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T h e f i n a l p r o j e c t PowerPoint Presentation
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T h e f i n a l p r o j e c t

T h e f i n a l p r o j e c t

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T h e f i n a l p r o j e c t

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  1. Thefinalproject iEARN team Almanhal International Pivate School May 2012

  2. Introduction We, iEARN team at al-manhal international private school, would like to express our great admiration of all projects done by other teams in other schools around the world. We enjoyed this experience and we hope to participate in other projects in the future.

  3. In Romania From Romania, students told us about water treatment facilities for drinking water in their city. They told us about what they do to keep their water clean.

  4. In Belarus • From Belarus, students told us about Ivanovo region which occupies the area of 1,55 thousand sq km. with 15,8 thousand people living in it. We learnt that 29 per cent of the territory of Ivanovo Region is covered with forests. There are such rivers as Yaselda, Pina, Neslukha, Samaranka, Pilipovka, the Dneprovsko-Bugsky Canal. There are 11 lakes and “Zavishansky”nature reserve in the region.

  5. In Potugal From Portugal, students wrote about Viseu city. We learnt that thereare 34 parishes and 24 municipalities. The most important Monuments are the Church of Sao Francisco, Cathedral of Viseu and the Museum of the Grao Vasco. We like the statue of the unknown soldier and the statue of Virianto.

  6. In Santa Comba Dao We learnt about the gastronomy of Santa Comba Dao like chicken soup and fish and meat dishes. And we saw beautiful pictures of River Mondego and tourism places in Santa Comba Dao. We also enjoyed the wonderful images of Santa Comba Dao School.

  7. About Environment in Portugal Also students from Portugal wrote about reducing environmental problems in their city, such as recycling paper, plastic, glass and metal. We also learnt about using solar energy and dams on rivers to produce electricity. Salt is also produced from the sea water. Portugal has beautiful lovely beaches.

  8. In Moscow From Moscow we learnt about some special places for kids like Filevsky Park and Poklonnaya Gora. We also learnt about Moscow museum Panorama , Borodinskaya Battle.

  9. In Moscow We really appreciated reading about Yuri Gagarin from Russia. We feel excited to know that he was the first astronaut to travel into space in 1961. We also read about the founder of the Russian poetry, Michael Lomonosov.

  10. Farewell It was a very nice journey with very nice people in different parts of the world. We would like to thank you all for the rich information you have provided about your cities. It was our first experience in global, collaborative projects, yet we have learnt a lot about the OTHER . Luckily, Abu Dhabi is a multicultural city and our experience with iEARN projects has enhanced our concept of the importance of knowing the other and letting the Other know us.

  11. Thank you Good-bye