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RMDCN-TT report

RMDCN-TT report

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RMDCN-TT report

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  1. RMDCN-TT report Matteo Dell’Acqua Meteo-France RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  2. Agenda • RMDCN Task Team members and ToRs • IMTN overview and status • RMDCN status • 1st TT meeting outcome

  3. Task Team members • Hans Janßen, Germany • Leonid Bezrouk, Russian Federation • Steve Foreman, United Kingdom • Giuseppe Leonforte, Italy • Klas Linne, Sweden • Isabella Weger, ECMWF • Yves Buhler, EUMETSAT • Mariana Grueva, Bulgaria • Roar Skålin, Norway • Zhao Licheng, China • Hiroyuki Ichijo, Japan RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  4. Task Team ToR • To review the matters related to the operation of the RMDCN • To ensure coordination between all RA-VI Member countries and other Members connected to the RMDCN • To maintain close coordination with the TT on WIS Development and Implementation • To make proposals for upgrading the capacities of the RMDCN considering the future implementation and operation of the WIS and the impact of the future GISCs and DCPCs on the performance of the network • To assist the RA-VI Member countries in joining the RMDCN and implementing their connection RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  5. Task Team ToR – con’t • To liaise with the CBS-OPAG-ISS • WIS core network is driven by ICG-WIS ! Liaising with ICG-WIS need to be included in the ToRs : comment from Hiro • MdA : this cn be done through myslef and through the chairs of OPAG-ISS, who are both members of the TT • To prepare in collaboration with ECMWF possible changes in the RMDCN, including the preparation of a new procurement for the RMDCN • To review the TORs of the RMDCN Operation Committee (ROC) and its membership taking into account the current RMDCN configuration and its future • Chaired by M. Dell’Acqua • 1st meeting of the TT 20-21 May 2010 in Prague RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  6. Consolidation of IMTN clouds IMTN cloud II IMTN cloud I IMTN Consolidation was completed in Nov 2009 IMTN WIS core network Migration process forming WIS core network

  7. IMTN Cloud I Tokyo Beijing Washington Melbourne Sofia Moscow New Delhi Prague Brasilia Exeter Buenos Aires Jeddah Offenbach IMTN Cloud II: RMDCN Nairobi Toulouse Cairo Dakar Algiers Before consolidation of clouds

  8. New Delhi RA II Moscow Jeddah Beijing Tokyo Sofia RA VI Prague Washington Exeter IMTN cloud : RMDCN RA IV Offenbach Toulouse Buenos Aires Brasilia RA III Cairo Melbourne Dakar Algiers Nairobi RA V RA I After consolidation of clouds

  9. WIS network architecture RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  10. RMDCN status • 48 Sites: • 44 NMCs, ECMWF, EUMETSAT (2), DRS for The Netherlands • 27 Mission Critical Sites • All ECMWF Member States now Mission Critical • Minimum 2 Mbps AL; 1.5 Mbps IP Bandwidth • New Members in 2009-2010 • IMTN: • USA • Australia • South Korea – supported by UK • Morocco – ECMWF Co-operating State • some RA-VI countries have not joined RMDCN, mainly due cost concerns. This situation is not likely to change in a near future RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  11. RMDCN status RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  12. RMDCN Geographical coverage RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  13. New potential Sites RMDN TT report, Offenbach Slide 13 16th ROC, 19-21 May 2010, Prague Canada South Africa Brazil Israel

  14. Global RMDCN performance RMDN TT report, Offenbach Slide 14 16th ROC, 19-21 May 2010, Prague

  15. RMDCN status – con’t • ECMWF started a pilot project to demonstrate the use of automatically and dynamically assigned secure internet connections to provide resilience against RMDCN failure. • RTH Norrköping acts a backup to ECMWF • Technical workshop organised by ECMWF In February 2010 on the RMDCN to review the technologies available in order to start planning and designing the next generation RMDCN. • MPLS IP VPN is likely to continue to prevail as the dominant global network technology for the coming years RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  16. Meetings • The 16th meeting of the RMDCN Operations Committee (ROC) was held on 19-21 May 2010 in Prague • … in conjunction with the 1st meeting of RA VI Task Team on the RMDCN • Identify future options for the RMDCN • Identify issues • Network design • Service Level requirements • Financial implication • Increasing needs for bandwidth • Establish outline plan for the next generation RMDCN and possible time schedule for an ITT process RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  17. 1st TT meeting - Actions • Refine requirements lists and look at the impact of requirements on others issues (techical, financial, contractual) • Should help in defining the level of the requirement • ECMWF, with TT members • Define scenarios for the strategic evolution of the RMDCN, as WIS core network and RA-VI GTS network, supporting various technology, various performance level and various SLA • Document the trade-off RMDCN/satellite broadcasting system for GTS global exchanged data  Liaise with EUMETSAT • Investigate mix terrestrial technology • Germany, Italy, ECMWF, EUMETSAT (local contribution), UK, Bulgaria • Investigate multi-vendors solutions • Contractual, administrative aspects • Impact on WMO / ECMWF MoU • ECMWF, UKMO, WMO Sec, Germany RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  18. 1st TT meeting - Actions (con’t) • What kind of products/data will be exchanged on a global basis in the forthcoming 5 years • Strategic view of traffic flows • Japan, Russia, UK, France, China • EUMETSAT 5-years strategy for redistribution of high volume satellite data • EUMETSAT • Amend ToRs of TT to take into account the requirements of the WIS core network • MdA RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  19. 1st TT meeting - ROC Members • ECMWF ( chair and Secretariat) • Experts from all RA-VI GISCs participating in the RMDCN (4) • Experts from RA-VI DCPCs participating in the RMDCN (max of 3) • Experts from RA-VI NCs participating in the RMDCN (2) • Experts from 3 GISCs (different Region) outside Ra-VI participating in the RMDCN on a rolling basis every 2-years • WMO Secretariat • Chair of RMDCN TT • Each countries can have only one representative • Meeting in general annually and more if appropriate • The chair can invite expert from RMDCN centres RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  20. 1st TT meeting - ROC ToRs • To monitor the operation of the RMDCN • To control interfaces with the GTS • To investigate options to improve the reliability, security and performance of the network • To assist in the implementation of connection to the RMDCN • To assist in migration • To review the performance and the evolution of the RMDCN and make proposal to the TT • To assist the TT with possible changes in the RMDCN • To review new technologies and make proposal to the TT to improve the RMDCN • To report to the TT on the operation of the RMDCN and propose options to improve it RMDN TT report, Offenbach

  21. 1st TT meeting - Potential timetable for RMDCN NextGen RMDN TT report, Offenbach