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Adoptions in Andhra Pradesh PowerPoint Presentation
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Adoptions in Andhra Pradesh

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Adoptions in Andhra Pradesh
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Adoptions in Andhra Pradesh

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  1. Adoptions in Andhra Pradesh

  2. In Andhra Pradesh promotion of adoptions are being operated since 2000, as per the CARA guidelines As per G.O.Ms.No.7, WDCW & DW (PROG) Dept, Dated 1.3.2000. Declaration of Sishuvihar as Fit institution under sub section (f) of section (2) of JJ act 1986 (Act No.53 of 1986) As per G.O.Ms.No.8, WDCW&DW Department, dt: 23-03-2000 Andhra Pradesh Government recognized the Sishuvihar, Hyderabad as one of the Placement Agencies. Sishuvihar, Hyderabad operating Inter–Country Adoption from 04-02-2008. 18

  3. Sisuvihars & Sishugrehas: • The Department of Women Development & Child Welfare Department is promoting adoption through establishment of 2 Sishuvihars, One at Hyderabad and another is in Chittoor under state Budget. • Under Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) 23 Sishugrehas are functioning in 21 Districts in the State and promoting In Country Adoptions.

  4. Specialized Adoption Agencies Sanctioned under ICPS are in the following Districts. OldNew 1. Ranga Reddy 11. Srikakulam 2. Nalgonda 12. Devarakonda(Nalgonda) 3. Warangal 13. VijayaNagaram 4. Khammam 14. East Godawari 5. Adilabad 15. West Godawari 6. Ananthapur 16. Guntur 7. Kurnool 17. Nelloore 8. Ongole 18. Kadapa 9. Krishna(Vijayawada) 19. Machilipatnam(Krishna 10 . Visakhapatnam 20. MahaboobNagar 21. Medak 22. KareemNagar 23. Nizanabad.


  6. Legalization

  7. Status of Children

  8. Registration of PAPs • PAPs registered Sishuvihar/sushugreuha 1662 • Registered for Male Children 998 Female children 664

  9. No. of PAPs Registered Vs Children Housed in SAA 83 Male children/998 PAPs 181 Female children/664 PAPs

  10. Waiting Period for adoption at ACA, Hyderabad: Waiting period at specialized adoption agencies is approximately 3 months to 1 Year. • Due to Heavy back log of Male children applications from 15.04.2012 the applications for male children are not being accepted by ACA, Hyderabad.

  11. IEC • Conducting IEC Campaigns to address the needs of Children in all the areas to create awareness on Protection of Child Rights, Sale of children, legal Adoptions etc. • IEC campaigns are planned to conduct twice a year. Already conducted in the month of June 2012 and other Campaign is planned in the month of March ,2013

  12. Cradle & Bell Scheme • The Government of Andhra Pradesh initiated cradle system with the intention to save the children and as per the convention of child rights especially girl children (prevalence of abandoned girl children are more) cradles are placed to save their lives. • The “Cradle & Bell” scheme is being implementing in Andhra Pradesh in the following Districts from February - 2008.Ranga Reddy, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda.

  13. Family Meet on Adoption • ACA, Hyderabad conducted a Family Meet, Get Together of adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents in the month of Febraury, 2010. Total 75 couples attended the family meet along with their children. Suggestions given by parents: • Maternity Hospitals, Fertility centers can be informed the addresses of adoption agencies. • Place of relinquishment should not be noted in the court order. • Procedure of getting Birth Certificate of the Child can be simplified.

  14. Invitations were given to the Parents for family meet

  15. Invitation of Family meet

  16. Children engaged in the activities during family meet when the parents attended the session

  17. Parents Attended the Meet

  18. Legal Meet • Legal meet for the families on adoption was organized to sensitize the non responded parents on importance of legalization and to speed up legalization process. • Legal meet was conducted in the month of October, 2010 and in the month of April 2011.

  19. Adoption Family Association • Adoptive parents association was formed meetings being conducted . • The adopted parents shared their happiness during the association meeting , • A golden baby has come in their lives and the life has turned from black and white to colour • Baby has brought all joy in their life • They invited and family friends during the’ NamakarnamCermony’ and revealed that they adopted a child • Instructions were given to all specialized adoption agencies to form parents association and conduct meetings.

  20. Training on CARINGS • One day Orientation Training Programme was conducted to DEO/Typist & Social Worker /Staff Member of SAAs regarding the CARINGS (Central Adoption Resource Information Guidance System) on May, 2011. • To review and rectify the dashboard and actual data One day training programme was conducted to DEO/Typist & Social Worker /Staff Member of SAAs regarding the CARINGS (Central Adoption Resource Information Guidance System) on August, 2012.

  21. Trainings on Adoption Issues • Two days orientation programme on adoption and Non Institutional care was conducted in the month of February2011. The participants were Project directors, CWC Chair Persons/Members of 23 districts , NGOS, Sishugruha staff of Project Director Offices. • Recently in the month of February 2013 a two days training programme was conducted on adoption process and guidelines governing adoption of children-2011 to the staff of DCPU(PO-NIC), Social Worker/Shishugreha manager as the new staff are recruited under ICPS.

  22. Follow Up Visits • Follow up Visits are conducted regularly after placing the children for adoption. • Children are well adjusting with families and they are performing well in acdamics.

  23. Master Sathya Prasad with his parents Sri.Dr Madhu Sudan and Smt .Suneetha(Adopted on 14 May 2009) on his 1st Birth Day

  24. Baby Rebakha Mahima with her parents Sri. R.Salmon Raju and Smt.V.Sangeetha(Adopted on 30 july 2009)

  25. Baby Manasa with his parents Sri Ajit Jain & Smt Jhimil Jain Suneetha(Adopted on 02 April 2011)

  26. Baby Srividhya With his parents Sri .Jagadeshwar and Smt .Chandana (Adopted on2007

  27. Challenges • Separation of siblings as there are 5 siblings in the age group of Between 2 to 12 years and the parents passed away and they are full orphans as per order of the revenue Department one child is in children Home, WD & CW, and three with NGO, and one youngest with Sishugreha, Whether the last child can place domestic adoption. • Relaxation power to the State Govt for domestic adoptions in regard to Special cases. In the earlier CARA Guidelines for In-Country adoption the provision was there, in new guidelines there is no mention of that.

  28. In one case the PAPs have taken relative adoption and after some time the adopted parents return child to the biological parents. The PAPs again adopted a child (Pre adoption Foster Care) through SAA, and the previously adopted child is now 23 years old, the legalization of adoption is pending, how to proceed.

  29. Inter Country • As there are so many pending applications for domestic adoption applications for normal children cannot be considered by RIPA. • As per CARA Guidelines after receiving the dossier of the PAPs the RIPA shall forward the child related documents to AFAA. But to save time and expenditure the profile of the child may be sent by mail and if the PAPs are willing then the documents may be sent by post

  30. Thank You