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Brought you by. An International Partnership. WHY?. A single Fly carries up to 33 million highly dangerous microbes Flies vomit every time they land They digest externally to ‘Soften their Food’ Flies do transmit Dangerous Microbes to Food. Trends in the world market.

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  1. Brought you by

  2. An International Partnership

  3. WHY? • A single Fly carries up to 33 million highly dangerous microbes • Flies vomit every time they land • They digest externally to ‘Soften their Food’ • Flies do transmit Dangerous Microbes to Food

  4. Trends in the world market • HACCP triggered moves to glue board models • Replacing high-tension grid units • Need for information / monitoring • Better tubes ( + glass protection) • Integration of technologies • Tubes need to be RoHS compliant • Design & service friendly concepts

  5. Why VECTOTHOR? • University of Wisconsin Report • An abundance of bacteria becomes airborne at the time a fly is electrocuted (electric grid machines) • Kansas University • Bacteria from exploding insects can travel up to 6 feet from the electric grid and even further on air currents • USDA Directive: • No electric grid units will be used in areas where food is processed or produced. • The USDA mandates that flies responsible for the spread of E-Coli and Salmonella are banned from any food production/processing areas.

  6. VECTOTHOR • Only measure that Attracts, Kills and Collects insects without the use of chemicals. • Ability to monitor within HACCP concept • 80% of fly brain is used for sight • Consequently using UV-A light as an attractant is the most effective solution • A device to locate the source and open up new business with a customer

  7. The common housefly

  8. Life cycle housefly

  9. UV lamp technology

  10. What is ultra violet light Wavelength in metres Wavelength in nanometres (m) 780 Short wave radio 700 Red 102 Television Orange 600 Yellow FM 1 Green Visible light Radar 500 Blue 10-2 Indigo 400 Violet 380 10-4 Infrared Invisible 10-6 Visible light Ultraviolet Invisible 10-8 400 UVA Black light 315 - 400 nm 365 10-10 x-rays UVB Suntan 280 - 315nm 300 Ultra Violet 10-12 UVC Germicidal 200 - 280 (315) nm 200 -rays UV-Vacuum 100 - 200 nm 100 10-14 Cosmic-rays

  11. Housefly – Vision Spectrum Original UV-A lights & China PHILIPS Long-life (Ensystex) Quality UV-A lights

  12. Human eye versus fly eye Normal light UV-A light

  13. Pure UV-AOFF

  14. Pure UV-AON

  15. So we add blue light

  16. Lamp Life Decrease in output over lamp life Lamp life determined by electrical failure Lamp life determined by UV level • UV output drops faster than visible light – due to mercury absorption of phosphorus • One cannot see when replacement is required

  17. UV-A Output for 2 years 1 year 4 months 2 years

  18. Light Cycles • Sunlight Natural, constant light • Electric Lighting 50 cycles per second • Human eye observes maximum of 24 cycles per second • So we observe lamps as a constant light source • Flies observe 200 cycles per second • So flies see UV-A lamps as flashing/ flickering lights • Not as attractive as constant daylight! VECTOTHOR • Electronic Ballast 10,000 cycles per second • So flies see VECTOTHOR lamps as a constant light source • Brighter and more attractive, like constant daylight! VECTOTHORNatural UV-A Light Technology™

  19. Insect Stimuli • Three CRITICAL Factors • Amount of UV-A light - Unique Philips Long-life Lamp • Light Cycles - Natural UV-A Light Technology™ • Contrast of Unit to Surroundings - Natural Contrast Grid™ • Only VECTOTHOR is optimised for all three Dr M Green 2011 Catch rate of Musca domestica in laboratory tests Contrasting Ultra Violet light traps with their surroundings. ICUP Proceedings

  20. Human Eye’s Perspective

  21. Fly’s Perspective – Normal UV lamp

  22. Fly’s Perspective – VECTOTHOR (Philips)UV lamp + more 86% attraction

  23. So we kill more flies! FASTER!

  24. Advantages of PHILIPS Long-life Lamp • More powerful (almost twice the energy) • Safer to use • Shatterproof coating based on FEP material • 50% lesser glass – environmentally better • Mechanical lamp life of 2 years; or • One PHILIPS Long-life Lamp replaces two traditional UV-A lamps • Fluorescent powder is water based (no Butyl) • 100% lead free glass • Reduced mercury

  25. B: VECTOTHOR glue board (industrial)

  26. VECTOTHOR GLUEBOARDS • Optimised for high temperature tropical conditions. • Use a special protective, silicone paper, which peals off more easily. • This makes it easier to handle the boards during servicing.

  27. VECTOTHOR Advantage • Unique Philips Long-life Lamp • VECTOTHORNatural UV-A Light Technology™ • VECTOTHORHeat Trap Technology™ • VECTOTHORNatural Contrast Grid™ • Two years guarantee • Pheromone option




  31. VECTOTHORPEREGRINE Heat Trap Technology

  32. Call : +91-88920 43777 / 88920 24777 Email: info@cornerstonegroup.co.in www.cornerstonegroup.co.in

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