tooth decay n.
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Tooth Decay PowerPoint Presentation
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Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay

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Tooth Decay

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  1. Tooth Decay By: Khalifa 7B

  2. Learning objective By the end of this Power-Point you will be able to: • Describe how tooth decay affects health. • List ways of how to prevent tooth decay. • Explain why you should eat sugar-free snacks. • Tell why a child needs to go to the dentist.

  3. Tooth decay • Tooth Decay, dental caries or a cavity is a disease process that results from cavities make from the tooth. This happens because the load of carbohydrates (food) i.e. the sugar or starch in a diet cause damage to the tissues of a tooth. If the tooth is not taken care of it gets to a point where enough mineral content is lost. This will cause a hole (cavity) on the tooth's surface.

  4. How is it treated • There are many types of treatments, it all depends on the decayed teeth. Its really important to go and get treated if there's any form of tooth decay. This will be better because it will save away the pain. How to prevent this? You can prevent tooth decay by taking care of your teeth and brushing your teeth, also going to your dentist twice a year.

  5. Baby Teeth • The baby's teeth need to be healthy because it helps them to chew and break down the food into small parts. It also helps the growth of adult teeth. If a child has tooth decay its serious, because it’s the most common disease of a child. Tooth decay also causes pain for the child, it will be very hard for the child to chew and the child will have poor nutrition. If the parents don’t take care of it, when it comes to the treatment it will be very complicated. It also will cost alot. Tooth decay also causes infection, their behavior will become worse and they will have social problems if the tooth is not taken care of it will take more time for treatment and the child will lose a lot of school days. The child will also have learning problems. There is a high risk of decay when the child becomes an adult.

  6. Which families are likely to have children with decay? • Families that don’t brush their teeth. • Families that don’t go to the dentist. • Families that eat too many snacks and drink a lot of soda. • Families with untreated tooth decay.

  7. Facts • Teeth is important • Brush teeth two times a day with fluoride toothpaste. • Dental visit by first birthday. • Don’t eat too much snacks, try to eat vegetables and fruits, and drink water and milk.

  8. Treatment Questions • Why is this important? Its important for your appearance it gives you a nice smile and it also shapes your face. Its also important for your chewing, your teeth digests the food and breaks the food down into small parts. Teeth is important for talking, it works with the tongue, cheeks, and lips to help you pronounce words. Children aged 7 have some baby teeth and some permanent teeth.

  9. How is tooth decay caused Bacteria causes plaque. The plaque attacks the tooth. The plaque finally attacks the tooth.

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