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Roll Revision Cycle

Mother Roll. Summary Revision. Final Roll for that year (Mother Roll + Supplement). Intensive summary Revision. Continuous Updation. Roll Revision Cycle. Intensive Revision. Non Election Years Draft Roll ( Mother Roll + Supplementary till date printed separately). Election Years

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Roll Revision Cycle

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  1. Mother Roll Summary Revision Final Roll for that year (Mother Roll + Supplement) Intensive summary Revision Continuous Updation Roll Revision Cycle Intensive Revision Non Election Years Draft Roll (Mother Roll + Supplementary till date printed separately) Election Years Draft Roll (Mother Roll Integrated with all Supplementary till date)

  2. Continuous updation in the Electoral registration system is possible through out the year, though it is not widely known Under Section 23 & 24 RPA, 1950, applications for inclusion/deletion/modification of the names or particulars can be given from Final publication of Roll to the next Draft publication , to update the entries in the next Final Electoral Roll Process of continuous updation is halted only during other types of revisions and during an election from the last date of filing of nominations till declaration of results Continuous Updation (Between Revision)

  3. Procedure of making applications during continuous updation Photo of Elector must be given Applications are made under Sections 22 or 23 RPA, 1950 Applications should be made in appropriate Forms in duplicate Form 6 Form 8 Form 7 Deletion, correction and transposition of names can be made by ERO on receiving application or suo-moto . There is no provision for suo moto inclusion of names by ERO Form 8A TO, ERO Sub: Inclusion Applicants should submit their photo for enrolling with photo in Electoral Roll Form (001A) for submission of photos and Form (001B) for corrections are no longer used. Form 8 is used for these purposes as well

  4. Submit Covering letter with list of applicants, basic particulars and their authentication Should have EPIC of that Part Submit the applications of only that area of the Part where he himself is an elector Submit Declaration that he is aware of penal provision u/s 31, RPA, 1950 EPIC Declaration Form • Bulk applications during continuous updation • Applications in bulk can be received by ERO during continuous updation only • The person submitting the applications in bulk should take care of the following points:

  5. Actions taken on receiving the applications All claims and objections received during Continuous Updation should List of applications in Form 9,10,11 and 11A to be prepared and put up on – the notice board of ERO website of CEO Personal notice must be given to the person submitting claims and objection Disposal of as per rules by ERO only on-line using ERMS Applicant must be informed of the decision of ERO both by SMS and in writing by post The corrections/deletion/transposition of entries shall be under Section 22 RPA 1950 and additions under Section 23 RPA 1950

  6. ERO should maintain a set of four separate registers for each Constituency in the format prescribed by Commission (Annexure 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4) ERO should maintain the data up-to-date all the times as there is no fixed time for the publication of the modification The register used for continuous updation shall be continuous supplement for that particular year The ERO should indicate the Section and Part no. on the top right hand corner of the application Form to link with the register in the following manner : Part No. 23/ Section No.2 Actions taken on receiving the applications

  7. Annexure 8.1 Annexure 8.2

  8. Annexure 8.3 Annexure 8.4

  9. Forms No. will be written here Front page Back page Register Formats for all the 4 Forms

  10. Applications to be disposed monthly Format of manuscript same as text Rolls, 8 columns entries Applications received in a calender month Disposed during next month calender month Preparation of manuscript separately in duplicate for each Part Computerized data entry for next Draft Roll Copy of manuscript transferred to DEO by 7th next calender month Completed till 25th of that month

  11. Supplements of the continuous updation The supplements of the continuous updations • Should be printed as Part of the Draft Roll below last supplement of that year • Should be printed before Draft Roll to integrate the entries in the Draft Roll in an election year • Ensure tracking of the changes since last Final publication of Rolls • Will have the serial number nest after the number in previous supplement, indicated on right hand corner of the header • Should have “supplement process and year” in words and “Continuous updating <from date> to <to date>” in figures • There can be more than one supplement for each year

