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NAPM International Purchasing Conference & Educational Exhibit New Orleans 30 April 2000

NAPM International Purchasing Conference & Educational Exhibit New Orleans 30 April 2000. WOW!. Larry > Bill = Your Moment!. No Wiggle Room! “Incrementalism is innovation’s worst enemy.” Nicholas Negroponte. “It means nothing less than the total reinvention of this company.”.

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NAPM International Purchasing Conference & Educational Exhibit New Orleans 30 April 2000

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  1. NAPMInternational Purchasing Conference & Educational ExhibitNew Orleans30 April 2000

  2. WOW!

  3. Larry > Bill=Your Moment!

  4. No Wiggle Room!“Incrementalism is innovation’s worst enemy.” Nicholas Negroponte

  5. “It means nothing less than the total reinvention of this company.”

  6. Jacques’ New New FordFord + MSN CarPointFord + Yahoo!Ford + OracleFord + HP/MCIWorldcomEtc.Etc.

  7. NAPM: Not “Purchasing”!NAPM: Not “Supply Chain Mgt.”NAPM = TE/IR!**Total Enterprise/Industry Reinvention!

  8. Forces @ WorkThe Destruction Imperative!

  9. Forget > Learn“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.”Dee Hock

  10. “Steve Ross had a wonderful philosophy: People get fired for not making mistakes.”Bob Pittman

  11. The Gales of Creative Destruction+29M = -44M + 73M+4M = +4M - 0M

  12. Brand InsideBrand Org!

  13. 108 X 5vs. 8 X 1** 540 vs. 8

  14. And Now the Equivalent …White Collar Revolution!

  15. The Pincer 5“Destructive” entrepreneurs/ Global Competition“White Collar Robots”THE INTERNET![E.g.: GM + Ford + DaimlerChrysler]Global Outsourcing[E.g.: India, Mexico]Speed!!

  16. RR on Sara Lee“The most profitable businesses in the future will act as knowledge brokers, linking insights into what’s available with insights into the customer’s individual needs and preferences.”

  17. The “&-!!+#$% in the middle”*Jim Clark on Healtheon/WebMD* ’twixt docs, patients, insurers and providers; $275B of $400B in waste; source: Michael Lewis,The New New Thing

  18. [ Incidentally …CEO Jeff ArnoldAge: 30First Start-up: Age 24]

  19. “We want to be the air traffic controllers of electrons.”Bob Nardelli, GE Power Systems

  20. Buzzsaw.comBuilders, Owners, Architects, Contractors, Suppliers$4T industry5,300 commercial bldg.-project specs on-line; +70 per day

  21. Message …“Supply Chain Integration demands total reinvention of the corporate structure, systems … and “culture.” E.g. …

  22. “E-business is the final nail in the coffin for bureaucracy at GE.”Jack Welch/GE Annual Report 2000

  23. Magic![Inter]networked Marketsmeet …[Intra]networked WorkersSource: The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual

  24. “Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy!”The Cluetrain Manifesto

  25. GET IT? The Character of the Web,per The Cluetrain Manifesto …HyperlinkedDecentralizedHypertimeOpen, direct accessRich dataBroken [no one owns it or controls it]Borderless

  26. [ Words to Live By …“Hierarchy is an organization with its face toward the CEO and its ass toward the customer.”Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale,Funky Business]

  27. Brand InsideBrand Work!

  28. Why are there no books on how to create a “Cool, Rocking, WOW-producing Purchasing Department”?

  29. Youare the Rock Stars of the B2B Age!

  30. [I.e.: Welcome to the Y2K New Orleans Jazz and Real Cool Purchasing Dudes Festival!]

  31. “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.”Phil Daniels, Sydney exec

  32. “You really got to me. So many of our information technology projects take on a life of their own, and I know they’ll never end up as more than ‘mediocre successes.’ ” CEO, F100 financial services company (10-98)

  33. “Every project we take on starts with a question: How can we do what’s never been done before?”Stuart Hornery, CEO, Lend Lease

  34. The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it istoo lowand we reach it.Michelangelo

  35. Brand InsideBrand Talent!

  36. Issue Y2KThe Great War for Talent!

  37. There is no “talent shortage” … if…you are a GPTW**Great Place To Work

  38. “Our business needs a massive transfusion of talent. And talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among non-conformists, dissenters and rebels.”David Ogilvy

  39. The NAESP …

  40. Attributes of Those Who “Made” the 10th Grade History Book • Committed! • Determined to make a difference! • Focused! • Passionate! • Irrational about their life’s project! • Ahead of their time / Paradigm busters! • Impatient! / Action Obsessed

  41. Attributes of Those Who “Made” the 10thGrade History Book • Made lots of people mad! • Flouted the chain of command! • Creative / Quirky / Peculiar! / Rebels! / Irreverent! • Masters of improv / Thrive on chaos / Exploit chaos!

  42. Attributes of Those Who “Made” the 10th Grade History Book • Forgiveness > Permission • Bone honest! • Flawed as the dickens! • “In touch” with their followers’ aspirations • Damn good at what they do!

  43. ??????????????????“He grew his hair long, played guitar in a rock band, chased girls, got into trouble. At age 17 he was flogged by his house master, who described him as ‘the most difficult boy I’ve ever had to deal with.’ ”

  44. Tony Blair**talk/May 2000

  45. Brand OutsideContext:No “Commodities”!

  46. “The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, working in similar jobs, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and similar quality.”Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale,Funky Business

  47. “We make over three new product announcements a day. Can you remember them? Our customers can’t!”Carly Fiorina

  48. “We’re getting better at [Six Sigma] every day. But we really need to think about the customer’s profitability. Are customers’ bottom lines really benefiting from what we provide them?”Bob Nardelli, GE Power Systems

  49. Message (Bud): The “distributor” is dead. Long live the …value-added, knowledge-intensive “business partner.”

  50. Brand OutsideStrategy 1:Lead the Customer!

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