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ken weingart

ken weingart

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ken weingart

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  1. ken weingart

  2. About him • Since the age of 11 he has been working on painting and photography. • His goal now is to photograph the human face, body, and spirit, and capture the spontaneous moment that makes an image great. • He has lived all over the world and won numerous awards for his art.

  3. Where are his photographs? • They have been in time magazine, Warner bros. music, Ogilvy, entertainment weekly, national marrow donor program, Sony music, MSN search, GRP records, titanium advertising, miller freeman publications, Meredith corporation, W.B.A, gillespie advertising and MANY more!

  4. His style is just life. He wants to take pictures of real things that happen in life. • A lot of his photos have no titles they are just randomly taken.

  5. Smile(: • In this photo there is natural lighting. It is coming from behind the photographer. • The main subject is the person’s smile. You can tell because it is the only thing in the photo. • What makes this photo so interesting is the brightness of the persons face • I think he is trying to say that a smile can go a long way. • I like this one because I thought it looked different from what you usually see.

  6. Natalie Portman • In this photo he is using artificial lighting. The lighting is coming from the side of the photo. • The main subject is the girl. She is the main thing in the picture. • The thing that catches my eyes is the slippers and the plaid. • I chose this one because I like the slippers.

  7. running • The photo is using artificial lighting. The lighting is coming from the left side. • The main subject is the girl running. • The thing that stuck out to me was how the girl is jumping but it looks like she’s just running.

  8. In the car • There is natural lighting in this photo. Its from above them. • The main subject is the people in the car. • The colors are bright so they stand out more.

  9. Last smoke • There is artificial lighting. Its coming from behind the photographer. • The main interest is the man on the right of the photo. • What strikes me is the man and how he’s on the right side. • I selected this photo because it was the only one that I liked in black and white.

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