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2013 Training Meeting

Physical Security. 2013 Training Meeting. Locksmith Service 1-888-707-0163. *NEW* Locksmith Re-keying We will NOT be automatically changing locks

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2013 Training Meeting

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  1. Physical Security 2013 Training Meeting

  2. Locksmith Service 1-888-707-0163 Confidential

  3. *NEW* Locksmith Re-keying • We will NOT be automatically changing locks • We will NOT be re-keying any exterior doors unless otherwise noted in the lease and submitted through the portal locksmith form. These will be Front Doors ONLY • Manager’s Office Door re-key: • If keys are available, use those keys and NOT change the lock • If keys not available, MUST be re-keyed using the portal locksmith form • The front door and manager’s office door will be re-keyed when there is a management change • Please give 24-48 hours notice when possible to ensure availability and reduce cost. • Exceptions May Apply 1-888-707-0163 Confidential

  4. *New* Locksmith request form • Safe service requests have been added • Must supply safe serial # and combination Confidential

  5. Emergency (same day) Service • Emergencies include: repairs after a break-in, lockouts, re-key after key holder termination, or to secure a store. • Call LP during normal business hours weekdays • Call Academy’s 24/7 hotline 1-888-707-0163 • Call POS after hours For any questions, estimated arrival time, or concerns you may e-mail Academy Locksmith management 24/7 at: SpiritHalloween@AcademyLocksmith.org Confidential

  6. Security Alarms

  7. Alarms • Spirit has attempted burglaries every year. • A burglary causes damage to the store, POS, and safe, as well employee anxiety and loss of revenue. • The security system will alarm audibly to scare away intruders, notify the store staff by phone, and dispatch police. • If an alarm is not installed, plugged in, and activated, it will do nothing for you! • Alarms should be ordered and installed soon after taking possession and prior to receiving merchandise

  8. How to order • The alarm order form is under the “Forms” tab on the store portal. • Only order alarms for your own stores. • You must have a store # to order an alarm. • Alarms will ship via FedEx ground. • Mall stores do not receive alarms.

  9. Alarm Permits • Some Municipalities require alarm permits. Please check with your local Police Department for every alarmed store. • Be sure to contact Laura Powers (ext. 5504) or Chris Gold (ext. 5368) to determine if an alarm permit has been pulled for your store. • Police departments will not respond to alarm calls from systems that are not permitted. • Heavy fines are received in the event of a false alarm with no permit. • Be sure to mention the permit is for a temporary business, sometimes permit fees will be pro-rated.

  10. Alarm Codes • To add, remove, or change a code, call Loss Prevention Code Distribution Line 609-645-5644 during normal business hours. • You need to call for your installer alarm code at least2 hours prior to installing the alarm. • Every member of management has their own personal code. Confidential

  11. Installation • The DSM must install the alarm. • Improper installations lead to malfunctions, false alarms, and broken equipment. • GuardMe has been instructed to only active alarms when called by a DSM. • The cost of abused alarm systems will be deducted from end of year bonuses. Confidential

  12. Labeling • Each alarm will have a label with the assigned store and account numbers inside the box. Confidential

  13. Installation • Alarms must be installed in the location assigned on their shipping label. • Alarms are programmed to request police to the store they are shipped for. If installed elsewhere, the police will go to the wrong location. Confidential

  14. Alarm System • Upon receipt inspect your alarm and document any damage. • Call Loss prevention with any issues. Confidential

  15. Contents • 1 Alarm Panel • 4 motion sensors • 1 AC Adaptor • 1 RJ31X Jack • Instructions • Alcohol Prep wipes • 1 Spare set of batteries • GuardMe Window stickers Confidential

  16. Equipment • We have three models of alarm panels. All function the same. H O N E Y W E L L <-> GE-> Confidential

  17. GSM Cellular Alarms • All stores will now receive alarm panels with built in GSM cellular communicators. • GSM panel account numbers are formatted E4##### • Once motions are installed, simply plug into power and call GuardMe to test in. Confidential

  18. GSM Cellular Alarms • The cellular chip is installed next to battery in each alarm panel Confidential

  19. Telephone Connection • Do NOT use, will not work Confidential

  20. Motion Sensors • We have four models of motion sensors. 3 models are compatible with the Honeywell system and the fourth is for the GE system. Confidential

  21. New Motion Sensors • Hold 3 batteries securely • Wall mounting bracket • Ship with batteries installed in standby mode. Confidential

