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  1. MTV By: Katelyn Soucy Jason Kayata

  2. Thesis MTV ruined America.

  3. The Only Music Left “Many people watch MTV on a daily basis. Total Request Live is perhaps one of the most heavily watched programs by people our age and younger. I can count on one hand the number of times that my sisters have come home from school and not watched TRL. Many kids these days call in for every show and watch each day, knowing exactly who will be on and what spot they will be in on the countdown.”“MTV also provides a place for bands to get their name into the mainstream of America. Concert sales and merchandising go through the roof for nearly any band showing up on MTV's shows. In addition, my sisters, as well as many others, get to see any band perform on a daily basis. Most of these things sound like a good activity for young people to partake. It seems as though it has helped the music industry and has allowed for people to become more familiar with their favorite bands. But has it all really been good for the kids of America? Would they have been able to be as music savvy without the advent of MTV? In a way, I feel as though MTV has taken away opportunities for bands and teenagers to get up close and personal with the bands. Musical groups of the 60s and 70s did not have too many opportunities to play in large venues. Their best way of getting their names out on the town was to go to each city and put on a show as often as they could, some playing in venues that today would never even be considered.”

  4. MTV Shows The City Making the Band 4 Cribs Man and Wife True Life A Shot at Love My Super Sweet Sixteen The X Effect Engaged & Underage NEXT 50 Cent: The Money and the Power Exiled Parental Control America’s Best Dance Crew From G’s to Gents Paris Hilton’s My New BFF Bromance The Hills Real World: Brooklyn Busted MADE Run’s House

  5. Viewing of popular MTV shows

  6. Ages of People Watching MTV

  7. Women in MTV MTV ruined America by distorting all of the values that were put in place by all of the previous generations. The women's rights movement was a movement towards the freedom of women so that they would be respected in society. MTV took that movement and warped it, by the misogynistic views of today’s society. Women in 21st century America are portrayed as sex machines who can be used like a tool. Not what the women in history worked so hard to accomplish. MTV is encouraging retrogression.

  8. Men in MTV The men in MTV are portrayed as well bodied men who are physically fit and good looking. This is MTV’s way of trying to conform America to how they think people should act and look like. Unfortunately many of the guys are upset because no matter how hard they try they can’t get themselves to look and act just like the men on MTV. MTV even went as far as to make the show “MADE”, which tries to take misfits and make them to be like everyone else. MTV needs to realize that people come in all sorts of different sizes and colors.

  9. Homosexuality on MTV A girl commenting on the show, A Double Shot At Love: LiL Ninja 12.19.08 | 12:07 AM so im a lesbian and i MUST say i love watching this show. its cool that america gets to see that being gay is not a bad thing and how women can prove to better lovers than men. but the competition between the two sexes is classic. props to the writer of this show. and props to all the lesbians who got on! i would of tried out but my gf would of been pissed lol. anyways good luck contestants and RIP Kandy. MTV is promoting being gay and showing individualism, such as with the MTV show “A Shot At Love: With Tila Tequila”. This is wrong because it also promotes these peoples raunchy behavior and sexual antics. MTV should do more censoring on what is shown on MTV. They should also put the shows on later so that a child returning home from school is not subjected to vulgarity and inappropriate behavior between two people, man or woman. MTV has also promoted sex at a younger age due to the younger people of the world being subjected to sex on TV at continually decreasing ages.

  10. Conclusion MTV ruined America by almost completely getting rid of music. It shouldn't be called Music Television anymore because there’s hardly any more music left. The MTV of today badly portrays women and tries to conform society in a bad way. It teaches bad moral values and many parents feel that their children shouldn’t watch it.