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Circulatory System PowerPoint Presentation
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Circulatory System

Circulatory System

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Circulatory System

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  1. ANGIOLOGY Circulatory System Introduction Component Cardiovascular System Lymphatic System Schematic Illustration

  2. 心血管系统 Cardiovascular System The cardivasculay system consists of the heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. It is filled with blood.

  3. 淋巴系统 Lymphatic System lymphatic vessels lymphatic tissues lymphatic organs

  4. Cardiovascular System 掌握内容:心的位置、外形;各心腔的主要结构。 心传导系的组成及各结构的位置。心包和心包腔。 左、右冠状动脉的分支分布,冠状窦及其属支。 颈外动脉的分支及其主要分布。 掌浅弓和掌深弓的组成和位置。 静脉角的概念。 上、下肢浅静脉的起始与注入部位。 肝门静脉的特点、位置、汇合的静脉及其主要属支。 熟悉内容 :心的静脉;心包窦的名称和位置。 面静脉的特点、交通及危险三角。 直肠静脉丛的位置和交通 。 了解内容:翼静脉丛的位置与交通 。 肝门静脉与上、下腔静脉之间交通的其它途径。

  5. Heart The location,relationship and external features

  6. The external features Cardiac apex

  7. Cardiac base Left atrium Right atrium Coronary sulcus Left ventricle Right ventricle

  8. Two surfaces sternocostal surface

  9. diaphragmatic surface

  10. Three margins

  11. Four grooves Interatrial groove coronary sulcus posterior interventricular groove anterior interventricular groove cardiac apical incisure

  12. The chambers

  13. The right atrium atrium proper sinus venarum cavarum sulcus terminalis

  14. Four orifices orifice of superior vena cava orifice of coronary sinus atrioventricular orifice orifice of inferior vena cava Valve of inferior vena cava

  15. Atrioventricular orifice

  16. The interatrial septum fossa ovalis

  17. The interior of the right atrium crista terminalis pectinate muscle

  18. superior vena cava sulcus terminalis infererior vena cava

  19. right auricle

  20. The right ventricle

  21. The interior of the right ventricle Tricuspid complex Conus arteriosus Supraventricular crest Tricuspid valve Chordae tendineae Trabeculae carneae Papillary muscles

  22. Septomarginal trabecula

  23. The right atrioventricular orifice and valve The orifice and valve of the pulmonary artery

  24. The left atrium Left auricle Opening of the pulmonary vein Left atrioventricular orifice

  25. The left ventricle The interior of the right ventricle Mitral complex Mitral valve Chordae tendineae Trabeculae carneae Papillary muscle

  26. Orifices of coronary artery The aortic orifice and valve Aortic sinus Aortic valve

  27. Similar functions for pulmonary and aortic valves • Opening during systole, with cusps pressed toward wall of vessel as blood is forced upward • Closed during diastole • Ventricular pressure drops in diastole • Floating together of valve cusps, with free borders meeting, thus closing the valve

  28. Course of blood circulation

  29. Systemic circulation Pulmonary circulation

  30. The structure of the heart Fibrous skeleton Four fibrous annuli The right fibrous trigone The left fibrous trigone

  31. Heart wall Epicardium Myocardium Endocardium

  32. Interatrial and interventricular septum

  33. The interatrial septum fossa ovalis

  34. Membranous part Muscular part

  35.  The conduction system of the heart Sinuatrial node Internodal tracts Atriaventricular node Atriaventricular bundle Left bundle branch Right bundle branch Purkinje fibers

  36.  The vessels of the heart The arteries of the heart

  37. Posterior interventricular branch

  38. The veins of the heart Coronary sinus

  39. Great cardiac vein

  40. Middle cardiac vein Small cardiac vein

  41. 心小静脉 心大静脉 冠状窦 心中静脉 心前静脉

  42.  Pericardium and pericardial cavity

  43. Fibrous pericardium Transverse pericardial sinus Oblique pericardial sinus Serous pericardium Anterioinferior pericardial sinus