  12. General Instructions for deletion, Inclusion, Transposition and Correction ERO can correct, transpose, or delete the entries under Section 22 RPA, 1950 under general or special direction of Commission ERO should give the concerned person a reasonable opportunity of being heard before taking any decision on change/deletion/modification Inclusion of name Any person can apply to ERO for the inclusion of name in the Finally published Roll under Section 23 RPA, 1950 Such cases of inclusion of names would be less as annual revision would have been conducted on first of January Generally Form 6 for inclusion during continuous revision would be from person shifted from other Constituency Care should be taken before enrolling applicant attaining 18 yrs of age, and it should be verified that applicant became of age on 1st January of that year

  13. General Instructions for deletion, Inclusion, Transposition and Correction Transposition of names Applicants shifting residence in the same Constituency should be guided to fill Form 8A instead of Form 6 Under Section 22 transposition is possible • From one Part of the Roll to another Part of the same Roll • Within the same Roll or within the same Part from one place to another place • For transfer of name from one AC to another, the applicant should apply in Form 6 to the ERO of the latter Constituency under Section 23 • Form 6 during should be accepted with the a declaration of stay duration at the new and previous address • Declaration from the applicant of Form 6 should state- • “His/her name is either not included in the Electoral Roll of that particular Constituency or any other” OR “His/her name was included in which he was ordinary resident and now he wishes to be excluded”

  14. General Instructions for deletion, Inclusion, Transposition and Correction On receiving application to transfer from one AC to another, the ERO should inform the ERO of the applicants previous Constituency, to strike the name of the applicant from the Electoral Roll there and intimate the former Under Section 22, the word “entry” will refer to different details of the elector as name, age, photo etc The person who change the name after Final publication of the Roll should intimate through application, that his/her previous entry is now defective

  15. Detailed guidelines on Deletion of entries ERO’s Notice Board Copy of deletion applications received Information on ERO’s Notice board DELETED and informed to the other ERO Found the entry in more than one Constituency Inviting Objections • Objections are invited <from date> to <to date> • (7 working days excluding Sunday/public holiday) • Actions will be taken on <date> DELETED from one place Found the entry more than once in the same AC DELETED and informed to the other ERO Found that the person shifted to another constituency DELETED after taking death certificate or statement on oath Found that the elector has died Other Points • Notice must be served on the individual person concerned/presenting the application, with the date of hearing • ERO carries verification of all applications including death cases

  16. Copy of transposition/correction applications received Detailed Guidelines on Transposition and Correction of entries • The procedure followed for transposition and correction is same as that of deletion • For transposition of the service voters from last Part ERO should verify the discharge certificate of applications ERO’s Notice Board Inviting Objections • Objections are invited <from date> to <to date> • (7 working days excluding Sunday/public holiday) • Actions will be taken on <date>

  17. Appeal against the decision of acceptance/rejection of application Second appeal to CEO against order of District Magistrate Delay can be condoned on being satisfied by the authority hearing the appeal ERO’s decision can be appealed to DM with in 15 days under Section 24 (Letter of ECI date 17-03-2010) Appeal should be in Form of memorandum signed by appellant, copy of order , and fee of Rs 5 Applicant should pay non refundable Fees by non judicial stamp/ government treasury/RBI/in cash Appellant should be informed of the order passed on the appeal, and should be sent a certified copy of the order if applied for, on payment Receipt of fees

  18. Certified copy of extract of Electoral Roll If an elector wants to contest an election from other Constituency, a certified copy may be given after the manuscript is prepared A Roll can be published and printed only at the time of Draft and Final publication Supplements of the continuous updation need not to be printed time to time except when an election is announced At the time of elections the supplement with all the additions, corrections, deletion and transposition made till the last date of nominations can be printed The provision related to sharing of extract as given in chapter VI, paragraph 20 to 23 under the Section on “Inspection of Electoral Rolls and connected papers’ shall apply for printing the supplement of continuous updation

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