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THOUGHTS ON LEADERSHIP. O PEN S OURCE M ANAGEMENT. www.osmconsultgroup.com. Slides at www.paoloruggeri.net. FORMULA. Your showroom: 0 to 10 Your workshop: 0 to 10 Your Brand: 0 to 10 Your product: 0 to 10 Total = ???. Two friends open a new company….

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  2. Slides at www.paoloruggeri.net

  3. FORMULA • Your showroom: 0 to 10 • Your workshop: 0 to 10 • Your Brand: 0 to 10 • Your product: 0 to 10 • Total = ???

  4. Two friends open a new company…

  5. «We want to build a great company together that will attract other people with similar values and standards. • «We will design, manufacture and sell products in the electrical engineering fields. • «The question of what to manufacture has been postponed.» • Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, Founding minutes of HP, August 23, 1937

  6. 1) FIRST WHOthen WHAT

  7. FIRST WHO • Get the right people «on the bus», build a superior executive team • THEN WHAT • Once you have the right people in place, then figure out the best path to greatness • FIRST WHAT • Set a vision for where to drive the bus. Develop a road map for driving the bus • THEN WHO • Enlist a crew of highly capable «helpers» to make the vision happen

  8. Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate accelerator of growth is not market or technology or products . It is the ability to get and keep enough of the right people • The «right people» want to be part of something great

  9. Compensation • The purpose of compensation should not be to get the right behaviour from the wrong people but to get the right people on the bus in the first place and to get them there.

  10. Practical Actions • A) When in doubt don’t hire, keep looking • B) When you know you need to make a people change, act • Would you hire him again? • Would you feel relieved if he left? • C) Put your best people on your best opportunities

  11. Who are the people you really would like to work with?

  12. The Demotivating Person • Behind business failures • Broken Families • Life becomes really hard

  13. THE DEMOTIVATING PERSON • 1) Generalizes the negative as well as tries to generalize your behavior. • 2) Very rarely (never) praises people. He/she communicates mainly bad news or critical remarks. 3) Sees black and negativity everywhere, very suspicious. • 4) He/she doesn’t change her behavior. Diffident of self improvement and of people trying to help. • 5) People around them tend to experience a lot of difficulties or have low self confidence.

  14. Exercise: write what you will do re personnel

  15. «You must never confuse faith that you wil prevail in the end with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be»

  16. Leadership does not begin with a vision. • It begins with getting people to confront the brutal facts and to act on the implications.

  17. You absolutely cannot make a series of good decisions withour first confronting the brutal facts • Sometimes charismatic people are not told the brutal facts


  19. What are the brutal facts of your company? • Conduct autopsies without blame. Right people do it • One of the primary ways to de-motivate people is to ignore the brutal facts of reality.

  20. Business owners who suffered serious adversity fall into 3 categories • 1) Those who were permanently dispirited by the event • 2) Those who got their company (almost) back to normal • 3) Those who used the calamity to remake the company into a great company

  21. 3) There is something YOU can become the best at!

  22. What we can potentially do better than any other company and, equally important, what can we not do better than any other company? • Just because we are good at it, just because we are making money and generating growth – doesn’t necessarily mean we can be the best at it

  23. There is something YOU can become the best at! • Weshouldonly do thingswe can get passionate about

  24. Exercise

  25. YOU AND TIME OPEN SOURCE MANAGEMENT www.osmconsultgroup.com

  26. If it takes less than 5-10 minutes do it now, don’t postpone it. • Keep detailed lists of open tasks and do weekly plans • Do a daily tasks list • Cancel emails of people who waste your time • 30% dedicated to activities that are not urgent but important

  27. And therefore?

  28. Fill up your calendar with ambitious projects • Begin • Hire • Buy • Promote • Multitask • Invest • Set your Q2 dates

  29. Time is a perception (often distorted)

  30. TIME 3) TIME • By projecting your illusions (deciding to pursue great goals), you produce (release) energy that • makes you feel to have much more space around you • This seems to have the effect of expanding time 1)ENERGY 2)SPACE

  31. Therefore… • Time an individual has available is a product of dreams and goals he pursues rather than of any other factor. • The more an individual goes after great goals, the more time expands itself, leaving him much more room to bring about what he has in mind. • “I don’t have time” should be replaced with “I don’t have projects” because the two things are synonims.

  32. TWO UNIVERSES • Whoever feels he has no time is being led by the material universe.

  33. Synonims • I have no Time = I have lost sight of my ambitious goals • I have no Time = I have lost sight of who I really am/ I am off centered

  34. YOU AND THE ENERGY • OPEN SOURCE MANAGEMENT www.osmconsultgroup.com


  36. Body • Body: sharpen the saw • Make money. Take care of your properties. • Learn how to plan (list of open tasks and weekly plans). • You can’t be doing well if you leave unhandled aspects of your life (develop self discipline)

  37. “I am my watch”

  38. Mind • Study • Organize • Analyze/measure • Travel/Explore/Know • Write your goals (dream) • Read • Get to know new people • Reach a state of Flow

  39. Spirit • The spiritual part of man starts up the moment you start to admire someone or something. • Is your spiritual part turned off?

  40. Spirit • Faith: believe in what you do not see yet. • Faith: believe in the existence of a Superior System. • The infinite potential of the spirit. • Be your real self (do not be out of valence). (what’s your minimum common denominator as far as your values are concerned?). Integrity • Be a trustee and not an owner. You will own much more • Leave a legacy (FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED?)

  41. When you work simultaneously on body, mind, spirit you connect to a greater force that directs things and it will attracts to you a lot of opportunities.

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