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Texas Healthy Lifestyles Evaluation Center Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas Healthy Lifestyles Evaluation Center Training

Texas Healthy Lifestyles Evaluation Center Training

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Texas Healthy Lifestyles Evaluation Center Training

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  1. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Evaluation Center Training Chronic Disease Self-Management & Diabetes Self-Management Marcia Ory, PhD, MPH Ashley Wilson, MPH SangNam Ahn, PhD Justin Dickerson, MBA July 22, 2010

  2. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Training Outline

  3. Texas Healthy Lifestyles

  4. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Texas Targets

  5. Texas Healthy Lifestyles First Quarter (April 2010 – June 2010) * 58.4% Completion Rate for Texas

  6. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Second Quarter (July 2010 – September 2010)

  7. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Roles Overview • Participants • Group Leaders • Survey Coordinators • Regional • Evaluation Center • Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health • National Database • NCOA  AoA BlankForms BlankForms Data Participants Completed Forms Completed Forms National Database Group Leaders Survey Coordinator

  8. Texas Healthy Lifestyles • Participants = Workshop enrollees BlankForms Data* Completed Forms Group Leaders National Database Participants • Provide demographic data about themselves. • Attend workshop sessions. • *Participant data will be entered into a THL Database and the online NCOA national database by the TAMHSC Evaluation Center.

  9. Texas Healthy Lifestyles • Group Leaders = Trained volunteer or staff leaders of the CDSMP workshops. BlankForms BlankForms Data Completed Forms Completed Forms Participants National Database Group Leaders Survey Coordinator

  10. Texas Healthy Lifestyles • Group Leaders • Responsible for: • Having the forms in time for workshops. • Distributing forms to participants at the first session (or optional “Session 0”). • Explaining to participants why the data are collected; answering participants’ questions or concerns. • Recording attendance at each session. • Gathering forms, checking them over for completeness and clarity (clarifying with participants where necessary). • Returning completed forms to the Regional Survey Coordinator in a timely manner.

  11. Texas Healthy Lifestyles • Survey Coordinator = Individual responsible for coordinating the distribution and collection of data forms to class leaders/coaches, and for ensuring the forms reach the Evaluation Center as appropriate. BlankForms Data Group Leaders Completed Forms Completed Forms National Database Survey Coordinator

  12. Texas Healthy Lifestyles • Survey Coordinator • Responsible for: • Getting forms to Group Leaders, training them how to use the forms, defining forms-management guidelines. • Receiving completed forms from the Group Leaders. • Checking the returned forms for clarity and completeness, and following up with Group Leaders as needed. • Submitting forms to TAMHSC Evaluation Center in a timely manner for entry into national database.

  13. Texas Healthy Lifestyles • Evaluation Center • Responsible for: • Liaison to TDADS for data collection • Works closely with host organizations to ensure efficient data collection and reporting, and to ensure program fidelity. • Maintains THL website ( • Facilitates the analysis of project-wide data • Develops and updates Evaluation Manual to aid host sites in conducting data collection in an effective, accurate, and consistent manner. • Prepares reports and presentations for THL, Senior Services, NCOA and other partners. • Holds monthly evaluation meeting with each host site. • Organizes and leads evaluation trainings as needed.

  14. Texas Healthy Lifestyles THL Form Overview

  15. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Where to obtain forms? ALL FORMS can be downloaded from the THL CDSMP/DSMP Evaluation Website • Forms may be submitted: • Electronically ( • By Mail • Ashley Wilson • 1266 TAMU • College Station, TX 77843 • By Fax • (979) 458-4264

  16. About this Workshop Survey Packet Form (page 1) • Informational cover note for the whole forms packet, a quick-reference guide for the Group Leaders. • Overview of forms, summary of the forms process.

  17. About this Workshop Survey Packet Form (page 2) • Sample text for group leaders describing data confidentiality and process for participants to complete forms. • Chart summarizing when and to whom each form should be returned.

  18. About this Workshop Survey Packet Form (page 3) • Table summary (from previous page) describing when and to whom each form should be sent. • Each Region should customize their Workshop Information Cover form by putting their Survey Coordinators information in this spot or the contact information to where the forms should be sent.

  19. Welcome Letter • Note to participants, read before they complete Participant Information Survey. • Explains why the Survey is being collected, describes the confidentiality of their information. • Group Leaders may read note aloud to the group.

  20. Workshop Information Cover Sheet (page1) • Instructions to Group Leaders • Implementation Site: Survey Coordinator many need to fill this out if Group Leader does not know information. • Site Name, Address • Use complete site name and address, in order to match existing records in the online tool, or to create new record.

  21. Workshop Information Cover Sheet(page 1 continued) • Group Leaders’ full names, status, daytime phone. • Important to know who Group Leaders are, be able to contact them with questions about forms. • Staff = anyone who is compensated with payment or time for teaching class • Volunteer = no compensation for teaching class • Workshop Start and End Dates. • Start is date of Session 1; end is date of Session 6. • Did this workshop offered a “Session 0” (optional pre-workshop session)? • If the Group Leaders selects “Don’t know”, Survey Coordinator may be able to respond.

