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Crane Services and Tata Crane Parts PowerPoint Presentation
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Crane Services and Tata Crane Parts

Crane Services and Tata Crane Parts

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Crane Services and Tata Crane Parts

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  1. Crane Services and Tata Crane Parts

  2. Cranes help lift heavy construction tasks and help lift all kinds of equipment and heavy machinery. A crane has its rated capacity beyond which weights it should not be operated. Cranes were traditionally operated using steam, nowadays there are cranes operated using electric motors, hydraulic power, or an internal combustion engine. The cranes consist of separate mechanically designed parts put together. TATA crane parts supply different spare parts for new installations, existing repair and customized solutions.

  3. Types of cranes TATA crane parts provide spare parts for the following crane types- Tower Crane • This crane is fixed to the ground and is seen in all urban constructions sites Mobile cranes • These cranes are fixed on other moving vehicles

  4. Telescopic crane • These are driven by hydraulic powers. They can be altered to adjust the height of cranes Giant cantilever crane • On a central tower, a double cantilever beam is fitted in this type of crane Level luffing crane • This crane’s mechanism helps the crane hook stay at the same level only.

  5. Crawler crane • These cranes function on extremely soft surfaces as they have caterpillar tracks. Flying cranes • These cranes are normally attached to a helicopter to help carry out tasks in areas which are not easily reachable for normal cranes Application of Excavators Tata Hitachi Excavator Parts provide different components for following applications of excavators

  6. Mini Excavations These help for excavation and digging in remote areas and in places where large machineries are not needed. • Construction Excavations These cranes use innovative solutions and have a lot of types which can be used for different construction sites based on the extent of use. • Mining excavations These machines are strong and sturdy to face the mining environment challenges

  7. Backhoe loader In a laymen’s term, this is like a digger. It has a shovel on the front side and a backhoe on the backside. • Wheel loaders These are also called front end loaders and are used for road construction, maintenance, digging, and many other activities. These trucks carry the construction material like sand or gravel to construction sites. They also carry back waste material or dig out soil from the construction site to another location. These are also used to carry coal or any such commodity.

  8. Attachments Attachments as the name suggests are parts like rock breakers, couplers, etc that can be attached to the existing machinery • Customized machinery For big projects or projects which do need some extended functions added to machinery, the existing machinery is modified to provide the client all the functionalities they need.

  9. Solutions, Spares, and Services are the three categories of activities that crane providers do. Solutions is where they help you choose the right machinery for your requirement. They also provide customizations if needed. Spares are where Tata Hitachi Excavator Parts are provided based on your need for your machinery. Source:-

  10. Contact Us: Name:- Krishna Sales Corporation Address:- KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA- 700069 Company Email:- Main Telephone:- 033 2230 0814 / 033 2230 3767 Website:-

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