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Attack Attack !

Attack Attack !

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Attack Attack !

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  1. Attack Attack! by Mitchell klunk

  2. Beginning of attack attack They first stared out in Westerville, Ohio With band Austin carlilolAndrew Wetzel Ricky Lortz, Andrew Whiting, Nick White, Caleb Shomo, Johnny Franck

  3. Members who have left • Attack attack had 3 members that left screamer Austin carlial • guitarist/vocalist Johnny Franck • Jon white bass player

  4. Albums off attack attack • If guns get outlawed can we use swards? • Someday Came Sudden • Attack attack • This means war • Punk goes pop

  5. Caleb • Attack attacks lead singer left because he was putting the band before god • After he left their key bored player/screamer started singing • They added Caleb in their 2nd album when they found out that he could play key bored then Austin left and they found out he could scream and then he continued to amaze us by showing us that he could sing • This means war was produced in his own home studio

  6. AC-130 • AC-130 was a song about their x lead singer Austin carlial him leaving and owing them $1300 and the part they say your better off dead is to him • Austin left for a new band called of mice and mean and • he recently got kicked out of the USA and deported back to Canada • Made a song called the wretched and it was an emotional song for him it says that you should be kind to other people because all people go through some tough times

  7. Andrew wetzl • Andrew Wetzel is the bands drummer. • they have a song named after him it is called a for Andrew. • he grew up in Columbus, Ohio. • He has been drumming since the age of 10. • Matched Grip

  8. Johnny Franck • Johnny Franck has announced that he's left the band to "refocus on God.“ • Franck said "I came to the conclusion that being out on tour really damages my relationship with God. I put the band above God and that was something that was really damaging to me. At this point in my life, it's not what I need to be doing right now. I did not get kicked out. I left. It was my decision. There's absolutely no hard feelings between me and any of the guys in the band.“ • THE MARCH AHEAD is the new band that he is working on he says that he is not going to your just not as much

  9. Nick White • He is the bass player for Attack Attack