  22. Workshop Information Cover Sheet(page 1 continued) • Type of CDSMP, select one. In Texas, we should only have the following: • English CDSMP • Tomando (Spanish CDSMP) • English DSMP Note: Items 1-5 (all of side 1) may be completed by Survey Coordinator and provided pre-filled to the Group Leaders if desired. For Survey Coordinator Use Only: Fill in Host Organization (i.e. Region)

  23. Workshop Information Cover Sheet (page 2) # of participants enrolled (attended at least one session, not including “Session 0”) • 7. # of completed Participant Information Surveys included in the returned packet. • Group Leaders/Survey Coordinators count the completed forms. If fewer forms than enrolled participants (as noted in #6), note reasons.

  24. Workshop Information Cover Sheet (page 2 continued) Wrap-up instructions and a forms check-list for Group Leaders’ reference as they prepare their return packet. Please remember to provide Survey Coordinator contact information.

  25. Participant Information Survey(page 1) Instructions: Participants are advised to use a pen and mark within the boxes with an “X”. (Using pencil, marking boxes in other manners are fine, as long as it is readable.)

  26. Participant Information Survey(page 1 continued) • Your First Name & Last Initial: Used only to facilitate matching between the demographics and attendance. • Name is NOT entered into database. • Name can be a nickname, first name/last initial, or a code name. • Only requirements are: • It must be legible. • It must be identical to the name used on Attendance Log for the same participant. • It must be unique within the workshop.

  27. Participant Information Survey(page 1 continued) • Year of Birth • This will determine whether this program reaching participants in target group of 60+ year olds. • 2. Gender • Is program reaching males as well as females?

  28. Participant Information Survey(page 1 continued) • 3. Ethnicity • Is program reaching older adults of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin? • 4. Race (Mark all that apply) • Is program reaching individuals from diverse and minority communities, including underserved communities? • Is program reaching a racial breakdown proportionate to that of the geographic region where the program is offered?

  29. Participant Information Survey(page 2) • 5. Chronic Conditions (select all that apply) • Which of the most common chronic conditions are represented among participants? • How many conditions do participants have? • 6. Why is participant taking workshop? • We added this question to address those that may not be over 60 years old and/or those who check “none” in on the above chronic condition question

  30. Participant Information Survey(page 2 continued) • 7. Zip code & address or cross-streets of primary residence • 5 digits code, streets, city • Do participants live in rural, urban, or suburban communities? • What counties are being served? • How far do participants travel from their homes to an implementation site? • 7. Household Size (total # in household) • How many participants live alone (representing a higher-risk group)? • 9. Taken a CDSMP before? • Provides a filter on dataset to estimate rate of duplicates in the total count.

  31. Attendance Log Instructions to Group Leader Workshop Information: Match site name and dates provided on Workshop Information Cover Sheet. Group Leader writes in participant names (identical to the Participant Information Surveys) • Attendance is recorded by session • Not counting attendance at • “Session 0” • Leave cell blank if participant did • not attend a session.

  32. Attendance Log Note: Group Leaders may take attendance themselves (recommended), or they may have participants mark themselves present. If participants mark themselves present, Group Leaders must check that participants are marking the correct cell. Group Leader Attendance. Write leaders’ names and leader (or substitute) should initial each session. Please note if sub is utilized. This is to help track program fidelity.

  33. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Administering FormsBefore 6-week Workshop “How To” Survey Coordinator Forms and Training Group Leaders

  34. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Administering FormsBefore First Workshop Group Leaders Participants

  35. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Administering FormsAfter First Workshop Group Leaders Survey Coordinator

  36. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Administering FormsSessions 2 through 6 Group Leaders Participants

  37. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Administering FormsAfter Session Six Group Leaders Survey Coordinator

  38. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Forms Management • Issues to consider: • How will forms get out to Group Leaders? • How will Group Leaders return forms to the Survey Coordinator? • Mailed • Faxed • Emailed • How will forms get to Evaluation Center? • Mailed • Faxed • Emailed • How and where are original and copies maintained? • How will confidentiality be ensured?

  39. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Other Data & Evaluation Items • Implementation Manual • Overview of THL CDSMP forms and procedures • Available August 1st • Testimonials • One per quarter • Attempt to get photos (photo release form) • Templates (soon available on THL website • Participant Attendance Issues • Phone calls • Non-attendance form

  40. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Huddle Database Overview • Purpose: • Input information for upcoming workshop and leader trainings. • A state-wide calendar for the entire state to view workshops and classes. • Provides Evaluation Center a way to stay on top of current classes (when to expect data).

  41. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Huddle Database Overview • Persons Responsible • Regional Survey Coordinators • Data Collectors • Evaluation Center • Timeframe • Enter classes as they are confirmed • i.e. week before or earlier • If leader training, please enter as far in advance as possible so we can get the inform other regions incase they need to attend the training

  42. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Huddle Database Overview • Example: Title: ETC – CDSMP (E) - Workshop (or Leader Training) Description: Bryan Civic Center (location or workshop/training) July 16, 2010 (start date) 8:00 am – 10:30 am (workshop time) 12 Participants (# of participants registered at current time) Due Date: 7/16/2010 (start date)

  43. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Steps to FidelityIntroduction • The Texas Healthy Lifestyles Program recognizes the importance of program fidelity for achieving maximal benefits of CDSMP types programs for older Texans. • Over the next several months, we will be designing a fidelity plan to be followed by all key players.

  44. Texas Healthy Lifestyles Steps to FidelityIntroduction

  45. Evaluation Center Contacts • Marcia Ory • • 979.458.1373 • SangNam Ahn • • 979.862.4941 • Ashley Wilson • • 979.458.1224 • Justin Dickerson • • 979.458.3507