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Fitness and Weights Reduction Tips By Dr Arvinder Singh

In the power point presentation people can get easy and effective fitness and weight reduction tips that can help in achieving desired body shape. Dr Arvinder Singh has introduced weight management program for helping people in <br>maintaining body's weight.

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Fitness and Weights Reduction Tips By Dr Arvinder Singh

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  1. 10 Powerful Weight Reduction Tips

  2. The Slimmer You Are, The Better You Are

  3. Negative Effects of Dieting Many people do dieting for reducing weight. However, due to this they suffer from problems like dark circles, hair loss, itchiness, skin problems, weakness, etc.

  4. What to Do For Weight Reduction????

  5. Weight Reduction Tips #1. Measured Portions Food we are going to intake should be carefully measured. We should get right combination of nutrition, vitamins and minerals by food. Food should be taken in small dishes.

  6. Weight Reduction Tips #2. Thoughtful Eating Before eating ask yourself: Do I eat when I am bored, stressed, tired and sometimes even when I’m full? Are we really hungry?

  7. Weight Reduction Tips #3. Work Out Time It is quite important to do exercise if one wishes to reduce weight. The person should walk at least a hour per day to maintain fitness level.

  8. Weight Reduction Tips #4. Weighting Machine in Action You should regularly measure your weight by weighting machine. This way you can identify small weight increase on time and can take proper corrective actions. Measuring weight once a week is really beneficial.

  9. Weight Reduction Tips #5. Say Hello to breakfast Research suggests that breakfast eaters are more fit and have fewer chronic diseases than non breakfast eaters.  Skipping breakfast is not a good alternative for weight reduction. 

  10. Weight Reduction Tips #6. To Do Good Just like to-do list, we should also have a to-do food which means monitoring our diet. 

  11. Weight Reduction Tips #7. Switch Off the TV Watching television while eating is very harmful as being completely sedentary expends minimal calorie and also distracts us from keeping a command on the food intake.

  12. Weight Reduction Tips #8. Forget Tomorrow, Start Right Now People who do not postpone weight reduction schedule are 150% more likely to reduce weight on predetermined time.

  13. Weight Reduction Tips #9. Friend in Need, Friend Indeed A study of 12000 people concluded that obesity spread through social ties which means obese people tend to have obese friends.

  14. Weight Reduction Tips #10. Being Optimistic  Researches found that people who have a positive behaviour towards life are more successful at losing weight.

  15. Dr. Arvinder Singh has introduced weight management training program that can help in weight reduction. To Get more details about weight management program, please check out: http://drarvindersingh.com

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