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Alliteration , Personification , Allusion , and Hyperbole

Other Literary Devices. Alliteration , Personification , Allusion , and Hyperbole. Alliteration. Have you noticed that many products and places have names that repeat the initial sound in two or more words ? The Party Palace Crafty Karen Daren’s Delicious Delights

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Alliteration , Personification , Allusion , and Hyperbole

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  1. OtherLiterary Devices Alliteration, Personification, Allusion, and Hyperbole

  2. Alliteration • Haveyounoticedthatmanyproducts and places havenamesthatrepeattheinitialsound in twoor more words? • ThePartyPalace • Crafty Karen • Daren’sDeliciousDelights • ThisisAlliteration: Therepetition of theinitialsound in twoor more words in ordertocreateanauditoryeffect. • Thesnakeslitheredonthesand. Can you“hear” thesnake?

  3. Can you identify the alliterated sound in each sentence? Lefty Lyle left his car outside. L The new moon shined with a shimmery gray. Sh Ten tired toddlers tumbled to bed together. T He folded the faded flag at the ceremony. F Donna did not do the dishes. D

  4. Personification • A writer uses thistechniquebygivinganimals, nature and inanimateobjectshumancharacteristics. Itisusedwidely in comedy and children’sstories. • Thesun beat downwithhotmalice. • The mouse saidtothelion,”Please, don’teat me!” • Thetreebranchessurroundedthebabywithlove and tenderness.

  5. Identify the human characteristic in each personified text. • Thesun beat downwithhotmalice. Onlyhumans are capable of malice. • The mouse saidtothelion,”Please, don’teat me!” • Onlyhumans can talk, notmice. • Thetreebranchessurroundedthebabywithlove and tenderness. • Branches are notcapable of intention. • Thesoftgrassinvitedusto lay down. • People invite, notgrass.

  6. Hyperbole • Thewriter uses anexaggerationto cause animpression in a more imaginativeway. Sometimes, itmay combine the use of a metaphor, simileorothertechnique of literature: • Thebabycriedlikeanambulancesiren. (simile + hyperbole) • Sheisjust a bigmarshmellow. (metaphor + hyperbole) • Harry almostdiedwhenhe heardthegoodnews.(alliteration + hyperbole)

  7. Eliminate the non-hyperboles: • Helen drinks gallons of cola every day. • Her belt size is “equator”. • I love to watch science fiction. • He is as tall as a tower. • That dog barks like a foghorn. • My boss argues with me everyday. • I will die if you see me like this! • Please, drink all your milk.

  8. ALLUSION • In thistechnique, thewriterrefersto a historicalorliteraryevent in ordertoillustrateorclarify a present idea. Itmay cite a famousliterarytextor a recognizablehistoricalmoment: • Mary said, “Tobeornottobe. Thatisthequestion”. (Shakespeare’s Hamlet) • John reminded me of Martin Luther King when he said,”Ihave a dream”. (famousspeech) • Itsoundedlikethe Civil War in there. (historicalevent)

  9. Classify as a hyperbole, an alliteration, a personification or an allusion: • John and Mary are the Beauty and the Beast. • Allusion: Refers to a famous story or movie • The warm, summer breeze whispered words of peace to my ears. • Personification: breeze does not speak • Calvin carefully cut the cucumber in half. • Alliteration: the “C” is alliterated • I was so thirsty I could drink up the Gulf of Mexico. • Hyperbole: It is an exaggeration

  10. Write a Cinquainusing2 techniquesfor24 pts. • Itis a traditionalFrenchpoemwith 5 lines, and a specificnumber of words in eachline. • Oneword________ Threewords_______ ________ ________ Fivewords_______ _______ ________ _________ _______ Threewords_______ ________ _______ Oneword________ Thisexample uses personification: Flowers They are pretty! Can tellusaboutlife: Lifeis short… Transitions

  11. Examples of CinquainsCount the words: Imagination Iamalive! Icansingsosoftly, (alliteration) Jumpovermountains, (hyperbole) Imagine! Moon Itissad(personification) Itfloatsquietlywaitingfor AnotherApollo17(allusion) NASA!

  12. More examples Baby Cute, cuddly baby (alliteration) He is in my arms Don’t ever go! (hyperbole) Stay! Trees Call to me (personification) They are my whole life (hyperbole) Give me oxygen Beautiful!

  13. Rubric Write 1 Cinquain including 2 techniques from the lesson, like the examples.

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