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Searching and displaying information appropriately PowerPoint Presentation
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Searching and displaying information appropriately

Searching and displaying information appropriately

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Searching and displaying information appropriately

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  1. Searching and displaying information appropriately

  2. Clothes4u queries • With a partner, think of four different enquiries (queries) Clothes4U customers might make. • Will the database be able to supply the answers? What sort of information can’t it supply?

  3. In this lesson students are learning about: • searching a database for information • using database reports to present information clearly

  4. At the end of this lesson students will be able to: • search on single and related tables • produce database reports that are fit for purpose and audience • identify strengths and weaknesses of a publication and suggest improvements

  5. Using the database – getting answers to questions • The manager of Clothes4u wants to be able to contact “Burton” (one of his stockists) to find out about a missing order. • What fields might he need to be displayed as a result to the query? • What would be his search criteria?

  6. Lets see how it’s done…. • Your teacher will now demonstrate this query… • Now, to make this query more effective you could enter [] to allow you to re-use the query for different stockists. This does however have its drawbacks…

  7. A second query with TWO tables being searched • The manager now wants to find all of the “menswear” form “Boden” stockists. They want to send an email to the stockist to chase an order. • How will this query be done? Any volunteers?

  8. Here’s how…

  9. Using the database – constructing queries • Task: Create and SAVE the queries that you and your partner came up with. Give the Queries appropriate names….

  10. Creating a report • Results of queries are fine, but if you were to print it, they look quite boring. Here is how to create a report that presents the information appropriately…

  11. Here is how…

  12. Task: • Create at least one report for one of your queries. • Make sure the report fits to one page

  13. And finally… • SOAP (sense of audience and purpose). How can a database report demonstrate SOAP?