  22. New Motion Sensors • High efficiency model holds 1 battery securely • Back cover removes easily for wall mounting • Ships with battery installed in standby mode. Confidential

  23. Standard Motion Sensor • Uses two batteries. • Mounts directly to wall. • Ship with batteries removed. Confidential

  24. GE Motion Sensor • High efficiency model holds 1 battery securely • Mounts directly to wall. • Ships with battery installed in standby mode. Confidential

  25. Motion Sensor Placement Motion #2: The main entrance Motion #3: The office/safe Motion #4: Sales floor/Cash & Wrap Motion #5: The backroom/back door Confidential

  26. Alarm System • After inspecting your alarm panel plug it into 110V AC power as soon as possible. If the alarm is not powered within 5-10 days after GuardMe ships, the cellular account will need to be reset during activation! • This step is important to prevent any delays from AT&T during activation!!! Confidential

  27. Installation • You must install the alarm within 6’ of a 110V outlet, which is powered 24/7. • Secure the power cord to prevent it from being tripped over. Taping it to the ground is fine. • Each Alarm includes one RJ-31X jack. Only use this jack if GuardMe cannot establish a cellular connection with the panel. Confidential

  28. Installation • The alarm panel must be attached to the wall via screws. • Motion sensors should mounted with screws when possible. • Adhesive on Motion sensors is to be used only when screws cannot. • Use included alcohol wipes to clean surfaces prior to using adhesive. Confidential

  29. Instructions • An install guide is packed in with each alarm • For more guidance, see the instructional videos posted at: www.GuardMeSecurity.com • Username: spirit_DSM • Password: spiritdsm Confidential

  30. GuardMe Website Great resource for instructions, FAQ’s, training videos, and live alarm reporting. Confidential

  31. Installation Recap • Call LP for Alarm Codes at 609-645-5644 • Wall mount motion sensors, install batteries. • Wall mount the alarm panel, connect keypad battery, then plug into power outlet. • Call GuardMe’s Spirit Hotline Number 732-784-6675 to Activate and test the system Confidential

  32. Activation • TheDSM must call GuardMe to activate the alarm. Again, do this after the system is completely installed. • Call 1-732-784-6675 Hours are 7:30AM – 9PM EST M-F Saturday 7:30AM – 5PM EST • You must do this while there are no customers in the store. Confidential

  33. Using the Alarm Honey Well panel Confidential

  34. Using the Alarm *NEW * GE panel Confidential

  35. Monitoring • Exception Reports will be e-mailed daily. These will notify if your stores were early/late/failed to open or close. • You may monitor all of your stores activity online at: www.GuardMeSecurity.com • Username is the alarm’s account # (E4*****) Password is your 4 digit alarm code • Contact LP if you do not receive exception reports starting Monday 9/16. Confidential

  36. Activated Alarm • If the alarm sounds, the store will be called, then the first contact on the call list. If no person with an alarm code answers at either number, police will be dispatched. • Do not call the alarm company on the store phone, they will call you. • A key holder should respond to the store for actual alarms, but not enter the area until police are present. Confidential

  37. False Alarms • False alarms are very expensive and frustrating for Police • Prevention: • Install motion sensors securely so they will not fall from the wall. (use screws when possible) • Ensure all key-holders know their codes, and understand how to operate the alarm. • Do not hang any decorations directly in front of motion sensors. • make sure you have successfully permitted your alarm system before activating the alarm system with your municipality Confidential

  38. Wireless Repeaters • Used for extremely large stores. • Must be requested • Please return if found. Confidential

  39. Tech Support • If you have a problem that is not addressed by the instructions, call the GuardMe Spirit hotline 1-732-784-6675 • There will be representatives available for troubleshooting 24/7 • Call may be answered by a recording of basic troubleshooting tips. Please hold in queue for a live person. Confidential

  40. Problems? • If all else fails, e-mail Spirit.Emergency@guardme.com • This e-mail address will notify Spirit and GuardMe Senior Management of any problems that could not be resolved by tech support, customer service issues, or any concerns you may have. Confidential

  41. End of Season • Please pack alarms in the original package they were sent in. • Be sure to protect motion sensors. • A prepaid FedEx return shipping label is included with each alarm. Use this to return the alarms to GuardMe Security. • PLEASE DO NOT put alarms in Packrat containers. Confidential

  42. Deductions will be made from end of season bonuses for abused alarms. Confidential

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