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  1. ITC PROJECT IDEA Providing free ICT Skills to the unemployed youth of the Soweto Township Providing an Internet Service Café to the community to raise funds for future socio-economic projects

  2. Purpose of the project: • To educate and up skill community members with free ITC Skills and to provide an Internet Cafe Service

  3. Project proposed: • There is a high rate of unemployment that is affecting the youth around Soweto. As a youth organization (JCI Soweto), after receiving a donation of a couple of computers, from one of our national newspaper, we thought that it would only be fair by giving back to the community through skills development and thereby giving us an opportunity to learn how to run a small business. One of the projects we have identified with the PC donation is to provide free ITC Skills to the youth within the community, to enable them to be ITC proficient, as it will enable them to be marketable in the job market, also provide an opportunity for those who are entrepreneurial minded. As a non-profit organization this will enable us to raise funds for other community projects, from the Internet Cafe facilities where we will sell IT consumables, access of the internet at a cost and we will also be providing other services such as printing, binding, etc. at a cost too. • Estimated Costs for the Project: $5000

  4. The earth charter principles guiding us in this project idea are the following: • 10) Ensure that economic activities and institutions at all levels, promote human development in a sustainable and in an equitable manner. • 14) Integrate into formal education and lifelong learning the knowledge, values and skills needed for life sustainable.

  5. Swot analysis on the environment we would like to penetrate: • STRENGTHS • The passion and commitment demonstrated by the business founders (JCI Soweto Members). • The business shall recruit skilled, competent and experienced personnel further signifying its commitment towards providing quality services to its highly valued prospective clientele • The charismatic and democratic style of leadership of the business owners shall be a strength to the business • The strong thriving entrepreneurial spirit of the business owners • The current availability of computer equipment to be used in the business • WEAKNESSES • The lack of a comprehensive accounting system • The lack of a comprehensive management information system • The lack of funding to purchase additional IT equipment • The lack of highly trained staff in key areas such as finance and marketing

  6. Swot analysis on the environment we would like to penetrate: • OPPORTUNITIES • The environment that the business will operate in provides numerous opportunities in terms of financial and non financial support. The business can access support from government agencies such as the NYDA, SEDA, and fund as well as from schemes and agencies under the Department of Trade and Industry • The interest rates are currently fairly low. This is encouraging for businesses as the cost of borrowing is lower and more people have a greater spending power • The possibility of serving the immense Soweto market is an opportunity for the business.  • THREATS • The threat from direct and indirect competitors within the region that the business intends to operate in • Threat of possible high inflation rates as a result of increased electricity prices • Threat of security within the operating premises