”

  5. JUNIOR YEAR Guided review of transcript Goal setting Narrowing college choices College entrance tests Financial aid overview College visits Pre-college calendar and entrance requirements

  6. SENIOR YEAR Deadlines for college/university admissions College entrance requirements Personal statement tips Financial aid and scholarship application process Application process (individual and small groups)

  7. Tenth Grade Program

  8. Tenth Grade Program: Career Program Content Timeline INSERT PICTURE Interest survey “Reality Check” Online Post-Test Survey Fall semester

  9. Tenth Grade Program: Career Program • Target Population • All tenth grade students (approx. 875 students) • Student Goals • Career options based on areas of interest • Education and preparation required • “Reality Check”

  10. picture

  11. picture

  12. Tenth Grade Program: Career Program Survey Results

  13. Who would you save? • The following seven children are currently on our hospital’s liver transplant waiting list. All seven are in equally serious condition. There is little doubt that those who do not get the transplants will die. We have just been notified that two suitable livers will be available tomorrow morning. Please select TWO PERSONS from the waiting list who will receive those transplants. Per hospital policy, this committee decision must be unanimous.

  14. DAVID is 7, white, and has lived in an orphanage for the past two years. His father died of alcoholism and his mother has constant bouts with mental illness, which affects David’s current living arrangements. STANLEY is 10 years old, white, and has been in five different elementary schools throughout his elementary school experience. His teachers all speak of him as a quiet, good boy and an average student. He and his mother are very close. TOM is 18, white, and in his senior year of high school. His physician has required him to take six months off of school for a nervous breakdown. His parents regard him as quite odd since he makes up his own religion and chants hymns to himself. He is not doing well in school and has few friends. JOHN is 13, black and lives in a state institution for delinquent boys. He was placed there by the courts as punishment for indiscriminately firing a revolver from the front steps of his home. Neither parent seems to care what happens to John. MARTHA is 5, white, and completely deaf and blind. She has not learned how to communicate her thoughts in any manner at all and is “out of control” most of the time. GEORGE is 15, white, and is being home schooled by his mother since being diagnosed as mentally ill by one of his teachers. However, his mother seems to really believe in him and angrily denies that he is incompetent at all. DEAN is 15 years old, black, and appears to be quite gifted. He has skipped school three grades since beginning school and is ready to begin college next year. His family is very close and parents appear very devoted to each other.

  15. Who would you save? ANSWER KEY: David – Charlie Chaplin Stanley – Adolph Hitler Tom – Albert Einstein John – Louis Armstrong Martha – Helen Keller George – Thomas Edison Dean – Martin Luther King

  16. Tenth Grade Program: “At-Risk” Program 1st Intervention 1st Qtr Grades Counselors meet with students who have 45 credits or less 2nd Intervention Semester Grades Counselors meet with students who have 65 credits or less 3rd Intervention Alternative School Presentation Representatives meet with students who have 55 credits or less

  17. Tenth Grade Program: “At-Risk” Program 1st Intervention • Target Population • “At-Risk”/credit deficient students • Student Goals • Understand transcript and credits required for graduation • Understand credit recovery options • Identify why they are not being successful in school • Review tips for academic success • Set personal goals

  18. Tenth Grade Program: “At-Risk” Program 2nd Intervention • Target Population • “At-Risk”/credit deficient students • Student Goals • Understand transcript and credits required for graduation • Understand credit recovery options • Introduction Lee Pollard High School (alternative high school) • Set personal goals

  19. Tenth Grade Program: “At-Risk” Program 3rd Intervention • Target Population • “At-Risk”/credit deficient students • Student Goals • Apply to Lee Pollard High School • Improve attendance • Improve behavior • Pass as many current classes as possible • Attend summer school

  20. Lee Pollard Application (sample)

  21. Intervention Group

  22. Data for interventions

  23. Video Clip • Grade RE_EXPORT.wmv

  24. Resources Contact Information(951) 736-3438 Owen Crosby, Jeannette Olson, Assistant Principal Gisela Aguiar, Head Anna Ferrara,