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Planning your Project

Research Data Management. Planning your Project. Research Data Management Research Data Plan.

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Planning your Project

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  1. Research Data Management Planning your Project

  2. Research Data ManagementResearch Data Plan The University of Hertfordshire and many funding bodies want assurance that you have systems and protocols in place to protect your data during the working, sharing, and preserving stages of your project. They require a Research Data Management Plan. Sometimes this is incorporated into the electronic grant application process e.g. Je-system. Others, like UH require you to complete a DMPonline Template. https://dmponline.dcc.ac.uk/ Planning Research Data Management

  3. Research Data ManagementResearch Data Plan To assist in preparation of basic Data Management Plans (DMP) at the funding application stage, the DCC presents DMPonline. These templates are designed to make researchers think about our projects and how to manage the data throughout the whole project life cycle. Planning Research Data Management

  4. Research Data ManagementResearch Data Plan The DMP covers the whole project lifecycle. The plan is divided into 6 sections, which cover the lifecycle but are divided into aspects of the project, not chronological steps. Planning Research Data Management

  5. Research Data ManagementActivity What happens to your data during a project? The where, when, how, what, and why of your data. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about the choices you need to make about your data, throughout your project. Then we’ll combine your ideas and compare them to the DMP. Planning Research Data Management

  6. Research Data ManagementResearch Data Plan Planning Research Data Management

  7. Research Data ManagementResearch Data Plan • Once you have received funding, you will be allocated an R1 number. • At this point you should • complete the UH Template, 29% of which is contextual information that is not required by you funder as it is part of a larger application • export your UH DMP as pdf • email this document to dmp@herts.ac.uk from your herts email account setting the subject as ‘R1 number – PI surname’. • Your DMP is stored in the Document Management System(DMS) in a secure area. • This DMP can be updated at any point using the same subject. The DMS maintains previous editions automatically. Planning Research Data Management

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